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Time Doctor is an employee time tracking software that helps you and your team get a lot more done each day. Try it for free - no credit card required!

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Time Doctor is your tool to get more productivity done at the office; in fact, it pushes up productivity by up to 22%. This accurate time tracking software gives you an extra set of eyes on your employees at all times making sure they’re working and not wasting valuable time. You can generate reports, electronic timesheets, take screenshots and more. This app is mobile-friendly so you can track employees hours through your phone wherever you are. It even automatically processes payroll and billing guaranteeing complete accuracy. Time Doctor gives you an increase in productivity, hence, an increase in profitability.

What is Time Doctor? This video gives you an overview of what Time Doctor is how it can become the best productivity tool for your organization. Time Doctor is the most accurate productivity software on the market, and offers time management apps on all the most popular platforms. It lets you harvest time tracking data on your company's work habits and then provides analytics to show key areas where improvements can be made. Visit us at https://www.timedoctor.com

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