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Constant Contact is a popular email marketing solution that is currently servicing over 650,000 customers around the world. The solution has become that popular thanks in part to the fact that it offers effective tools and a very flexible pricing setup that works for most businesses as the rates are based on the number of email contacts you have. Constant Contact is a user-friendly, easy-to-use, and intuitive solution but that doesn’t take away from the fact that it’s one of the most powerful ones you can find on the market. Constant contact comes with hundreds of email templates, comprehensive learning materials to help novices get acquainted with the solution and make the best of it, and multiple ways of uploading contacts. The solution integrates with social media platforms thanks to a feature called Social Media Playbook that helps businesses set up and launch their social media campaigns. Constant Contact always strives to help their users make the best out of the system, they conduct classes, live webinars, and day-long courses to help users become more proficient. Gathering contacts from different databases is also made easier with Constant Contact as it allows you to import contacts smoothly from Gmail, Outlook, or more. You can also upload a spreadsheet with the contacts. But that’s not all, Constant Contact comes with useful event management tools as well as social media campaign features. Constant Contact also gives users access to comprehensive learning material. In a nutshell, Constant Contact offers great tools, features, and functionality in an intuitive package that is priced to suit businesses of all sizes.

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