Bulk Mailing Software - MAILERS+4 is a direct mail postal software and data quality

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Put an end to undeliverable mail and pricey postage costs with this postal automation software. Undeliverable mail is due to an incorrect address or consumers moving without updating their addresses. This smart solution is CASS certified, which is an engine to verify postal addresses, correct the ones that are wrong and complete missing info like zip codes, suite or apt number, or delivery point in addresses. NCOA certified, to pick up on all the recent change of addresses at the Postal service and it’s also PAVE and SERP certified. MAILER+4 even eliminate any duplicate addresses to save on cost and presort your mailing list for lower postage rates and guarantee mail delivery.

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MAILERS+4 is an all-in-one software built for professional mailers that need the full arsenal of data verification, postal presorts and postal reporting.

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