RescueTime gives you an accurate picture of how you spend your time to help you become more productive every day.

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RescueTime rescues your wasted time and helps redirect it towards your business’s core values and increasing productivity. It’s a great way to organize your daily tasks and hit budgets on projects by real-time tracking of progress. In the end, you get detailed reports based on your activity. The platform has a user-friendly interface with visual records on the dashboards and instant updates on work. Effective time management optimizes your business and boosts your revenue.

Quick Tips: RescueTime Feature Overview I shot this screencast to purely experiment with creating training content, however I quickly learned the content could help others. Which is why I decided to upload it. Please leave feedback on the subject matter AND delivery as i'm challenging myself to do this much more often. Follow me on social media:

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Startups, Teams, Companies, Freelancers

1 Reviews for RescueTime

Recommended tool for your business
by Adam on Fri 23,Mar,2018

I recommend you to try this program if you have problem with your productivity. At first I didn't believe that simple time tracker would help me at all but it's a surprisingly great tool.

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