Intra Enterprise is a vertical Business Process Management (BPM) solution. Intra helps organizations plan, execute and measure accountable item workflows.

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Track packages, monitor distribution, and purchase orders with Intra Enterprise, a vertical Business Process Management (BPM) solution. Intra is an elite tracking device; it uses mobile computers and barcodes to track and control things like mail, files, documents, and more from their arrival, through the delivery, until it’s delivered and any updates. Intra features a friendly interface, routing and sorting abilities, and email and text notifications. You should focus on your core business values and Intra will handle the complex mail and tracking logistics. Enjoy full visibility of all tangible items in your business in whatever industry.

SCLogic Package Tracking Software Whiteboard Video Paper based tracking solutions simply do not work in today’s business environment. Fully automate your distribution process with SCLogic and Motorola Solutions at your side. Check out this whiteboard video to see how you can start tracking packages today and relieve the headaches of tomorrow. Founded in 1996, SCLogic is a leading provider of the innovative in-building logistics platform, Intra, that leverages the latest scanning, printing, mobile computing and wireless technologies. The company has thousands of enterprise, government, and university users around the world. SCLogic, is headquartered in Annapolis, MD, with offices in New Jersey, Texas, Florida, Virginia, and California. For more information about SCLogic, please visit

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Pharmaceutical, Law Firms, Government, Banking & Financial, Education, Healthcare, Film, TV, & Publishing. Hotels, Resorts, & Museums

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