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Benchmark is an Email Marketing platform that is always trying to provide marketers with the tools and information they need to create ongoing customer engagement with email marketing and automation tools. Benchmark offers a robust automated feature set with a modern-looking interface that is genuinely helpful in creating attractive and professional email marketing campaigns. The solution allows users to add contacts by importing address books, downloading a file, or even by inputting them one at a time using copy and paste. Users can also create sign-up forms with the solution with ease. Benchmark features an intuitive editor that users can open and start using right away with no need for training thanks to some drag-and-drop features that make the process painless. The app comes with user-friendly tools for creating emails, auto-responses, surveys, and polls. Each of these tools will take you through the process one step at a time until it’s complete. The reports are useful and detailed, and the analytics will provide users with all the information needed to improve their future campaigns, information such as the click rate of your emails, the number of people who opened them, how many forwarded them, whether and how many unsubscribed from your list, and more. A knowledge base is available on their website to help you with any question you might have, and if you didn’t find the answers you need, you can always contact them by email or phone. In a nutshell, Benchmark Email is a simple but powerful engagement marketing solution that helps marketers create and send compelling campaigns quickly and easily.

Transform Your Email Marketing Transform your Email Marketing today! Benchmark Email is the smarter solution for creating and automating your customer engagements! Grow audiences, increase loyalty and drive your business with our customer engagement platform. With Benchmark you can: Construct branded signup forms designed for every customer touchpoint. Create captivating email campaigns built with an insanely simple editor. Connect at the exact moment an individual is most likely to subscribe. Improve every campaign by listening to the actions of your subscribers. And... Using Automation Pro: Activate conversion funnels that begin at signup. Boost sales with behavior-based follow-ups triggered by interactions with your email campaigns and website. Want to succeed in growing your business? Introduce your brand and grow your subscriber list using our custom Signup Forms Visualize the digital funnels that will lead to conversions and start your customer journey by creating Automations for new signups. Turn subscribers into customers by creating a recurring regular presence with content that matters. Give back to your most engaged subscribers by segmenting your VIPs and sending more personalized campaigns that foster happy customers. These are just the basics of a simply powerful, powerfully simple tool to help grow your business. Try us FREE!

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