EZTrackIt a package tracking software that changes itself to suit each of its customers’ needs. Like the package management software itself, we feel that the best way to grow is to adapt to each local market.

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EZTrackIt is a simple and trusted online package tracking solution. This software will optimize your mailroom, getting more done with fewer people saving time and money. You can track packages from the minute they come in until they reach their final stop with ease. You can access these records at anytime and anywhere, always knowing where all packages are giving you total accountability. The software is ideal for businesses, residential or University mailrooms. Enjoy a free 7-day trial and experience an optimized mailroom where you never lose or misplace a package again.

Ease Of Use for EZTrackIt Discovery Making changes are hard. Upgrading to Discovery is easy. Watch this to see how easy it will be for your team to log packages in with the new version of our system.

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EZTrackIt is perfect solution for Student Housing, Campus Mailrooms, Corporate Mail Centers, Hospitality and Multi-Tenant Housing

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