Shippn Review: How it works? Pros, Cons & Alternatives

BY Basma F, Mar 28, 2023

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Shippn is a package forwarding company that helps online shoppers who face problems during shopping because they don't live in the US or the UK.


Online shoppers often face a problem. They can't order from anywhere in the world, as some shopping websites do not deliver to their destination. Those who want to start shopping without facing this problem can now shop online, and someone will receive their order and directly ship their orders internationally to anywhere in the world.

In this review, we'll review Shippn, one of the companies that provide a solution to this problem. The review will focus on sharing details about the service found on the company website, comparing it to some alternatives, sharing the pros and cons, answering frequently asked questions about the service, and sharing opinions of those who've tried it.

What is Shippn?

On the Shippn website, this is how the company describes its services: "Shippn is a trusted community that enables people to buy items online from anywhere in the world."

Unlike other service providers, this is a company that connects shoppers and hosts to provide a fantastic service to those who want to buy from any online store without worrying about their location and hosts who would like to make some money by providing their addresses, receiving and forwarding shipments on behalf of shoppers.

So, online shoppers ship directly to the host's address. The host then forwards the items.


Who Needs Shippn Services?

  • Online shoppers who don't live in the US or UK.
  • Sellers don't deliver to their country or won't accept their payment methods.

Shippn Main Services

  • Use a Local Address for Shoppers
  • Register as a Host
  • Buy for Me
  • Various Shipping Methods
  • Forwarding
  • Storage
  • Consolidation
  • Various Payment Methods

Through Shippn, you purchase items online and ship internationally through the Shippn team. You use the host's address for your shipment, and the host will forward the shipment. It's that simple.

How Does Shippn Work?

Shippn helps you get your shipments to your doorstep no matter where you are. The service relies on hosts who provide their addresses. They provide addresses in the following locations: USA, Canada, Australia, Turkey, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, and other locations.

You can buy from retailers online in those locations, pick your host, and then have your item forwarded to you. Let's see in detail how this service works.

Use a Local Address for Shoppers

Unlike other services, Shippn does not provide a local address in the service locations. As they mainly depend on the hosts, you can't count that the same host will be available to receive another shipment. You pick a different host with a different address every time you order. It is advisable to double-check with the host before sending any shipments.

Shoppers will have to add details before purchasing the item. Shoppers need to provide the following information: package weight, dimensions, and content, and you'll get an estimate of how much the package will cost you.

Register as a Host

Anyone can sign up as a host and become a member of the Shippn team. The registration process is easy. For registration, you can start by providing some information, completing your profile, and verifying your ID.

On your profile, you also list your availability (when it's convenient for you to receive packages) and other additional services you can provide (handling customs and duty, taking photos of the products, consolidating packages, and repacking them).

Shoppers will know if you are available. You'll see details and any important notes regarding the package. Once you receive the shipment, you can enter package details, and shoppers will get notifications. Shippn handles all the payments.

Shoppers pay before you receive their shipments. You will get paid through Paypal after shoppers receive their orders.

Buy for Me

Buy for Me Service is suitable for those who want to shop online, and the buyer does not accept their credit cards, etc. All shoppers have to do is fill in the item details, including pasting the link to the request and then submitting the request. The hosts will buy the item, and then you'll get notifications. Then, you can request international shipping of your order.

Various Shipping Methods

For the perfect service, they provide various shipping methods: DHL, FedEx, TNT, ups, Australia Post, and La Poste, partnering with different couriers to provide the best service possible. For pricing information and shipping details, we strongly recommend you visit their shipping cost calculator for an estimate of pricing and information about the courier.


Forwarding is the perfect solution that this company provides. Shippin's community offers solutions to the whole ordeal of trying to order items from international online stores if a seller doesn't deliver items to your location. Through Shippn, you can forward your package to your address no matter where you are in the world, and Shippn hosts will forward your items to you for a fee through one of the couriers.


Shippn offers ten days of free storage. Storage for more than ten days costs $2 per kg per week. This second payment, or the additional fee, is charged automatically from the active credit card of the shopper. Although there is storage, service providers can't store packages for more than 50 days.


Consolidation helps you save money because you combine more than one package in one shipment. Package consolidation is available for a small fee. As consolidation is an additional service, you must verify that the host you picked provides consolidation.

Various Payment Methods

No matter how much Shippn charged you for shipping, you know that the money is secure. Shippn offers a number of payment methods to ensure that you have options and that your money is safe. Those are Visa, Paypal, American Express, Discover, MasterCard, and GPay. Hosts, however, are paid through Paypal only.


  • Shopping from many countries worldwide and are not limited to one permanent address in one country.
  • Verified reviews will always tell you how reliable hosts are.
  • Consolidation and storage are available.
  • Buy for Me Service is available.
  • You can register as a host and make some money.
  • Availability of various couriers.


  • Handling customs and duty is an additional service, so it's not always available.
  • Free storage is 10 for days only.
  • No clear information about additional fees, or membership, just the estimated price of forwarding shipments.


Parcel Consolidation FAQs

Is Shippn also a Mail Forwarding Company?

No, it's not a mail forwarding company. It's a company that depends on hosts providing their addresses for those who want to shop from a different country and have their shipments forwarded.

Other companies provide mail forwarding. You can check this link for more information about mail forwarding.

What are the Restricted Items I cannot Ship?

The website includes a list on the website to give a general idea of restricted items. It depends on the rules and regulations of each country. 

Generally, restricted items are flammable items, pressurized cans, hazardous materials, agricultural products, perishable foods, etc. 

For more information about your country, visit ups import and export regulations.

Is Shippn Safe and Reliable?

Shippn aims to provide a safe and reliable service. Hosts, for example, are asked to provide a government ID, and shoppers also verify their account information.

Certain items will be disposed of or returned to the seller for security reasons.

How do I Ship an Item and Get Paid?

Through Shippn, you can register as a host and use your home to receive packages and forward them to shoppers.

You create a profile, verify your information and add when it's convenient for you to receive shipments.

You get paid through Paypal after the item is delivered.

How Long Can I Store My Package with Shippn?

You can store items for up to 10 days at no additional charge. After the 10 days, you pay $2 per kilo per week. Please note that you cannot store items for more than 50 days.

Can I Use the Host Address Again?

No, unlike other providers, this address can be used only once. You must create a new order for the same host and check their availability before reusing the same address.

How Long Does the Shipment Take?

Items are normally shipped within 24 hours. After the host ships your order, you will receive your items in 1-5 business days. You can always track your items.

How Much Does Shippn Shipping Cost?

It varies depending on the destination and courier. You can check their shipping cost calculator to estimate expected shipping fees.

You will need to include where you'll ship your item from, your destination, package dimensions, and weight.

The customer service team can provide more information for questions about taxes and duties.

What Do Customers Say About Shippn?

On Sitejabber, the company has a rating of 3.3, which indicates that most shoppers are satisfied with the service, and they even described it as "fast and user-friendly." Others complained about late shipping and delivery, and others complained about some issues with the orders. Not receiving their items is among the main problems.


On Trustpilot, they have a rating of 4. Some complained about the shipping fees and cost, considering the service so expensive. Others said it was a bit expensive but trustworthy. Some also complained that they were unresponsive and never shared updates about the shipments. Some said the service was simply great.


Shippn Alternatives and Competitors

Many companies offer shopping from online retailers from the UK, the US, and some European countries. Let's see how Shippn compares with other service providers.


Stackry gives shoppers a US address that they can use. It's similar to Shipito; you can shop only from US retailers. Unlike Shipito and Shippin, Stackry offers free storage for 45 days. After 45 days, you pay 2 cents per day per pound. Stackry does not offer the Buy for Me Service.

Stackry offers a tax-free solution, and you can decide how fast you want your shipment by choosing Priority, Express, or Economy.


Shipito gives shoppers a US address that they can use more than once to shop only from the US and forward their items anywhere in the world. 

Shipito offers assisted purchase or the Buy for Me. Both also offer consolidation. Shipito also assists with filling out the customs declaration. Shipito only offers 7 days of free storage, unlike Shippn, which offers 10 days of storage.


With MyUS, you can shop from US and UK retailers. Compared to Shippn, it's quite limited. MyUS offers many perks, like no US sales tax. MyUS handles export paperwork on your behalf.

MyUS offers different membership solutions. The free package has no consolidation available. For those who want to shop from the US and the UK frequently, MyUS offers a premium plan, which costs $9.99 per month and offers consolidation and 30-day free storage.


Shippn's main difference from other alternatives is that they provide various locations through their community, so shoppers are not limited to US retailers only when they order online. No other competitor provides the same amount of locations as Shippn. They provide locations in the USA, Canada, Turkey, Australia, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, and many others.