PostScan Mail

Digital mailroom management with digital sorting and scanning of mail items.

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PostScan Mail’s virtual mailbox service allows you to save time while managing your postal mail remotely. You will no longer have to beg anyone to drop by your house to collect your postal mail. Once you sign up for PostScan Mail’s virtual mailbox, the facility manages your postal mail. When your items reach the facility, you receive an online notification. Then you can decide whether the item should be shipped right away, whether it can wait and be shipped with other items for cost-effectiveness, or whether you wish to store it at the facility free of charge.

We help you automate your online mail management to a whole new level.

PostScan Mail’s forwarding service ensures you receive only the mail you want. You choose which items you want, where and when you want them sent, and we’ll forward them to any destination in the world – it’s that easy!

Who Needs This :

Freelancers, Large Enterprises, Mid Size Business, Non-Profits, digital nomads, Small Businesses

  • Starting Price $14.95 /month
  • Price Details Monthly Subscription.
  • Deployment Web, SaaS, Android, iOS
  • Support Online Support, Phone Support, Video Tutorials

Virtual Mailbox Software's Features

  • Barcode Scanning
  • Check Deposit
  • Cloud Storage
  • Duplicate Management
  • Graphical Mail Piece Designer
  • Mail Forwarding
  • Mail Handling
  • Mail Shredding
  • Mobile App
  • Package Tracking
  • Physical Storage
  • Push Notifications
  • Signature Capture

Reviews for PostScan Mail

  • Very convenient service

    ByCreated Mathew M (2021-08-08 13:23:00)

    Your Company:

    PostScan Mail gave me step-by-step guidance on using the software and making sure I would use it without any issues.

  • Great virtual mail service

    ByCreated Terrance (2021-08-06 00:00:00)

    Your Company:

    I never have to deal with piles of mail lying around. More flexible than a PO Box and cheaper. Searchable.

  • Very fast and comfortable..

    ByCreated John Diaz (2021-07-23 16:55:00)

    Your Company:

    Very fast and comfortable.

  • Great experience!

    ByCreated Alexander A (2021-07-23 16:48:00)

    Your Company:

    It has always been quick and easy to set up. They have all the resources needed. Great experience!

  • Flexible and reliable

    ByCreated Jenny Rice (2021-07-08 00:00:00)

    Your Company:

    Flexible and reliable. They have not "dropped the ball" even once. Nothing has gone missing or been mishandled.

  • Liked mail forwarding service

    ByCreated Rob (2021-07-06 00:00:00)

    Your Company:

    The mail forwarding is excellent for very few items. I like that you can select many transactions to act (that's a must) since doing action on one piece of mail at a time is slow.

  • Great staff!

    ByCreated Josh (2021-07-05 00:00:00)

    Your Company:

    The best part about PostScanMail is the staff. I have a great relationship with them. I will have unique requests, and they are always speedy to help me out. In addition, they have the best customer service around!

  • Highly recommended

    ByCreated Graze (2021-07-02 00:00:00)

    Your Company:

    I like the software as it is effortless, straightforward, and simple to use. I would recommend it to others.

  • Reliable service

    ByCreated Tim (2021-07-02 00:00:00)

    Your Company:

    I travel full time and needed a reliable, trustworthy & professional mail scanning & forwarding service. Post Scan Mail fits the bill. They chatted with me online and on the phone to answer all of my questions. And they made signing up straightforward. They've been a joy wot work with thus far.

  • A good service to have

    ByCreated Jim (2021-07-01 00:00:00)

    Your Company:

    I have an account with Postscan mail. I've used them twice without incident. From what I remember, you can set up a pay-per-use account, so you're not getting gouged a monthly subscription or anything.

  • Post Scan Mail is awesome

    ByCreated Mark G (2021-06-24 13:30:00)

    Your Company:

    It's a very fast and valuable digital mailbox. It works great, and I can easily access all of my mails from here. The pricing is more than fair. As a small business owner, I can't give it enough stars!

  • Absolutely wonderful!

    ByCreated Alethea (2021-06-08 00:00:00)

    Your Company:

    Ease of use, friendly customer service. Customer support is very responsive if there is an issue. The turnaround time for scans is one day which isn't too bad

  • Perfect mailbox service

    ByCreated Tevya (2021-06-01 00:00:00)

    Your Company:

    My overall experience has been positive. I enjoy the convenience of accepting packages and letters virtually with the ability to forward them to the physical address I am located at that particular time.

  • Convenient service

    ByCreated Dom (2021-06-01 00:00:00)

    Your Company:

    I like that the service provides a real street address to use for your mail. It keeps the anonymity of where you're located. You get an email alert for new mail. It's easy to select to scan the mail for viewing or recycle it. Once it is scanned, it's easy to view and download or trash. If I had to choose anything to say, I would like to be better because the scanning process was quicker.

  • Best mail forwarding service

    ByCreated Micheal J (2021-05-28 13:27:00)

    Your Company:

    I like that it's easy to access my mail from anywhere, the interface is clean and easy to use, and they are reasonably priced. It also has never lost a piece of my mail and has helped me out with some things related to my mail many times.

  • Very convenient service

    ByCreated Eileen M (2021-04-23 13:23:00)

    Your Company:

    PostScan Mail gave me step-by-step guidance on using the software and making sure I would use it without any issues.

  • Good service with reasonable price

    ByCreated Kalle (2021-04-22 13:25:00)

    Your Company:

    Their service is fast, reliable, and professional. Mail forwarding occurs very quickly and without delays.

  • ByCreated Lena Barnes (2021-03-04 00:00:00)

    Your Company:

    Post Scan Mail is seriously the best virtual mailbox service I have ever encountered!!! It allows me to manage postal mail whenever and wherever I want in seconds. There are no more messy tables with unnecessary mail at my house. I love it, and the price is unbelievable!! Thank you, Post Scan Mail, for offering the best service possible!