Intelligent time tracking and project control for productive teams. Finally a time tracking software your team will love.

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Boost your employees’ productivity by accurately tracking their working hours on all tasks using Timely. Keep your eyes on your team and make sure they’re getting work done and not wasting valuable time. The software works smoothly with different platforms, download the app on Mac, Windows or on your iPad or Android, iOS phones. It generates precise timesheets to quicken the billing cycle and guarantee no errors. You can try Timely’s 14-day free trial and experiment with the app. Timely organizes your projects and smoothens the workflow giving total focus on productivity.

Getting started with Timely | The Calendar Welcome to our video series on getting started with Timely. This video is all about the Calendar, the heart of the Timely system. This video will familiarise you with: - The basic layout and views - Calendar buttons and options - Navigating and interacting with the calendar - Smart Booking Software www.gettimely.com www.facebook.com/liketimely www.twitter.com/timely

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