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There are large numbers to market your business and attract customers, and E-mail marketing campaigns are still at the top of this list. Vertical Response provides email marketing tools which help startups and small businesses get connected with their customers. The tool enables companies to send professional-looking emails, whether it’s offers and promotions, newsletters, invites or anything else. Vertical Response’s strength comes from its ease of use, as users can send those emails with no need for any design or technical background, so there’s no need to hire designers and coders to make the best of the solution. The dashboard is straightforward, and the sidebar has some handy task buttons that make some tasks very convenient. For example, you can check the reports just by clicking on the campaign. Vertical Response offers many templates that can adapt automatically to the screen your customer is reading the email one, be it a PC, phone, or tablet. You can also share the same message on social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter with just a couple more clicks to reach an even broader audience. Vertical Response integrates smoothly with some email and CRM solutions for even more functionality, and they offer API for further compatibility. In a nutshell, VerticalResponse offers a functional, simplistic, and easy to use interface, and that combined with the excellent tools – including tools for editing images – make it an especially good email marketing solution for businesses that work with image-heavy emails.

VerticalResponse Overview video VerticalResponse helps you connect with your customers and grow your business through email and social media marketing. With our drag and drop email creator, integrations with Facebook and Twitter, and free templates optimized for mobile phones, you can do all your marketing from one account.

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