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Viventium is a cloud-based HCM Solution which provides a unique and enjoyable user experience. It is designed with small to mid-size businesses in mind with key features such as Payroll, HR, ACA tracking and business intelligence and talent acquisition to make the workflow more automated and streamlined. It also runs on touch-screen devices with a mobile Employee Self Service App that’s available for both the Android and iOS platforms. The payroll solution enables managers to preview payroll before submitting it. It is also able to create custom reports.

Viventium Software: Employee Self Service Employees and managers can communicate easily through our ESS/MSS app. Viventium Software, Inc. is a transformative, living, and purely cloud-based Human Capital Management (HCM) solution for business management that provides a remarkable user experience and design anyone can use with ease. Music: "Unbound" by Cold Weather Company

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