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Paylocity's online payroll software is designed to simplify everyday payroll and HR tasks, all while cutting costs and saving time.

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Accept online payments for your business through Paylocity WebPay. You simply choose a product or service from any online store and connect it to Paylocity WebPay then you can pay for it by card (MasterCard or BelCard). It is supported by advanced technology like 3D secure and micropayments for extra security and complies with international bank safety standards. You can manage all your payments through a Paylocity WebPay account and even issue electronic bills. Payment is not limited to card payment; it can be cash or e-money through most service offices in Belorussian banks.

Paylocity Payroll Integration Paylocity & Employee Navigator have partnered to connect your favorite Payroll & Benefits products. Here's a look at our Payroll Integration.

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