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greytHR, highly configurable and easy-to-use Payroll and HR software in India for SMEs.

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GreytHR is a HR and payroll software that is designed to help Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) to streamline their HR and payroll tasks and reduce the time and money needed to do those tasks, with all statutory compliance fulfilment. The software automates the key areas of HR, payroll management, and tracks leave and attendance for all employees to help you manage your employees easier than ever before. The software is easy to use, takes care of all payroll related modules with statutory compliance, and generates all the reports monthly so you don’t need other software for compliance report generation.

How to process payroll with greytHR Payroll Software The No. 1 complete payroll solution for SMEs providing payroll/salary management. greytHR payroll software covers all aspects of payroll management and statutory compliance leading to less work and greater peace of mind. Now, get a complete payroll software overview with a free online demo and know how to setup the most easy to use automated payroll software Know More:

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GreytHR helps SMEs streamline their HR and Payroll activities from hours to minutes

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