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Bulk email software is software that is used to send emails in large quantities. Bulk email software usually refers to standalone software, while there are bulk email sending web-based services as well.

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Quadient Bulk Mailer navigates quickly through postal regulations, reassures deliverability, achieves the lowest postal rates and simplifies the complex world of mass mail. This solution has many features like generating the required USPS documentation and submitting it electronically, an address verification that confirms the correct address and adds any missing info, merge/purge feature to compare and eliminate duplicates, address-printing feature, and the every door direct mail service. These are just a few features Bulk Mailer has to offer. The more your business grows, the more you can expand your Bulk Mailer. Simply install new features through the Add-on management to suit your business needs.

Who Needs This :

Bulk Mailer is perfect solution for small mail owner markets.

  • Starting Price $1,795.00/year/user
  • Price Details Pricing comes in 3 levels: Standard, Professional, and Business
  • Deployment Windows
  • Support Online Support, Business Hours

Mailroom Management Software's Features

  • Barcode Scanning
  • CASS Certified
  • Duplicate Management
  • Graphical Mail Piece Designer
  • Intelligent Mail Support
  • Job Management
  • Package Tracking
  • PAVE Certified Presorting
  • Signature Capture

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