Enterprise mailroom automation software, All-in-one package receiving, logging and package tracking, a complete web based tracking SaaS Platform.

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Web-based mailroom automation software that reassures internal deliveries. iMayl offers package logging, tracking, and delivery confirmation. Packages are logged in with a package scanner app, and then the recipient is notified of its arrival. You can add any info needed on the package and print the tracking label. The software is SAAS-based, eco-friendly, and easy to use, you don’t need to learn anything or any technical background to operate it. You can use this app on computers, androids, or iPhones. iMayl gives you full chain of custody over incoming mail and packages, tracking and delivery.

IMAYL - HOW IT WORKS A Brief Introduction IMAYL Software demonstration.

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Hotels, Residential Property Managers, Banking and Finance, Legal, Conference Centers, Healthcare, Facilities Management, Colleges, Universities, Government.

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