Viabox Review: Pros, Cons, & Alternatives

BY Reviano Team, Oct 4, 2023

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Viabox is a US-based parcel forwarding company that helps international shoppers ship their parcels from the US to their intended destination.


Shopping in your favorite US online store can be an exciting experience until you find out they don't ship to your country. Viabox, a parcel forwarding company, could be your lifesaver in such a situation.

In this review, we covered everything about Viabox. We highlighted their pros, cons, services offered and pricing. We also compared them with other parcel forwarding services to enable you to make the best choice.

What is Viabox?

Viabox is a US-based parcel forwarding company that helps international shoppers ship purchased goods from the United States to any destination. While what they do seems straightforward, it's often complicated due to the processes involved.

First, you ship the purchased goods to a virtual address, a Viabox warehouse In Oregon. Afterward, your parcel will be unpacked, checked, and repackaged. Lastly, after you've paid the necessary shipping fees, your parcel will be shipped to your destination via couriers like UPS, USPS, FedEx, DHL, etc.

Who Would Benefit from the Services of Viabox?

Viabox is perfect for:

  • International online shoppers looking for a personal shopper.
  • International online shoppers who don’t reside in the US.
  • Online shoppers who shop from retailers that don't ship to their country.
  • Online shoppers seek an affordable way to ship their purchased goods from the US to their location.

What are the Services that Viabox Provides?

  • Mail forwarding
  • Repackaging
  • Assisted purchase.
  • Physical storage
  • Package consolidation.


  • Offers a forever free U.S. address
  • Free assisted purchase
  • Free photos
  • Fast processing
  • Automated warehouse
  • Affordable shipping fees thanks to their large shipping volume
  • It doesn’t require a deposit like some shipping companies
  • It has one of the lowest shipping rates compared to other shipping companies.
  • Fast-forward shipping
  • Free consolidation
  • Offers free 90 days storage starting from the date of delivery.
  • Ships to over 220 countries worldwide.


  • The amount of negative reviews on review platforms isn’t encouraging.
  • The shipping calculator has an accuracy issue.
  • Shipping cost is way higher than courier companies.
  • Was given a “not rated” rating by the Better Business Bureau, casting doubts on their reputation.

Viabox Services in Detail

Physical Storage

Viabox offers its users free 90-day storage starting from the date of delivery. The lengthy duration helps customers wait for more packages to arrive at the warehouse (virtual address) to consolidate them and save money on shipping fees. 

Package Consolidation

Viabox offers free consolation, which enables you to consolidate multiple packages into one box. This service helps customers save money on shipping costs.


Viabox also offers free repackaging to their users to help them save money on shipping costs. The goal of this service is to:

  • Reduce shipping costs.
  • Minimize the weight of packages.
  • Help ensure that customer’s items aren’t damaged during shipment.

Assisted Purchase

Did a US retailer reject your non-US credit card? You can leverage Viabox’s assisted purchase service. The free service is designed for customers who need someone to shop for them.

Mail Forwarding

Viabox also offers mail forwarding services. This service is designed for those looking to ship documents from the United States to a country of their choice. Viabox allows customers to scan the documents and view them online before delivery.

While many shipping companies charge for some of these services, Viabox offers them free. You are only required to pay shipping fees to forward packages to your country. In addition, the shipping company adopts measures that guarantee the safety of your items. In case you received damaged items, contact their customer support team.

Viabox Pricing

Here is Viabox shipping costs per 1lb to different regions:

  • Asia: $13.88.
  • Africa: $11.35.
  • Europe: $6.47.
  • Middle East: $13.88.
  • Oceania: $11.56.

Viabox has zero registration fee, while their membership fee could be free or cost $4 -$8 monthly. You can compare their cost with that of other shipping companies. Or you can visit their website for a comprehensive comparison.

Viabox Frequently Asked Questions

Is Viabox Legit?

The company’s website uses Norton Secured powered by VeriSign to protect online transactions. is certified SiteLock Secure Passed, indicating that the website is safe, secure, and reliable. However, questions are being asked about its "not rated" status by the Better Business Bureau.

Is Viabox Reliable?

No. Viabox isn't 100% reliable like some parcel forwarding companies due to the negative reviews on prominent review websites. Some reviews question the professionalism, trustworthiness, and reliability of Viabox. Issues regarding refunds, hidden fees, non-existent customer service, false advertising, and overall below-par delivery service are common.

Does Viabox require a deposit?

No, they don’t. They’ll deliver your parcel to your doorstep after receiving the PayPal payment for the shipping fee.

What currency does Viabox accept for payment?

Viabox accepts dollars for payment, which can be made via Paypal, Bitcoin, and Bank Wire Transfer. Alternatively, you can use Credit Cards like MasterCard, American Express, Discover, etc.

Is Viabox a trustworthy company?

Viabox has a low trust level thanks to a low trust score of 10/100 and the negative reviews on review platforms. The company often charges premium service fees for a below-par service.

Also, complaints about issues regarding the first shipment, bad customer support, and claims of misleading information about competitors exist.

We advise that you exercise caution when dealing with Viabox. 

Does Viabox ship within the United States?

Yes, they do. They offer a US virtual address to residents of the United States. You want to create a US business presence, you can leverage Viabox.

Which countries does Viabox ship to?

Viabox ships to over 220 countries. You can visit their website to view the complete list of the countries they serve. If your country isn't listed on their website, they don't ship there. You can contact them via email or call their customer service for more info.

What Do Customers Say About Viabox? (Customer reviews and testimonials)

While some customers are pleased with the company, others aren’t, with most of them voicing their displeasure on review platforms. For instance, a customer claims that they deeply regret using Viabox. They reported that their brand-new leather bag was delivered with permanent creases because it was crumpled in a little box.

Another complained about Viabox's expensive service, which is supposed to be cheap as they claim users are to pay for just shipping costs. Some customers described the company as a "low-quality service," calling their positive reviews "fake." Lastly, complaints alleging poor customer service are rife on the review platforms.

Viabox Alternatives & Competitors

Before doing business with Viabox, it's crucial you are familiar with some of their competitors. This will help ensure you select the best parcel forwarding company for shipping needs.


Stackry is a US-based parcel forwarding company known for its remarkable international shipping experience. The 37-year-old shipping company offers 45 days of free storage, package consolidation, repackaging, info request, pictures, personal shopper, and hazmat processing, including insurance of $100.

Plus, they ship packages using prominent couriers. However, the company's shipping rates are a bit pricy. And while Viabox charges nothing for its personal shopper, consolidation, and repacking solutions, Stackry charges a small token. If you are looking for a reliable and trustworthy shipping company, go for Stackry.


  • Tax-free U.S. address.
  • Free Membership.
  • Live chat feature.
  • Handle customer's packages with care.
  • Zero sales tax.
  • Over 30 years of international shipping experience.
  • Uses prominent couriers like DHL, FedEx, and USPS.


  • It doesn't offer free photos of your parcel.
  • Doesn't accept mail.

Forward2me is a UK-based parcel forwarding company. However, they offer addresses in Germany, Turkey, Japan, and the US. They boast an impressive rating of 4.4/5 and 4.8/5 on Trustpilot and Sitejabber, respectively, making them trustworthy and reliable.

Forward2me offers consolidation, insurance, repackaging, and personal shopping limited to the UK. Plus, they offer premium service at an expensive price. Regardless, they are better than Viabox in terms of reliability and trustworthiness. So stick with Viabox if you want to cut costs and enjoy longer free storage time. However, choose Forward2me if you want better service.  


  • Offers 30 days of free storage
  • Ships dangerous goods
  • Ships to 190+ countries, including Canada.
  • Personal shopper service and eBay collection service
  • It has four warehouse locations
  • Zero monthly or yearly fees


  • Personal shopper is restricted to the UK.
  • Photos of packages can be expensive
  • Not as affordable as other parcel forwarding companies

Planet Express offers a free US and UK forwarding address. They offer free and paid plans, with the former lacking consolidation and can only hold one parcel. The paid plan, on the other hand, costs $50/ Y of $10/M. Planet Express is a reliable service.

They offer a shop-for-me feature, package consolidation, repackaging, insurance, Mail forwarding, and pictures on request. What's more, their rates are one of the cheapest, but not as cheap as Viabox, who's not as reliable as they are. If you run a small business, Planet Express is your best pick.


  • Offers free U.S. and UK addresses
  • 24/7 live support agents
  • Free photos of your parcel.


  • Slow shop for me service
  • Not ideal for large businesses
  • Glitch-riddled app
  • Fixed fee can make service more expensive

Shipito is another fantastic Viabox alternative. They offer tax-free US addresses and have paid plans. Customers can leverage their 90-day free storage (for premium accounts) and repackaging, personal shopper service, mailing service, and mobile apps.

Shipito has an excellent online reputation. However, their plans are a bit expensive compared to Viabox, which only charges for shipping. We advise you to use Shipito if you are looking for a premium company that won’t disappoint.


  • Multiple courier options
  • Ships to 220+ countries
  • Offers reward programs
  • Ideal for business owners
  • Mobile App


  • Inaccurate shipping calculator
  • Questionable refund policies

Founded in 1977, MyUS is one of the oldest parcel forwarding companies in the industry. They provide a tax-free US address in Florida and a UK address. Plus, they offer consolidation and repackaging, personal shopper, true price, custom declaration, mobile app, shopping app, etc.

MyUs has an impressive reputation with an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. However, there is a mixed reaction regarding the quality of their offerings, with complaints about their poor customer support. Regardless, they are more trustworthy and reliable than Viabox.


  • Ships to 220+ countries.
  • Customs assistance.
  • Package returns.
  • No fuel surcharges.
  • Reasonable delivery fees.


  • Automatic payment deductions.
  • The customer chatline isn’t functional.
  • Complaints of missing packages.


While Viabox has an attractive policy capable of attracting users, it's unreliability and alarming negative reviews on prominent review platforms are damaging its reputation and brand image.

You can use their service if you are willing to take the risks. However, if you want a smooth and hassle-free package forwarding solution, we advise you to consider alternatives like Stackry. They are more reliable and have impressive positive reviews thanks to their satisfactory service.