USGoBuy Review: Pros, Cons & Alternatives

BY Basma F, Jul 30, 2023

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USGoBuy is among the package forwarding companies in the US that provide shipping services for those who want to shop from US online stores but live outside the US.


Living outside the US could be inconvenient for people who want to buy and shop from US stores. Not every e-Commerce store delivers to your location. There are many package forwarding companies that provide shipping services, competitive shipping fees, and shipping costs, and USGoBuy is one of them.

In this review, we'll focus on USGoBuy services: buy for me and shop for me. We'll also review their pricing, the cheaper shipping methods, customer reviews, the pros and cons of USGoBuy, FAQs, and some alternative service providers like MyUS and Stackry.

What is USGoBuy Shipping Forwarding Service?

USGoBuy is among the package forwarding companies in the US that provide shipping services for those who want to shop from US online stores but live outside the US.


Who Needs USGoBuy?

  • Those who want to shop at US online stores and want their items delivered outside the US.
  • Overseas shoppers whose payment methods are rejected by US e-Commerce stores.

USGoBuy Main Services

  • Buy For Me
  • Shop For Me
  • Free US Address
  • Free Storage
  • Package Consolidation
  • Discounted Shipping
  • No Sales Tax

USGoBuy solves the problems you may have encountered when you decided to shop from US stores while living thousands of miles away. E-Commerce stores may not deliver to your location or reject your credit card.


  • Free membership and free US address
  • Consolidation is free for up to 10 packages.
  • Storage for 60 days for free
  • You get discounts the more you ship with USGoBuy
  • Reduced unnecessary packaging options with consolidation


  • After 60 days of storage, items are discarded. Must issue request 5 days before the 60 days are over.

USGoBuy Shipping Forwarding Services in Detail

We'll walk you through the main services of USGoBuy. We will also discuss the main benefits they offer to their customers. Let's get started.

Free US Address

To shop from the US, you need a US shipping address, and this is one of the things USGoBuy offers: a US shipping address that you could use when you shop from US e-Commerce stores. Your shipping address comes with your USGoBuy membership, free of charge.

Shop For Me

  • After choosing the items you wish to buy from your favorite online US stores, add the USGobuy US address you got when you signed up for USGoBuy, and USGoBuy will receive your items.
  • After receiving your shipments, USGoBuy will input them into the system so you can view them from your account. After that, you initiate a shipment request and pay the estimated shipping fee.
  • USGoBuy adds your initial courier tracking information - update it if needed - and number so you can track your shipments and know their expected delivery date.

Buy For Me

  • You can send links of the items you want USGoBuy to buy for you. You pay the money needed for your order and include relevant information with your request: color, quantity, size, etc. 
  • They order your needed items using their credit cards and receive them on your behalf. This is a valuable service when your credit card is rejected by US e-Commerce stores.
  • The rest of the Buy For Me service process is the same. You can view the items once they reach the warehouse through the "My Packages" in your account, pay for the shipment fees, get a tracking number, and your items are on the way.

Free Storage

USGoBuy offers up to 60 days of storage for free. Storing your items for free gives you more than enough time to consolidate as many shipments as you need and save money.

Best Shipping Cost

Since they have partnered with many shipping couriers like DHL, FedEx, and the United States Postal Service (USPS), USGoBuy can provide a reasonable shipping cost for their customers.

Package Consolidation and Repackaging

Consolidating up to 10 packages for free, but if there are more than 11 packages, you'll pay $0.99 each. This is a perfect solution where you can consolidate many packages as one package to save money on shipping charges.

USGoBuy doesn't just add many packages and ship them together. They remove additional packages to save you more money.

USGobuy Pricing and Shipping Costs

USGoBuy is considered one of the best forwarding service providers for customers who live outside the US. But first, let's see their pricing.

  • Customs and taxes differ. Always check your country's rules and regulations.
  • Free Subscription: USGoBuy membership and the US address are free.
  • Insurance is 2% of the declared item value (optional but highly recommended)
  • The Oregon warehouse has no sales tax.
  • 60 days of free storage.
  • Consolidating up to 10 packages is free. For more than 10 packages, you pay $0.99 for each additional package.
  • $5 for five photos of your package.
  • You pay 10% of the item value for the Buy For Me service
  • Return handling costs about $10 in addition to postage fees.
  • And pick up fees are $1.5/lb, and the minimum is $10.

“USGoBuy has a cost calculator on its website to add your location and package details to get an estimated delivery time, the courier, and view prices.”


Is USGoBuy a good service?

Yes, it's a valuable service for those who want to buy from US stores and ship their items overseas.

Is USGoBuy trusted?

USGoBuy has an excellent rating on Trustpilot. Many customers trust and like the services of USGoBuy. 

Is USGoBuy legitimate?

Yes, many customers shop online and forward their packages with USGoBuy.

Is USGoBuy Safe?

Yes, it's safe, but it's recommended that you buy insurance for your expensive items before you ship them overseas. Insurance is always a good idea.

Does USGoBuy Offer a Refund?

It depends on the service. For the Buy For Me service, service fees are non-refundable.

What if I pay USGoBuy more money and the shipping costs and customs are less?

USGoBuy will automatically refund you the money if you paid extra, which will be added to your USGoBuy wallet.

Can I choose my courier with USGoBuy?

You choose your favorite courier according to their unique services. It depends on how fast you want your items and your budget.

What Other Reviews Sites Say About USGoBuy?

USGoBuy review

With a fairly impressive rating of 4.4/5 on Trustpilot from 557 it’s easy to conclude that USGoBuy customers are fairly pleased with their package forwarding service.

For example, a customer from Tanzania said that USGoBuy offered speedy shipping and that package was received in great condition. Another customer said that they were the "best forwarding company."

A customer was happy about all the benefits they offer, like "free subscription, convenient location of their company with no taxes on purchases, reasonable shipping rates." Another said: "Customer service is highly responsive, providing timely solutions when requested and relevant news about their services when available."

As for the not-so-happy customers who complained about the service, their complaints varied. One customer complained that they didn't consult him when they removed the original packaging to reduce the shipment size as it was a fragile item. One customer complained about a lost package, and another complained about delayed packages.

USGoBuy review

On Sitejabber, the overall rating for USGoBuy is 3.99 out of 325 reviews. Customers were happy about the service and the outstanding customer support. Another said the service was reliable and trustworthy.

Those who complained about the "poor service" said the service was overpriced. One customer complained about customer service. Another complained about missing parcels.

On, some customers complained about the "terrible service." One said he never got a refund for a lost package

USGoBuy Alternatives & Competitors

USGoBuy is a great parcel forwarding company. However, before considering them for your international shipping needs, you may want to know how they compare to other package forwarding companies.


Just like USGoBuy, Stackry membership and US address are entirely free.

As for Storage, Stackry offers up to 45 days of free storage. After that, you pay 8 percent per day per pound for the additional days. Stackry consolidation fees are $2 per package - capped at $25 per consolidation.

Stackry offers a calculator where you can get shipping fees by putting details about the country and package dimensions.


Forward2Me provides a different experience from USGoBuy. You have a variety of stores to shop from: stores in the UK, Germany, Turkey, and Japan. Tax-free shopping from the UK is available.

As for storage, it's up to 30 days for free. After that, you pay £0.50 per day.

They don't remove the original package when consolidating more than one item but will include all the packages in one box.

Forward2Me provides a different service than consolidation for those that want packaging removed. It's "combine and re-pack," and it is used to reduce unnecessary space. The cost of re-packing is £2+VAT per package.


Planet Express offers many warehouses in the US and one in the UK. US warehouses are in California, Florida, and Oregon.

Planet Express offers two accounts. The membership for the first one is free and with limited services: no consolidation, and you pay sales tax. Free storage is limited only to 10 days.

Planet Express's premium costs $10 per month and 50 dollars per year. The no-sales tax warehouse is available for the premium plan, and you get 45 days of free storage and package consolidation.

Consolidation fees are $5 plus $2 for each additional consolidated package.


Shipito offers a free account and a premium account. The Premium account is $10 per month and $60 per year.

Consolidation fees are $5.50 per package for the free account, and the premium account consolidation fees are $3.25 per package.

As for the Assisted Purchase, which USGoBuy calls Buy For Me, it's the same for both the free and the premium account: USD 8.50 fee + 4.3% processing + 8% commission.

Shipito also offers a reward system, and you can get many discounted services based on the points you collect.




Ship7 has one feature every international shopper will love: they give addresses in the US, UK, and Turkey for free. Also, Ship7 offers 60 days of free storage. And while Ship7 offers users 2 fee external photos of each package, USGoBuy charges $5 for five photos of your package.


MyUS offers shoppers the ability to shop from UK and US e-Commerce stores. MyUS offers three accounts: Free, Premium, and Business.

For the free account, you get a US address and US Sales Tax-Free Shopping. For the Premium account, you get to try MyUS services for free. You also get free storage for up to 30 days and free package consolidation. For the Premium account, you pay $9.99 per month and $60 per year.

The business account costs $10 per month and offers more business-level benefits.


USGoBuy offers a valuable shipping service with no hidden fees and at a reasonable cost. In addition, USGoBuy provides many services like a free US address, free membership, storage for 60 days free, and free consolidation for up to 10 packages.

Check their features and benefits before signing up. And if their services do not meet your demands, feel free to check their many competitors to compare pricing and services. Of course, it all depends on your budget and where your favorite stores are.