CRM Online by amoCRM. Easy-to-use, web based, hosted CRM for small businesses. Lead management, sales pipeline, & contact management. Online Customer Relationship Management for your sales team & sales management. Increase sales - Track opportunities.

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amoCRM is a user-friendly online B2B leads and sales management service. It gives managers full control over the teams and pipeline thanks to the solution’s rich analytics and monitoring tools. The software with designed to help you make better data-driven sales decision to maximize your benefits and ensure your business stays profitable. You only need a few clicks to set up the service as there is no download or install needed, and it’s very easy to navigate afterward. It is also available worldwide and you can use it in English or Spanish. The affordable solution also comes with a wide array of features such as E-mail integration, contact management, sales reports, task management, widget integration, import/export, and custom fields.

amoCRM - Product Overview and Customization Introduction to amoCRM

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Small Business, Medium Business and Large Enterprises

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