Posh Review: Pros, Cons, & Alternatives

BY Basma F, Apr 7, 2023

Posh live virtual receptionist services
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Virtual Receptionist & Answering Call Service

Monthly fee:

50 receptionist minutes for $230/month


Posh offers phone answering service, bilingual services, customized call handling, call routing, and integrations to help you never miss a call from prospective clients.


Many businesses need someone and sometimes dedicated teams to answer their phone calls and take their messages so that they never miss any business opportunity. Taking incoming calls 24/7 is not a feasible option for many businesses. They prefer to hire virtual receptionists to handle their business calls and help them get new clients by offering help to potential clients with any questions.

What is Posh?

Posh virtual receptionists are a professional team of live virtual receptionists to help you with different aspects of your business. Posh friendly receptionists answer your phone calls and schedule your appointments.

Posh offers phone answering service, bilingual services, customized call handling, call routing, and integrations to help you never miss a call from prospective clients and help you grow your business.

Instead of hiring full-time employees, Posh virtual receptionists can help you with inbound and outbound calls and voicemail transcription so you can focus on what matters. In addition, getting new clients for your company is easy with virtual receptionists.

Who Would Benefit from Posh Virtual Receptionists?

Posh virtual receptionists provide helpful call solutions to many businesses during and after office hours. Their virtual receptionists help the following sectors and industries:

Small Businesses

Small businesses that don't have the means to hire employees full-time can benefit from this solution. Individuals like dentists, physicians, attorneys, salon and spa owners, and those who provide home services can benefit from Posh virtual receptionists.

Healthcare and Wellness and Holistic

Individuals and companies from the healthcare industry can also benefit from Posh virtual receptionists. Examples are behavioral health, home health care, and healthcare facilities like medical and dental.

Property Management & Real Estate

Posh virtual receptionists are helpful to property management and the real estate sector. Those in real estate and property management can't risk missing any opportunity.

Marketing & Advertising, Tech, Software Firms, Finance, Contracting,

Other sectors that will benefit from virtual receptionist services are marketing and advertising, tech services, software firms, finance, and contracting.

You probably need virtual receptionists to minimize call waiting time, never miss an opportunity, and generate leads.

What are the Services that Posh Provides?

  • Virtual receptionist with 100% Live Answering
  • Customized Call Handling & Message Management
  • Advanced Mobile Application
  • Integrations
  • Unlimited Users
  • Bilingual Receptionists


  • Various pricing plans
  • Partnering with Zapier and offering integrations with more than 3000 applications
  • Posh offers a mobile application
  • Unlimited number of users as the pricing plans depend on minutes and not the number of users
  • Offers a money-back guarantee
  • A free trial is available
  • Bilingual Receptionists
  • HIPAA compliant


  • No live chat solution
  • No call recording

Posh Features in Detail

Posh virtual receptionists provide many services to businesses, including receiving calls, call routing, and voicemail transcription, so you can direct your efforts on growing your business. Let's see some of their key features in detail.

Virtual Receptionist Service with 100% Live Answering

Posh virtual receptionists are knowledgeable. They receive information about your industry and every service you provide. When they answer on your behalf, no one will know that Posh virtual receptionists are not your full-time employees.

Posh virtual receptionists are US-based. They work from the offices in Virginia Beach, Virginia. They are available to respond to any calls 24/7.

Customized Call Handling & Managing Messages

Posh virtual receptionists do not merely respond to calls. They provide excellent phone service. In addition, they offer customized call handling. They screen calls and can forward an important caller if you request the Posh receptionists to do so. You can have customized call-handling solutions by sending requests through the Posh app or portal.

Besides call handling, you view your messages on the mobile application or the online portal to make it easier to stay on top of your messages.

Advanced Mobile Application

The mobile application is one of the best features of this company. The posh app has an easy-to-use interface that helps you take control of Posh services. You can set your status through the application, and Posh virtual receptionists will proceed. For example, do you like Posh receptionists to forward messages? Posh virtual receptionists will fulfill your requests.

Through the application, you'll receive messages and notifications from Posh virtual receptionists: call details and voicemail transcriptions.

Also, you can call and text through the application without sacrificing your phone number. When you use the Posh app, you use your business number provided by Posh.


Most businesses use different tools and platforms. For this reason, Posh has partnered with Zapier so you can integrate with over 3000 applications.

Acuity Scheduling, Google Calendar, Calendly, Setmore, Rocket Matter, Clio, Zoho, Salesforce, and Hubspot are some of the most popular platforms you can integrate with Posh.

Powerful CRM integrations like Zoho and Salesforce are ideal for most companies. Clio and Rocket Matter are great integration for managing your law firm, for example.

Unlimited Users

Posh bases the pricing plans on the minutes you use per month and not the number of users you have, so you have unlimited users when hiring Posh virtual receptionists. An unlimited number of users means you and the entire team can access information and manage calls and messages.

Bilingual Receptionists

Posh virtual receptionists speak English and Spanish fluently, which means they can help your business grow because they respond to inquiries and requests in various languages. If you have Spanish-speaking callers, Posh virtual receptionists can always come to the rescue.


Posh assists in many sectors, including healthcare, so it's relevant if they comply with the U.S. Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA compliant). HIPAA compliance means companies ensure they protect patients' health information. Compliance should be your number one priority if you're in the healthcare sector.

When you work with Posh Receptionists, their HIPAA-compliant service means that information will only be available through the Posh APP or Posh's online portal.

Posh Pricing

All plans provide 24/7 availability, call handling, integrations, managing messages, switchboard solutions, bilingual receptionists, full customization, task assistance, contacts, voicemail, texting and calling security, and unlimited users.

The plans are flexible. So, as your company grows, you can switch to a different plan with more minutes. 


Chic costs $64 per month. You pay $1.99 per minute plus the plan fees. Chic is suitable for businesses that receive only a few business calls. It is also for individuals. You can also start with this plan if you're unsure how many minutes you need.


The Vogue plan provides 50 receptionist minutes for $114 monthly, and you pay $1.95 per extra minute. This plan is for small businesses that would benefit from more minutes for a reasonable cost.


The Elegant plan provides 100 receptionist minutes for $194 monthly, and you pay $1.90 per extra minute. The Elegant is for small or medium-sized businesses.


The Luxurious plan provides 200 receptionist minutes for $374 monthly, and you pay $1.87 per extra minute. The Luxurious is for businesses that need more help as they expect more callers.


The Prestigious plan provides 350 receptionist minutes for $634 monthly, and you pay $1.81 per extra minute. The Prestigious provides services for medium-sized businesses.


The Lavish plan provides 500 reception minutes for $884 monthly, and you pay $1.77 per extra minute. The Lavish is an expensive plan and suitable only for larger businesses.


The Exclusive plan provides 1000 reception minutes for $1714 monthly, and you pay $1.71 per extra minute. The Exclusive is suitable only for businesses with several incoming calls.

Posh Frequently Asked Questions

How Does a Virtual Receptionist Work?

A virtual receptionist answers your phone on your behalf. Posh virtual receptionists are US-based. They know enough information about your industry and can reply to many questions.

How Much Does Posh Virtual Assistant Service Cost?

Their pricing plans depend on minutes. For example, the Vogue plan costs $114 monthly and provides 50 receptionist minutes. The more minutes you use, the more money you'll pay.

Does Posh Offer a Free Trial?

Yes, a free trial is available.

How Long is the Free Trial?

Posh offers a seven-day free trial or until you use 250 receptionist minutes.

Is Posh HIPAA Compliant?

Absolutely. It is HIPAA compliant, which makes it suitable for the healthcare industry.

Does Posh Offer Live Chat Solutions?

No, Posh offers phone service. Live call agents answer phone calls on your behalf 24/7.

Do Virtual Receptionist Services Integrate with CRM Tools?

Posh integrates with CRM tools like Salesforce and Zoho.

Does Posh Offer a Mobile Application?

Yes, it offers a mobile application, so you receive messages and notifications, call your clients, and keep your number private.

Can Posh Make Outbound Calls for Me?

Yes, Posh makes outbound calls for you. Following up with clients and reaching out to clients to confirm appointments are other key features. 

What Do Customers Say About Posh? (Customer reviews and testimonials)

On Trustpilot, Posh virtual receptionists company has a rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars. Most positive reviews compliment Posh virtual receptionists on their professionalism and kindness.

Those who have written reviews say that Posh virtual receptionists are supportive with great attention to detail. However, those who complained were unhappy about poor customer support.

On G2, one of the reviews states that the company offers a fantastic call-answering solution and that it offers privacy. However, it would be better if they could offer emails and text messages.

Posh Alternatives & Competitors

Our Ruby review won't be complete without mentioning how their services compare to their main competitors in the market (Posh, Smith Ai, AnswerConnect, etc.).

Ruby live virtual receptionist services



Ruby virtual receptionists differ from Posh receptionists in that they offer live chat solutions. In addition, Ruby offers support for website owners as virtual receptionists respond to any questions received through the website.

Ruby offers support 24/7 to your website, and answers calls as well. Ruby's pricing plans depend on minutes.

Ruby offers plans for live calls, live chat, and bundled solutions for those who want to combine both. Unlike Posh, Ruby does not provide a free trial.


  • 24/7 Availability
  • Text from your business number
  • Excellent Customer Support


  • No call recording
  • Bilingual receptionists only work during business hours.
Smith AI virtual receptionist

Smith Ai


Smith.ai's key features are free CRM integration, a free AI chatbot, and 24/7 live agents. Their plans depend on the number of calls and not minutes. Smith.ai plans start at $225 per month and can reach $1170 monthly for 180 calls. For customized call volume, Smith.ai can customize a plan for you.

Posh does not offer live chat. However, Smith.ai offers an AI chatbot for automatic responses plus live agents. So, if you want help with your website, Smith.ai is a good choice.


  • Free AI Chatbot
  • 24/7 Availability


  • Some customers complained about the customer support not being responsive.
AnswerConnect virtual receptionist



AnswerConnect is not different from Posh's receptionist service in that they both provide 24/7 live answering, bilingual receptionists, etc. AnswerConnect also offers services to multiple sectors: marketing, tech, healthcare, and finance.

AnswerConnect has a cause of reducing the carbon footprint, so they plant a tree for every customer. AnswerConnect might be a good choice if you care about the environment. There is no pricing listed on AnswerConnect's website.


  • They charge per minute, not by calls.


  • A setup fee may be required.
  • They charge spam calls.
  • No Free trial or money-back guarantee.
  • They don’t offer call screening, routing & prioritization.



In addition to virtual reception, Conversational LLC services are auto reception. Auto reception helps those who call to navigate the menu to get the answers they are looking for without needing help from live agents. Conversational LLC offers a 30-day money-back guarantee and a free setup fee.

They offer three basic plans that start at $209 monthly. Their plans include the allotted minutes, voicemail, unlimited talk time, free local number, call transfers, Custom Messaging, Call Screening, VIP Ignore Caller Lists, Temporary Call Handling, Custom VOIP Solutions, Block Numbers, and Patch Calling.


  • No setup fee
  • 30-day money-back guarantee


  • Doesn't offer Integration with all major CRMs, like Clio, Clio Grow, Hubspot, Lexicata, Capsule CRM, and more.
Nexa virtual receptionist



Nexa virtual receptionists fill out client intake forms. When they fill out the client intake forms, they help you with this time-consuming task so you can work on more relevant tasks. They offer live chat, text messaging, bilingual receptionists, appointment scheduling, and after-hours answering service.

Nexa offers three plans, but their pricing is not on the website. The basic plan includes live agent services, local and toll-free numbers, lead qualification, appointment scheduling, a client portal, analytics, and 24/7 customer support.


  • Zapier integration makes it possible to connect with many other software programs.


  • No Chatbot
  • No Voicemail Transcription
Answering Legal virtual receptionist

Answering Legal


This company is suitable if you're looking for virtual receptionists for your law firm. This service is perfect for attorneys and law firms who need knowledgeable receptionists in the legal industry.

They provide 24/7 virtual assistance, integration, capturing leads, legal intake, call transferring, bilingual receptionists, call handling, Google-screened integrations, and appointment schedules. Pricing information for this company is not available on their site.


  • Reasonable cost for the registered agent service.
  • The option to subscribe per month.


  • Expensive package with no options or various plans for those on a smaller budget
Abby Connect Receptionists virtual receptionist

Abby Connect Receptionists


Abby Connect provides live chat solutions. Their receptionists also answer your calls. Abby Connect's services are for the following industries: medical, legal, dental, and accounting. Abby Connect offers a 14-day free trial.

Abby Connect offers three options: three reception, live chat, and bundled plans combining both. Abby's receptionist plans start at $299 per month for 100 minutes.


  • 27/4 availability
  • Cost Effective
  • Flexibility and Customizable Service


  • No Chatbot


In this review, we've provided a detailed review of Posh and listed some of the popular alternatives so you can pick the most suitable solution for your company. Now that you know about the service, it's time you take your business to the next level and hire professional virtual receptionists.