Reship Review: Pros, Cons & Alternatives

BY Reviano Team, Jun 11, 2023

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Package Forwarding Service

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Reship is a package forwarding service with a warehouse in the UK, Canada, and the USA. 


Shopping on your favorite UK, US, or Canadian shopping site can be fun until you encounter a retailer with an outrageous shipping fee. Or one that cannot ship to your location.

What do you do in such a case? That is where a package forwarding service comes in!

Reship, a package forwarding service, facilitates the shipment of goods from the US, UK, and Canada to your destination, acting as a middleman between you and the retailer.

Below is a detailed review of Reship package forwarding service.

What is Reship Service?

Reship is a package forwarding service with a warehouse in the UK, Canada, and the USA. They provide package forwarding services to individuals who shop in these countries, allowing them to ship purchased items to their intended destinations hassle-free.

Reship service is beneficial because they help overcome the barrier of shipping restrictions, thus easing the shipping process. They also offer other perks like consolidation and storage for international shoppers and businesses.

Who Needs Reship Service?

Reship service is needed by international shoppers or small businesses who shop from UK, US, or Canada online stores that don’t ship directly to their location. It is also suitable for those who wish to ship goods from the UK, US, or Canada without paying outrageous shipping fees or worrying about shipping constraints.

Reship package forwarding service helps facilitate the shipment of your purchases from any US, UK, or Canada store to your doorstep. It’s that easy!

What are the Services that Reship Provides?

Reship offers two main services: package consolidation and package storage.

Package Consolidation

Reship, helps consolidate your purchase from multiple retailers into one package. This enables you to save shipping costs and makes tracking your package easy while ensuring that all your purchases are delivered in one box (on the same day) as opposed to shipping each item separately.

Package Storage

Reship doesn't only ship your product. They also offer package storage services. This allows you to store your goods for certain periods, pending when you decide to ship them to your destination.

Aside from international shoppers looking to escape shipping restrictions, Reship also helps businesses with assisted storage, allowing them to store their inventory in different parts of the world.


  • Affordable shipping fees
  • Offers free subscription plan and insurance option
  • Offers two free photos of your item
  • Free 30 days package storage
  • Low rates
  • Great customer service team
  • Ideal for your small business
  • Ships from Canada, UK, and the US.
  • It allows you to consolidate many packages
  • It has a functional app
  • Toll-free number to contact their customer service
  • Impressive positive reviews on major review platforms


  • Poor picture quality
  • Customers are required to pay monthly subscription fees to consolidate items.
  • Doesn't ship to 14 countries, including Algeria, North Korea, and Yemen.
  • Some customers complain about being forced to pay a ridiculous brokerage fee.
  • It doesn't benefit or serve those who want to shop in stores outside US, Canada, or the UK.

How Does Reship Work?

Reship is a middleman between you and your favorite online stores in the UK, USA, or Canada. They help ship your purchases in a timely manner to your destination worldwide.

Here is a breakdown of how this parcel forwarding service works.

step 1

Log in to the Reship website.

Login to Reship website and complete the registration process to open an account. Once complete, you’ll receive a unique “ suite" number designed for your account alone. Remember the number, as it'll be required when shipping your packages.

step 2

Shop Stores in the UK, USA, or Canada.

Shop online stores in the UK, USA, or Canada. At the checkout page of your favorite online seller, include Reship warehouse address.

Ensure you choose the address closest to the retailer to quicken the arrival of your packages. Don't forget to add your unique suite number.

step 3

Pay and wait

You'll get an email once your goods arrive at Reship. Login to your account to request photos of your goods. After confirming your order, pay for the shipment with a handling fee. Once done, your order will be shipped.

step 4

Track your goods

You can track your order via your tracking information using the Reship application or website.

Shipping time depends on the selected shipping method and the package destination. 

How much does Reship shipping cost?

There is no standard price for Reship shipping services. To determine the shipping cost of your order, you have to use the shipping calculator on the Reship app or website.

Typically, the cost of shipping your goods depends on the destination, weight, and dimension, and additional services like repacking, special handling, and consolidation.

These factors are considered when determining the cost of getting your items shipped. You can contact Reship rep for more information.

What Do Customers Say About Reship Services?

While many customers were satisfied with Reship's services, describing the company as great and promising to use their services when making future purchases, some had negative reviews about the shipping service.

Refund was one of the issues raised by customers. A customer even complained of receiving two damaged items, while another customer labeled the Reship app "rubbish app."

Discouraging comments like " worst service, "delayed shipping parcels," "package arrived late," "no response after contacting customer service multiple times," and "item arrived damaged" were used by customers when describing their experiences.

In fact, one customer advised readers to avoid Reship and promised to use an alternative when making future purchases. At the same time, another claimed to regret their decision terribly. Based on reviews on two major review websites, we can say that most customers are satisfied with Reship services.

Reship Frequently Asked Questions

What is a package forwarding service?

A parcel forwarding service allows you to shop at any online store, deliver the item to a US or UK address, and forward it to your location.

Is Package forwarding safe?

Yes. It’s relatively safe and reliable, especially when dealing with a reputable company.

Is package forwarding legal?

Yes. Using a package forwarding service is legit as all the listed companies are registered agencies, and you can find thousands of reviews from people who used the service before.

Is Reship legit?

With a review of 4.1/5 on the popular review platform Trustpilot, we can confirm that Reship is a legit package forwarding service. Plus, there hasn’t been any strong claim of fraud regarding their service.

Is Reship safe?

Yes. Reship is safe. You can rely on their service to ship purchased goods from online stores in the US, UK, or Canada to any destination of your choice. They even have an insurance option designed to protect your package in the event of damage or loss.

Does Reship open packages?

Yes. Reship will open your packages before shipping them to you. They'll communicate this to you beforehand.

How long does Reship take to ship?

Reship doesn’t have a standard shipping time. Shipping duration depends on the origin and destination of the goods, potential delays, customs procedures, and the shipping method used.

What countries does Reship ship to?

Reship ships to other countries aside from Algeria, Cuba, Iran, Myanmar, Nigeria, North Korea, Sudan, Syria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Vatican City, Ghana, Laos, Libya, Vanuatu, Yemen, Ukraine, and Russia.

Reship Alternatives & Competitors

If you aren’t satisfied with Reship parcel forwarding service. Or if, based on what you've read so far, you think Reship offers absolutely ridiculous shipping services, you can try out their competitors.


Stackry is a popular name in the package forwarding industry. They offer unique tax-free USA addresses to international shoppers looking to forward packages from the US to their location.

Stackry offers free 45 days of storage; add that to their impressive package consolidation, repackaging, info request, and personal shopper services. With Stackry, you can ship your purchase, including some dangerous goods, to over 200 countries at an affordable price.


  • Zero sales tax
  • Gets your order delivered to your doorstep in no time
  • Offers 45 days of free storage
  • Has up to $100 Insurance
  • Affordable shipping fee
  • Works with major carriers
  • Fast shipping
  • Great company with a mobile app
  • Live chat feature
  • Offers free membership


  • The shipping calculator isn't very reliable
  • No free photos or packaging
  • Shipping delays (as reported by many customers)

Planet Express is ideal for international shoppers looking to ship purchased goods from US or UK online stores to their destination. The company offers free repackaging, personal shopping service, and two free pictures on the arrival of your item.

They also offer cheap shipping and allow customers to choose between their free and paid plans. Packages are usually delivered within 17-25 business days and can be tracked via your account by logging into their website.


  • Help save money with affordable shipping costs
  • Can shop on your behalf
  • Simple process.
  • Offers special request option
  • It has multiple shipping plans and payment methods.
  • 45 days of free storage for the premium plan and ten days for the free plan.
  • Affordable storage fees
  • Impressive customer support
  • Serves businesses, drop-shippers, and e-commerce merchants via its specialized fulfillment solution.


  • Outdated website UI
  • Refund issues
  • No free trial on the paid plan
  • Shop for me can be slow, discouraging customers from making future purchases with the company.

Forward2me provides shopping addresses in Germany, the UK, Turkey, and Japan. They also offer 30 days of free storage, access to the personal shopper feature, and eBay collection services. If you run a business that deals in fashion, car parts, accessories, cell phones, and homeware, Forward2me is the right company for your international shipping needs.

Forward2me also ships some dangerous items. Like most parcel forwarding companies, this shipping company helps you save more money by consolidating your item.


  • Ships to over 190 countries
  • Has a warehouse in the UK, Germany, Japan, and Turkey.
  • Offers good shipping service.
  • Zero monthly or annual charges
  • Fast delivery (within 1-4 days, depending on your location).
  • Accepts returns
  • Sufficient time for free storage


  • Shipping calculator can be misleading
  • Personal shopper is limited to the UK
  • Expensive repacking service
  • Not as affordable as other package forwarders
  • Costly package photos

Shipito is known for its standout-free storage and fast delivery. With a tax-free USA warehouse in Oregon, Austria (EU), and California, Shipito is an excellent option for internal shoppers purchasing items from the US or Austria and shipping them to their destination worldwide.

Shipito has two plans: free and paid. The former has a $3 processing fee and offers 7 days of free storage. Conversely, the latter has a $2 processing fee.


  • Impressive online account management system
  • Free Repackaging
  • Shop-for-me service
  • Free picture of incoming items
  • Free storage for up to 90 days
  • Ideal for individuals and businesses
  • Offers multiple shipping options
  • Ships to over 250 countries worldwide.
  • Offers insurance and 11 shipping alternatives.


  • You need to verify your account using your documents.
  • It’s more expensive than many alternatives like MyUS
  • Average customer service
  • Only accepts returns if your order is damaged
  • Non-members can only have one parcel at a time handled by Shipito’s warehouses.
  • There are complaints about delay responding to support tickets, then poor customer service.

MyUS is one of the best solution for international shoppers who shop in US or UK stores that don't ship to their location, including those looking to enjoy free consolidation, repackaging, and top-notch customer service.

MyUS has a personal shopper feature that can be accessed via their app. MyUS also offers free and paid plans, including free trials.

MyUS is ideal for individuals looking to ship restricted items like non-prescription medicines, Li-on batteries, and some dangerous goods.


  • Zero fuel surcharge on items shipped
  • Offers free consolidation and repackaging services
  • Ships to over 220 countries.
  • Responsive customer service representative
  • Shipped items are delivered in a timely manner
  • Offers multiple shipping options
  • Free package consolidation and repacking for premium customers
  • Offers insurance and 11 shipping alternatives.
  • Offers special discounts for businesses
  • Ideal for the shipment of some restricted items
  • Easy to contact support via 24/7 live chat, email, or call back service.


  • Offers few shipping options, unlike other alternatives
  • Some complaints about poor business practices by the company
  • Some complaints about hidden charges
  • Has some customer service concerns
  • Limited storage period


Though less popular than MyUS, Stackry, and the like, the package forwarding company, Reship, has proven a reliable option for international shoppers. Their impressive reviews on TrustPilot show how satisfied customers are with their services.

Compared with prominent parcel forwarding companies, Reship storage price for all plans is deemed expensive for an organization founded in 2011. They don't offer extensive features and services like their older counterparts.

There is no valid reason for using Reship if you can find a more affordable, feature-rich, and better alternative. And yes, there are a few of them.

However, you can go ahead if you are comfortable spending more for an average service. But if you aren't, you can consider some of the above mentioned alternatives.