matchIT SQL delivers improved data quality without the need for data transfer to and from other systems. It is built around helpIT’s proven fuzzy matching engine, which is used by over 2,000 companies worldwide.

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MatchIT SQL enhances your data quality within SQL server and is used by over 2000 organizations worldwide. HelpIT’s matching engine quickly delivers enhanced data without needing to transfer to and from other systems. You witness integration into Microsoft SQL server for faster results and workflow, giving you data matching of large files and single customer views are updated. It even has smart filters to confirm that only valid contact data enter the database. MatchIT SQL is the perfect balance between business intelligence, master data management, and data governance solutions built around SQL server.

Cleanse, Standardize and Validate SQL Data in SSIS matchIT SQL is a high performance data quality tool that is tightly integrated within SQL Server. Using SSIS you can quickly set up data quality tasks to match, cleanse, parse, standardize and validate contact data from any SQL database - existing or incoming. Using matchIT SQL you can easily create important relationships within your data so you can maintain a clean, consistent and accurate database or single view of your customer.

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matchIT Data Quality Solutions integrated into Microsoft SQL Server for dedupe and matching across very large files or for single incoming records.

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