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MoxiEngage is a comprehensive open platform system designed to be a complete CRM system for large residential real estate brokerages. It can help with nurturing real estate sales, streamline the workflow of real estate agents, leverage property data, and help with lead nurturing over the long term.

MoxiEngage offers completely automated email marketing that offers personalized emails and monthly newsletters to your contacts. It also can integrate fully with your MLS to have live property data right in your CRM with no need for manual data entry.

You can build customizable sales flow to guide your agents step-by-step build strong relationships with their leads – helping them close more deals today and generate more opportunities for the future.

Users can also set goals in MoxiEngage and track your agents’ progress from the goals dashboard, which gives users a snapshot of their business at a glance and helps them stay focused on their goals.

Managers will be able to get an aggregate view of the goals and progress of their office’s sales in seconds so they can catch every opportunity and celebrate every win.

MoxiEngage’s predictive analytics will sift through public records extensively to give you data about all contacts in your spheres and prompt you to take action when it analyzes what someone is likely to list.

MoxiEngage will also integrate smoothly with third-party brokerage services and technologies to give you more features and help your business become even more productive and efficient. Moxiworks is used by more than 100,000 agents and 55 brokerages and prides itself on responsible for about 13% of all home sales in the United States.

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MoxiEngage is a comprehensive open platform system for large residential real estate brokerages that serves over 100,000 agents and 55 brokerages nationwide.

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Real Estate CRM Software's Features

  • Account Management
  • Activity Management
  • Campaign Management
  • Campaign Planning
  • Campaign Scheduling
  • Campaign Segmentation
  • Contact Management
  • Contract Management
  • CRM Integration
  • Document Management
  • Email Marketing
  • Lead Generation
  • Lead Management
  • Lead Scoring
  • Listing Management
  • Marketing Automation
  • Opportunity Management
  • Opportunity Tracking
  • Pipeline Management
  • Reporting
  • Social Media Integration
  • Task Management
  • Third-Party Integration
  • Transaction Management

Reviews for MoxiEngage

  • Excellent software to use

    ByCreated Katrina Hernandez (2021-05-13 00:00:00)

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    I'd be lost without moxiengage.

  • After using moxiengage, my business skyrocketed!

    ByCreated Charlene White (2021-05-12 00:00:00)

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    After using moxiengage, my business skyrocketed!