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BY Reviano team, Updated Jul 30, 2023

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MyUS is a package forwarding company that helps international shoppers ship purchased items from the United States to any location worldwide.


If you intend to shop from an online store in the US or UK, you may need a package forwarding company like MyUS to facilitate the shipping process. However, before registering for MyUS package forwarding services, it makes sense to understand if they suit your international shipping needs.

In this post, we introduced what MyUS package forwarding service is. We also highlighted their pros, cons, and features and compared them with other prominent package forwarding services.

What is MyUS Parcel Forwarding Service?

MyUS is a package forwarding company that helps international shoppers ship purchased items from the United States to any location worldwide. They usually offer international shoppers who shop from US-based e-commerce stores a US shipping address to facilitate the shipping process, which can take between 3 to 4 business days.

MyUS is ideal for individuals who often shop in US or UK-based e-commerce stores that don’t ship to their location or offer ridiculous shipping charges. 


Who Needs MyUS Services?

  • Online shoppers who don't live in the US or UK.
  • Sellers don't deliver to their country or won't accept their payment methods.

MyUS Main Services

Before registering for the MyUS package forwarding service, it makes sense to understand its features. This will help you decide if they are the right service for your international shipping needs or not.

  • Free package consolidation, allowing you to combine multiple shipments
  • Free repackaging and other additional services like personal shopping
  • Flexible shipping alternatives
  • Real-time shipment tracking
  • Free package storage
  • Mail forwarding
  • Discounted courier rates
  • Tax-free Florida address
  • Mobile and shopping app
  • US and UK addresses
  • Ship internationally to over 190 countries
  • Ships packages within 2-3 business days


  • Awesome customer service
  • Fast, reliable shipping service
  • Ships products to many countries worldwide
  • Offers free package consolidation and repackaging
  • No fuel surcharges on items shipped
  • Ships products at a reasonable fee
  • Hassle-free shipping process


  • The lowest-level plan has just five days of free storage
  • If you need more than one package shipped to your location, you must sign up for a plan with monthly fees
  • A few complaints about terrible business practices associated with the company
  • Offers few international shipping alternatives compared to prominent service providers.
  • Some complaints about their UK service

How Does MyUS Work?

Here is a step-to-step process of how MYUS works.

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Visit MyUS address to sign up. After signing up, you’ll be given a US or United Kingdom address, depending on where you intend to shop.

The entire MyUS process is designed to make the shipping process easy, fast, and pain-free. However, sometimes, you may encounter certain issues. You can reach MyUS’s shipping department or customer service in that case.

Did you enter the wrong address? Did FedEx had lost your package midway through? Didn’t you receive your airway bill number confirming the movement of your parcel? Do you need clarification on the upfront collection of GST or customs duty? Contact their customer care for help. However, contact the relevant authorities if you are having issues with the local customs office.


Are you looking for answers to questions regarding the MyUS package forwarding service? Here are some frequently asked questions that are worth considering.


The restricted items include flammable items, drugs, tobacco, and perishable food. Visit MyUS's official website for a complete list of prohibited items.

How to Use MyUS Shipping Service?

To use MyUS shipping service, simply visit their website and register. Upon registration, you’ll be given an address depending on where you intend to shop from. After that, visit your favorite store and shop, then have the items delivered to the MyUS shipping address, which is a warehouse.

How to Cancel MyUS Account?

You can cancel your MyUS account by following these steps:

  • Login to your MyUS account
  • Click on MY Account Settings
  • Click on Membership
  • Click on Cancel Account
  • Select the reason and then continue

Is MyUS Legit?

Based on the over 7,600 reviews on the popular website review platform Trustpilot, it’s safe to say that MyUS is legit. What’s more, many of the reviews on Trustpilot were centered on their quick delivery, while others referenced their transparent service.

Although there were some discouraging reviews, none were regarding the illegality of the MyUS package forwarding service. So, in a nutshell, MyUS is legit and offers great service.

Is MyUS Reliable?

Yes, MyUS is reliable, based on the positive reviews and ratings on Trustpilot and other prominent review platforms.

But, unfortunately, some reviews put their reliability into doubt. These reviews, which are a few, highlighted their wholly impotent representatives, deceptive business behavior, and extremely expensive shipping service.

Some customers also complained that they assign dollar values and charge tax on them. Overall, in most cases, MyUS has proven to be a reliable package forwarder.

Is MyUS Safe?

Yes. MyUS has a trust and safety score of 9/10 on the review platform, Website reviews. Based on the reviews, we can conclude that MyUS is safe. They have a dedicated team that ensures your packages are well-packaged and delivered safely and in good condition.

However, you must note that MyUS was hacked earlier. So exercise caution when using their service.

Is MyUS Trustworthy?

Yes, MyUS is a trustworthy parcel forwarding company, judging by the numerous positive reviews on review platforms. However, some dissatisfied customers may dispute this claim, with many of them complaining about ridiculous currency conversion costs, account closure, high shipping rates, overcharging, and the act of forcing customers to store credit card details with MyUS.

How Much Does MyUS Shipping Cost?

Like many package forwarding companies, MyUS doesn’t have a standard service price. So instead, users are expected to use the shipping calculator on MyUS’s website to estimate their shipping costs.

Shipping prices with MyUS vary and are often calculated based on the shipping destination and package weight. Users can save on shipping costs or reduce import fees by consolidating multiple packages.

“MyUS offers users an in-built exchange rate calculator to compare world currencies to the USD. But, ensure you cross-check the results with a different calculator, as there are instances where the company blames currency conversion for their ridiculous bills..”

What Other Reviews Sites Say About MyUS?

MyUS review

With a fairly impressive rating of 3.1/5 on Trustpilot it’s easy to conclude that MyUS customers are fairly pleased with their package forwarding service.

Many pleased customers praised their fast customer support, while some were satisfied with their affordable shipping fees, etc. On the other hand, those who weren’t pleased complained about issues regarding overcharging, terrible service, hiding charges, and terrible business practices. There were also multiple scam allegations aimed at MyUS on Trustpilot.

Based on the mixed reviews, we advise that you exercise caution when using this package forwarding service to avoid a bad experience.

MyUS Alternatives & Competitors

MyUS is a great parcel forwarding company. However, before considering them for your international shipping needs, you may want to know how they compare to other package forwarding companies.




MyUS and Stackry have a few similarities. Regardless, Stackry has the upper hand in a few areas. For instance, while Stackry offers free 45 days of storage, MyUS offers users paid storage for 30 days. Stackry also provides users with free photographs of their packages—a feature MyUS lacks.

If you are looking for a reliable package forward company, Stackry is your best bet. Unlike MyUS, they have an impressive rating on major website review platforms. Furthermore, Stackry has reward programs designed to help customers save money.

While Stackry boast of some attractive features, it has some disadvantages. Firstly, Stackry charges $2 for package consolidation services, while MyUS offers free package consolidation for premium users. And while Stackry ships to over 190 countries, MyUS serves over 220 countries.


If you are looking for a package forward company with fewer chances of leaving you completely distressed, we advise you to go for Stackry. If you need a parcel forwarding company worth your long-term commitment to, you should also consider their service.


Though established more than a decade after MyUS was founded, Shipito outclasses its old counterpart in many areas. First, Shipito offers 90 days of free storage, compared to MyUS (30 days). Also, unlike MyUS, Shipito offers a shipping address in Austria, making it ideal for international shoppers looking to ship packages from Austria to their destination.

Shoppers looking for a parcel forwarding company that offers multiple shipping options will like Shipito. They offer 11 shipping alternatives, compared to MyUS (4). Plus, they offer reward programs and free photographs of incoming packages.

Unfortunately, Shipito doesn’t offer users addresses in the UK. Also, they don’t offer mail forwarding services like MyUS.

Shoppers looking for an affordable consolidation service should go for MyUS, as Shipito’s consolidation service is on the high side. 


We recommend Shipito for shoppers who need a company that offers longer days of free storage and multiple shipping options.


If you are looking for a package forward company that offers multiple addresses across Europe, Forward2Me is your best bet. Unlike MyUS, Forward2Me offers addresses in the United Kingdom, Japan, Germany, and Turkey. They also offer users multiple shipping alternatives (8), compared to MyUS (4).

Forward2Me provide their customers with eBay collection service, a feature MyUS lacks. In addition, They have a better rating compared to MyUS. However, MyUs has the upper hand in some areas.

For instance, Forward2Me ships to 190+ countries, while MyUs ships to over 220. And while the former help international shopper ship restricted items like non-prescription meds, Forward2Me doesn’t. Finally, with MyUS, you wouldn’t have to worry about fuel surcharges, but we cannot say likewise for Forward2Me.


Forward2Me has impressive reviews, many of which are from customers who are pleased with how their packages arrived early. This makes them ideal for shoppers looking for a parcel forwarding company that ships packages on time. You should also consider them if you need a company that offers addresses in Turkey, Japan, or Germany.


Like MyUS, Planet Express offers UK and US addresses to international shoppers. However, Planet Express boasts of one noticeable feature that makes it an attractive option over MyUS: affordability. Unlike MyUS, they offer initial package photos for free and service businesses through their fulfillment solution.

Planet express allows users to make special requests. This means that, for instance, you can ask them to reinforce the packaging of your parcels, return some items to the retailer, etc.

One of Planet’s Express’s shortcomings is in its charge. They charge $5+$2 per consolidation package, whereas MyUS charges just $0.99. Also, Planet Express’s customer service is poor. And users are required to deposit a minimum of $5 (or $50 for a wire transfer) to use their service, making it an unattractive option for one-time users.


Planet Express is ideal for those looking for the cheapest shipping option. We also recommend it for individuals who need to ship a few kilos of items or a small box without paying ridiculous fees.




Ship7 has one feature every international shopper will love: they give addresses in the US, UK, and Turkey for free. Also, Ship7 offers 60 days of free storage, compared to MyUS (30 days). And while Ship7 offers users 2 fee external photos of each package, MyUS charges customers $10 for 20 photographs.

For a company that has been around for just 6-7 years, they deserve the credit for their fairly decent service. But they still lag behind big names like MyUS in a few areas. For example, MyUS ships package to over 220 countries, while Ship7 serves over 180. Plus, while MyUS has a mobile app for improved customer engagement and interaction, Ship7 doesn’t.

If you are looking to avoid the heartbreak of losing your packages, you may want to steer clear from Ship7. Many dissatisfied customers complained about missing packages. This is uncommon with MyUS.


Are you looking for professional and civilized parcel forwarding providers with affordable shipping costs? If so, register for Ship7. It is also ideal for those who need free US, UK, and Turkey addresses.

On the other hand, consider MyUS if you need a forwarding company that ships to more countries. They are also the best choice for those looking for a parcel forwarding company that offers mail forwarding services.


While MyUS is a great parcel forwarding company that offers amazing US and UK shipping services, it makes sense to determine your shipping needs before registering for their service. It is not a matter of their affordable shipping costs, tax-free Florida address, or other enticing perks.

Can they serve you appropriately? If not, you’ll need to forget about those fancy features and go for an alternative shipping company that serves you well. Lucky for you, we made this post to make your job easy.