Shipito Review: How it works? Pros, Cons & More

BY Reviano team, Updated On Jul 30, 2023

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Shipito is a parcel forwarding company that helps international shoppers ship their packages from one country to their destination of choice.

While searching for a package forwarding company, you may come across Shipito. Shipito is one of the biggest parcel forwarding companies in the US. However, before you consider them for your shipping needs, it's best you read their review.

Lucky for you, this post is about Shipito's review. Below, we highlighted how they work, their pros, cons, and features, and how they compare with other popular parcel forwarding companies.

What is Shipito Forwarding Service?

Shipito is a parcel forwarding company that helps international shoppers ship their packages ( using their preferred shipping method) from one country to their destination of choice. This service is recommended for shoppers who buy products from e-commerce stores with shipping restrictions. Or those who wish to avoid expensive shipping rates.

Shipito gives shoppers addresses in the United States and Australia, making them ideal for individuals who patronize e-commerce stores in those countries.

Shipito review

Shipito Features

Before selecting Shipito as your go-to parcel forwarding service, you may want to check out its features. If that's the case, here are some common features of Shipito.

  • Offers free Shipito address in USA and Austria
  • Supports live chat, email, phone, and contact form
  • Assisted purchase option
  • Free and premium plans for those who wish to be premium members
  • Offers up to 90 days of free storage (need a premium subscription to get this)
  • Tax-free warehouse in the USA
  • Offers free photos of incoming parcels
  • Works with US unlocked card
  • Ship packages fast
  • Shipito mailbox, which enables people to buy products online
  • Mobile app
  • Tracking system
  • Affordable storage fees
  • Offers free repackaging
  • Offers package consolidation
  • Ship items to international customers worldwide
  • Built-in shipping calculator
  • 7 days of free storage for free accounts
  • Offers 180 days free storage in Nevada warehouse


  • Good for businesses seeking to reach international shoppers around the world
  • Offers three free photographs of your items
  • Shipito provides tax-free USA address
  • Item shipped worldwide
  • Offers 11 shipping alternatives
  • Ships parcels within a few days anywhere in the world
  • Offers affordable consolidation service, making it ideal for those looking to ship several packages


  • Slightly higher rates than other parcel forwarding companies
  • ID verification is needed before you receive mail
  • Refund policy claims are not really genuine
  • Unregistered individuals can only have one package at a time, handled by Shipito warehouses.
  • Complaints about delay responding to support tickets, then disgusting customer service

How Does Shipito Work?

Shipito helps international shopping enthusiasts ship purchased goods from where it is purchased to any destination of their choice. Here is a step-by-step breakdown of how the Shipito package forwarding service works.

Step 1:  Login in

Visit the Shipito website. Sign up with your details to access your free US address.

Step 2: Go shopping

Shop online at your favorite US store (Walmart, Amazon, eBay, etc.). After shopping, request that your packages are shipped to the Shipito warehouse (the US address given to you).

Step 3: Your package arrives

When your package arrives, you'll be alerted. If you have more than one package, you can consolidate them to save money.

Shipito also offers detailed content photos and extra tape to ensure that your package is well protected.

Step 4: Your package is shipped to you.

The package shipped to the Shipito warehouse is inspected, repackaged, and consolidated if necessary. Afterward, it is sent to your destination, anywhere in the world.

The time Shipito ships packages vary per location and shipping option you select. If you have issues buying products from a certain website, you can leverage Shipito assisted purchase program to buy whatever you need. A credit card isn’t needed as they accept different forms of payment.

Frequently Answered Questions (FAQs)

Where is Shipito located?

Shipito is a US-based parcel forwarding company. It is located in Sandy, Utah, United States. There, they have two warehouses (in California and Oregon). They also have a warehouse in Austria.

Is Shipito reliable?

Based on the unconvincing reviews on popular review platforms like Trustpilot, Sitejabber, and Product Review, we concluded that Shipito could not be completely relied on.

Some of the poor reviews on these review platforms didn’t just highlight their unreliability. They also highlighted complaints like strange policies, poor online support, lost packages, terrible customer service, etc. Some even labeled them as the worst company. While others called them out for charging more fees for their mediocre service.

Is Shipito Safe?

Shipito has a low trust and safety score, meaning they aren’t totally safe. But, even then, some customers still have good things to say about their services. Others complain about issues that emphasize why they aren't safe.

Some of the issues, as seen on some review platforms, were regarding lost packages, extra costs, etc. There were also claims of Shipito charging more for minimum-weight parcels. Consider other alternatives if you are looking for a safe shipping service.

Can Shipito be trusted?

Shipito can be trusted due to its below-par rating on prominent review platforms. Many reviews highlighted issues like lost packages, extortion, excessive fees, etc. Plus, they have a low trust rating on Website reviews, a popular review platform.

Are package forwarders legit?

Yes, package forwarders are very legit. Many of these companies are legally registered, so you have nothing to fear. However, that doesn't mean you shouldn't do your research before selecting a parcel forwarding company for your international shipping needs.

How Much Does Shipito Cost?

Like many parcel forwarding companies, Shipito doesn't have a standard price. Shipping rate estimates are often determined with the shipping calculator on their website.

The final cost of shipping packages with Shipito depends on the destination, package dimension, and weight. And though the calculator may seem authentic, it is not often correct.

P.S. The time Shipito ships vary per the shipping option you use and, of course, the destination. You can always use other couriers if you have bad records with a particular shipping option, as Shipito has multiple shipping alternatives.

What Other Reviews Sites Say About Shipito?

According to reviews on popular review platforms like Trustpilot and Sitejabber, it's safe to say that customers are fairly satisfied with Shipito's forwarding service.

Many satisfied customers praised their quick delivery, excellent communication, and reliable service. On the other hand, some unhappy victims left a few negative reviews. These reviews highlighted issues like lost packages, poor customer service, damaged merchandise, and excessive fees.


A disgruntled customer even tagged them as a very deceptive company. Another claimed they have disgusting customer service. However, 66% of the 3,024 reviews on Trustpilot were positive, meaning many customers are pleased with Shipito's services.


Shipito Alternatives & Competitors

Still, aren't you satisfied with Shipito? Then, perhaps, you may want to compare their parcel forwarding services with that of other close competitors.

Below, we compared Shipito's service with some big guns in the parcel forwarding industry, including Forward2Me, MyUS, Stackry, Planet Express, Ship7, and Shop & Ship


Stackry is a big name in the parcel forwarding industry, making it a more suitable option for shoppers looking for a company with a long track record. This parcel forwarding company outclasses Shipito in a few areas. First, while Stackry charges an affordable fee (around $12.50) for shipping dangerous goods, Shipito charges $95, making it an expensive option for people to ship such goods.

Stackry charges less ($2/package) for their consolidation services than Shipito ($3.25 /package). Moreover, this parcel forwarding company has an impressive review rating of 4.1/5 on Trustpilot. Shipito reviews, on the other hand, are nothing to write home about, making them a less attractive option for shoppers looking for quality service.

Despite Shipito's shortcomings, they still boast a few impressive features, some of which Stackry lacks. For instance, Shipito ships to more countries (over 220) than Stackry (over 190). Plus, their personal shopping service is less expensive than that of Stackry. Also, they offer more shipping alternatives than Stackry.


Open a Shipito account if you want a company that ships packages from Austria. They are also ideal for those looking for a parcel forwarding company that ships to most countries. However, we recommend Stackry for individuals looking for a company that is less likely to disappoint.




Forward2Me is another popular shipping forwarder. Unlike Shipito, they offer shoppers addresses in countries like Japan, Germany, Turkey, and the UK. This makes them a perfect option for individuals who often shop in Europe. Forward2Me has zero membership or annual fee, compared to Shipito, which charges an annual fee of $60 and a membership fee of $10/per month.

Shoppers looking for a company with impressive reviews will love Forward2Me. They have an outstanding rating of 4.5 on Trustpilot, compared to Shipito's 2.8. Plus, while Shipito charges $3 to consolidate packages, Forward2Me does it for free. Also, Shipito has poor customer service and charges insane prices for its services.

Of course, Shipito also has a few impressive features that Forward2Me lacks. First, they offer more free storage (90 days) than Forward2Me (30 days). Also, Shipito sends free pictures to customers, while Forward2Me charges their customers for this service. Furthermore, this parcel forwarding company offers an Austrian address while Forward2Me doesn't. They also have a mailing service, a feature Forward2me lacks.


Are you looking for a parcel forwarding company with good service, one less likely to get your item stuck? Try Forward2Me. They have an impressive track record and reviews as well. You should also consider them if you want to buy and ship large items.

On the other hand, choose Shipito if you are looking for a package forwarding company with long free storage. Including one that ships from Austria.


MyUS is among one of the oldest parcel forwarding companies in the United States. They double as a package and mail forwarding company, unlike their younger competitor, Shipito.  Plus, MyUS offers shoppers affordable consolidation services compared to Shipito.

Are you looking to ship goods from the UK? Then, MyUS is your best bet. Shipito only offers addresses in US and Austria, making them unsuitable for those who shop from the UK and Austria-based e-commerce stores. In addition, MyUS has an impressive track record compared to Shipito, whose mediocre services have been criticized by some dissatisfied customers. However, despite its flaws, Shipito has the edge in a few areas.

For instance, Shipito gives more free storage (60) than MyUS (30). Also, they have a warehouse in Austria, making them ideal for individuals who often shop from European websites. Furthermore, with Shipito, shoppers have the freedom to choose among 11 courier alternatives. MyUS only operate with four couriers. Finally, Shipito offers better reward programs than MyUS.


Are you looking for a parcel forwarding company that can have your parcels shipped without issues? Then, you may want to consider MyUS. Judging from the positive reviews, they appear more reliable than Shipito. Plus, we recommend MyUS to shoppers looking for free repackaging and consolidation (only for premium members).

Meanwhile, Shipito is a good option for picky shoppers with shipping alternatives. You should also choose Shipito if you often shop in Austria or US-based stores.


Planet Express and Shipito are new parcel forwarding companies founded almost half a decade apart. However, Planet Express, founded in 2017, outshines Shipito in a few aspects, especially regarding shipping fees.

To woo customers, Planet Express reduced their shipping costs, making them one of the cheapest parcel forwarding companies. Also, this company has zero hidden fees, unlike Shipito. Plus, they allow users receive their mail free. Shipito lacks this feature. They also charge a lesser fee ($5) for special request services than Shipito ($15/ half hour).

Of course, Planet Express has its fair share of lapses. First, they are new, lack adequate experience, and may not serve you as older alternatives. Also, they have limited shipping options (4), while Shipito has 11. Plus, they don't accept Bitcoin like Shipito and have fewer support channels (live chat and email) than Shipito (email, live chat, phones, and contact form).


We recommend Shipito for those looking for a parcel forwarding company that offers multiple shipping options. You should also use Shipito if you need a company that offers more free storage.

On the other hand, we advise you to use Planet Express if you want to reduce the risk of a bad shipping experience. Want a parcel forwarding company that has one of the cheapest shipping costs? Planet Express is your best bet! Using this service can help you save money.




Ship 7 and Shipito have one similarity: they offer addresses in the United States. However, one standout feature of Ship7 that Shipito lacks is that they provide the address for free.

Ship7 also provide addresses in Turkey and the UK, all for free! So naturally, Shipito users don't enjoy such luxury.

Want to know another perk Shipito users are missing out on? Delivered Duty Paid service! Ship7 provides its members with DDP for certain countries to smooth the shipping process. It also helps save money.

What's more, unlike Shipito, Ship7 offers unique services like repacking, white-glove handling, express processing, scanning, etc. Plus, they have an impressive rating of 4.1 on Trustpilot and 4.63 on Sitejabber. On the other hand, Shipito has poor ratings of 2.8 and 3.53 on Trustpilot and Sitejabber, respectively.

Despite their poor ratings, Shipito still has the edge over Ship7 in a few areas. First, they ship to over 220 countries, while Ship7 ships to over 180. Also, Shipito can ship flammable cosmetic and beauty products. Plus, they offer more free storage than their counterpart.


We recommend Shipito to shoppers looking to ship flammable cosmetic and beauty products. Such items are regarded as hazardous and cannot be shipped with Ship7. Also, use Shipito if you intend on shipping lesser-valued items so you don't incur a huge loss should the package get lost.
On the other hand, we recommend Ship7 for those looking for a company with free storage (60 days for free accounts). Shipito offers 7 days of free storage for free accounts. Individuals looking to ship fragile items should also consider Ship7. Including others who need a higher volume shipping provider.

shop-and-ship logo

Shop & Ship


Powered by Aramex, Shop & Ship is the only forwarding company that offers addresses in 30 countries, including Australia, China, Cyprus, Canada, France, Greece, Georgia, Hong Kong, Germany, Italy, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Japan, Pakistan, New Zealand, South Korea, Singapore, Switzerland, South Africa, Turkey, Thailand, Spain, UK, USA, United Arab Emirates, and More.

Unfortunately, that's the only highlight of Shop & Ship service; there is nothing else exciting to talk about them. In fact, unlike Shipito (which ships to over 220 countries), they only ship to 80 countries. Also, they don't offer package consolidation, “shop for me”, or repackaging services like Shipito.

What’s more, they ship using one shipping option. The worse part? They have abysmal ratings on prominent review platforms. That’s not all! They also offer only two payment methods. Shipito offers 4.


Shop & Ship aren't ideal for those looking for an exceptional parcel forwarding service. Using this service may end in disappointment as they have many poor reviews even if they offer more addresses than Shipito.

Shipito, on the other hand, is good for shoppers looking for a company that ships packages around the world. Though they have poor customer support, Shop & Ship can have multiple packages consolidated, thus helping you save money.


Shipito is a great parcel forwarding company. Yes, they outclass many competitors in a few areas. They also have good reviews and a few features that some parcel forwarding company lacks.

However, judging by what past customers are saying, including our compressive review of the platform, we've come to the conclusion that they are a mediocre parcel forwarding company. They aren't a company you can rely on 100%.

Hence, we recommend using their services without expecting much from them. That way, you don't get disappointed when things go south. Or better still, go for a better alternative.