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MailUp is an e-mail and SMS marketing platform that prides itself on its ease of use and scalability. The solution features powerful campaign management tools and combines them with SMTP relay, API and Plugins for e-commerce, CMS, as well as CRM. MailUp enables users to send as many e-mails as they like per month, and the SMTP+ option lets them send the emails from anywhere; be it the mailbox, the web application, or even from the e-commerce store if they like. Automation is also offered with MailUp, as it allows users to send e-mails when some triggers take place. MailUp also gives users the opportunity to grow and improve their campaigns thanks to the A/B testing tool that enables users to compare and analyze different versions of an email to figure out which one performs better. The MailUp social Tab gives users the choice of scheduling messages to be published on their social media profiles on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. MailUp offers integrations with many third-party apps and services, and the API makes it not only possible but also easy to integrate the service with other apps and services (that not supported natively). You can get support via E-mail, Chat, or phone, but you will have to pay for the latter two options. In a nutshell; MailUp is a scalable and easy-to-use marketing platform that enables users to send emails, newsletters, SMS messages, and Social Networks updates to grow your business and reach your audience.

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