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Sender is a professional email marketing tool used by thousands of businesses from countries all over the world to create and deliver powerful email marketing campaigns that can engage high-quality leads and turn them into paying customers. Sender makes devising professionally-crafted emails more relaxed than ever before with its simple and very easy-to-use drag-n-drop interface. The solution makes creating stunning e-mails effortless, and you don’t even need to have any experience with HTML or design to be able to do it. Sender comes with a large number of pre-built email templates that you can start using right away, the templates are all customizable, and you can modify everything in them to completely change them and make them your own. You can also create your very own templates with images and other custom elements. Creating newsletters is pretty much the same as well, you can choose and create your template, make a few changes, and you’re all set and ready to go. Sender also enables marketers to make the newsletters more personalized by matching them with the preferences and tendencies of their subscribers to achieve even better engagement and conversion. The e-mails created and sent by Sender are optimized for the screens of mobile devices so that subscribers can enjoy your content on any device. Sender comes with a couple more features you should know about, such as Social Networking signup form options, Video Email Marketing, and Push Notifications. These features and more are all designed to help you reach a broader audience and make the engagement and conversion better and easier than ever before.

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