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APS Payroll provides online HR software, payroll processing services, ACA reporting and workforce management solutions to small & medium sized businesses.

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APS Payroll Solution is a cloud-based HR provider and online payroll company that has been providing payroll solutions for two decades. APS Cloud-based HR solution provides payroll services, core HR, time & attendance, ACA reporting & compliance tools, self-service, and mobile, all in one convenient platform that you can configure to meet your specific needs. APS also offers additional features that have proven useful for some companies. Features such as online performance reviews, APS Hire, and more. The Solution integrates smoothly with more than 100 services, and they are always ready to help you with integration or with any other issue you may have.

APS: Online Payroll & HR Solutions APS Payroll provides a modern, secure cloud-based workforce management system, a payroll tax and HR compliance partner you can trust, and the flexibility to integrate with your existing systems. Yes...we get it! You're responsible for payroll and HR for your company and you're just plain frustrated. Work is piling up and it seems like your to-do list is never-ending! People are demanding lots of information, but your old, non-connected, manual systems make it nearly impossible to meet these needs. And that's not even counting the headaches that come with payroll taxes and HR compliance. And support? Forget it! What little you get does virtually nothing to help you out! So where can you get help? Right here at APS Payroll! APS takes all of your worries away by providing a secure, centralized system in the cloud that automates many of your time-consuming, manual tasks, takes care of your payroll tax compliance, and eliminates the need for mountains of paperwork! In other words, APS makes everyone at the company happy. Plus, every customer gets a friendly, knowledgeable account manager who welcomes your call every time, with Southern hospitality and a passion to help. Are you ready to lighten your load? If so, contact us today. Visit us at http://www.apspayroll.com Find us on Twitter at https://twitter.com/APSPayroll

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