The ActivityHD™ Payroll software handles the complexities that other software cannot. Create user-defined calculations based on your business rules and policies and stop figuring paychecks by hand and plugging the results into a check writing system.

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ActivityHD is an accounting and payroll software that optimizes your business and helps you grow. They offer payroll flexibility with various calculations that make the system adaptable to different payroll environments. It has a centralized dashboard that has all payroll and accounting info in one view and separate applications for better control. A General Ledger system that enhances your workflow and streamlines operations. The solution has a highly secured personalized security with specific roles and limited access according to their roles.

Activity HD Payroll ActivPR combines the basic capabilities of payroll, database management, security, and a calculation engine resulting in a solution that fits your company perfectly.

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nQativ, a CoNetrix company is a software development company who builds the ERP Accounting Software ActivityHD™ for businesses throughout the United States and Canada.

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