iPostal1 Review: Pros, Cons, & Alternatives

BY Basma F, Updated Sept. 13, 2023

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Digital Mailbox Service

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Starting from $9.99 per month


iPostal1 provides real street addresses, helps you register your business, and provides a virtual office with a business phone and fax.


On the official website, iPostal1 has written they are "the Complete Digital Mailbox Service." iPostal1 provides valuable mail service to help businesses present a professional image. iPostal1 offers a virtual business address, mail and package forwarding, business phone, business fax, coworking spaces, and many others.

In this review, we'll write a complete iPostal1 review. We'll describe the service and who the service is suitable for, main features, pros, cons, pricing, and what some customers say about the service, and finally, we'll list some of iPostal1's alternatives so that you can pick the service that suits you.

What is iPostal1?

iPostal1 is a digital mailbox service provider that helps businesses and individuals manage their mail online. iPostal1 receives mail and packages on behalf of companies and scans them so you can view them online wherever you are. You can view your personal digital mailbox online and manage postal mail easily from anywhere (that includes mail forwarding).

In short, iPostal1 provides comprehensive digital mailbox services with many features suitable for businesses: various mail center locations and virtual offices.

Who Would Benefit from the Services of iPostal1?

iPostal1 provides real street addresses, helps you register your business, and provides a virtual office with a business phone and fax.

  • Individuals and families who travel a lot and would like to manage their mail remotely
  • Entrepreneurs and start-ups who want help registering their businesses
  • Expats, digital nomads, and students who would benefit from a virtual address 
  • Large companies that no longer wish to handle their mail
  • Home businesses that want to keep their address and phone numbers private
  • Businesses that need a prestigious business address to improve their image 
  • Companies that want to expand and need more than one business address without the additional costs
  • Companies that don't need a dedicated office space but occasionally hold a few meetings

What are the Services that iPostal1 Provides?

  • Digital Mailbox Service
  • US or International Mailing Address
  • Check Deposit
  • Virtual Office with Business Phone and Fax
  • Business Address
  • Mail Forwarding, Storage, and Package Consolidation


  • Unlimited cloud storage
  • Package consolidation is available leads
  • Virtual business address to register your business
  • Free mail storage for 30 days
  • Discounted international forwarding
  • Five recipients for personal accounts and four recipients for business purposes
  • A virtual office with phone and fax (toll-free phone, fax, and voicemail available for some plans)
  • Various digital mailbox locations


  • No business formation services
  • No registered agent

iPostal1 Services in Detail

Digital Mailbox Service

Digital Mailbox is a service that enables individuals and businesses to handle snail mail remotely from any location in the world. iPostal1 provides a smartphone app, and through the free app, you can view a picture of your received mail and packages.

You can then decide what to do with the items you receive directly from your personal digital mailbox. You can choose to scan, and iPostal1 scans your mail content so you can read it online. You can also shred, forward, or even pick it up.

US or International Mailing Address

With a virtual mailing address from iPostal1, you can choose from more than 2750 real street addresses (in the US and internationally).

A real street address is a physical location. It's where iPostal1 receives and handles your incoming mail. You can receive mail and packages from various carriers. A virtual mailing address is helpful for personal use and business use.

Check Deposit

It is a great service from iPostal1. If you receive a check in your mailbox, iPostal1 can deposit that check into your bank account on your behalf. Of course, your bank has to accept mail-in deposits.

Any checks you receive are safe with iPostal1, and you won't encounter delays in depositing your checks when you're miles away from your home or office.

Virtual Office Services

It is easy to confuse a virtual address and a virtual office. iPostal1 provides both services. A virtual address will help you register your business and will help with mail management.

A virtual office, on the other hand, offers phone and fax services, so you have phone and fax services without renting office space.

iPostal1 plans vary. You can have voice mail, toll-free phone, fax, call forwarding, etc. Also, you can rent meeting rooms and use coworking spaces.

Business Address

One of the many perks of a virtual business address from iPostal1 is that you can use that virtual business address to register your business.

A virtual business address also helps you keep your personal address safe. It also improves your business image. You can also add your business address to your website and in business directories. It protects privacy, and it is useful in banking and credit cards.

Mail Forwarding, Storage, and Package Consolidation

Mail and package forwarding is one of the many perks of iPostal1. You can forward your mail and packages to any address anywhere in the world and save money on shipping because you can choose from different shipping costs of various carriers and services.

iPostal1 offers discounts on international shipping from the US. You can save money by consolidating packages and letters into one package.

iPostal1 Pricing

Virtual Mailing Address

The virtual mailing address includes real street addresses, digital mailboxes, and mail forwarding and consolidation. For this service, iPostal1 offers four plans depending on the number of incoming mail

  • Green - 30 mail items per month ($9.99 per month/ $99 per year)
  • Blue - 60 items per month ($14.99 per month/ $149 per year)
  • Silver - 120 items per month ($24.99 per month/ $249 per year)
  • Gold - 240 items per month ($39.99 per month/ $399 per year)

Who is it for?

Virtual mailing address is for businesses and individuals alike. This plan is only for those who want to choose an address and manage their mail remotely. This plan suits those who travel a lot, and businesses need help managing their mail.

However, a virtual mailing address is not for those who need to register their business.

Virtual Business Address

The virtual business address has all the perks of a virtual mailing address, and in addition to managing mail, you can use a virtual business address to register your business. You can use this address on business cards and your website. iPostal1 offers four plans depending on the number of mail items.

  • Green - 30 mail items per month ($9.99 per month/ $99 per year)
  • Blue - 60 items per month ($14.99 per month/ $149 per year)
  • Silver - 120 items per month ($24.99 per month/ $249 per year)
  • Gold - 240 items per month ($39.99 per month/ $399 per year)

Who is it for?

Although the services are more or less similar to a virtual mailing address, with a business address, you can register your business and get a prestigious real street address to add to your website.

A virtual business address is for companies that want to create a more professional image, register their business, and manage mail.

Virtual Office

While the two other packages are about managing mail and transforming snail mail into virtual mail that you can view online, the virtual office plan includes phone and fax.

iPostal1 offers four virtual office plans that differ depending on the number of mail items and whether or not you need a toll-free phone, fax, or voice mail.

  • Office 60 - 60 mail items per month ($39.99 per month/ $399 per year)
  • Office 120 - 120 items per month ($49.99 per month/ $499 per year)
  • Office 120 Toll-Free - 120 items per month ($59.99 per month/ $599 per year) - with a toll-free phone, fax, and voice mail
  • Office 240 Toll-Free - 240 items per month ($69.99 per month/ $699 per year) - with a toll-free phone, fax, and voice mail

Who is it for?

The virtual office is for those who want to add phone, fax, and voicemail services. These services increase efficiency and improve the image of the business.

In addition to the plan pricing, the pricing page includes optional services provided for extra cost:

  • Extended storage (pricing depends on the size of the item and the days the items are stored
  • Check deposits: $4.45 for up to 5 checks plus the trackable shipping fee.
  • Mail and package forwarding pricing depends on the carrier, item size, and speed of shipping
  • $1.95 per package consolidated.
  • Mail items above plan maximum cost $0.35 per item

iPostal1 Frequently Asked Questions

How does a digital mailbox work?

A virtual mailbox service provider receives your snail mail at a mail center address, where they scan it for you to read online or forward it to you wherever you are to help you efficiently manage postal mail.

What is the cheapest virtual mailbox in the USA?

Some companies have plans for some addresses at a low monthly price of $4.99.

Can I use iPostal1 address for my business?

Yes, iPostal1 offers a business address that you can use to register your business. You can also add that address to your website.

Can I pick up my mail from iPostal1?

Yes, but you'll have to pay pickup fees (a nominal fee at some locations).

Are virtual addresses legit?

Yes, they are also a great solution to help you keep your personal address private while taking care of your mail.

How much does iPostal1 charge to forward mail?

Mail forwarding pricing differs according to the size of the forwarded item and the location.

Can I use a virtual address for LLC?

Virtual addresses can be used for LLCs, as they are real street addresses that are used for mailing purposes.

Does iPostal1 charge a monthly fee?

Yes, iPostal1 charges a monthly fee for their different plans.

Does iPostal1 provide coworking spaces and meeting rooms?

Yes, iPostal1 provides coworking spaces and meeting rooms.

What are the benefits of using a digital mailbox?

You can access your mail and manage it wherever you are from your free app. You can read your mail online and have your mail forwarded or shredded.

and meeting rooms.

What Do Customers Say About iPostal1? (Customer reviews and testimonials)

On Trustpilot, iPostal1 has a review of 4.3 stars. Those who loved iPostal1 said that the service was fast, simple, and convenient. Some added that it was a digital nomad essential. Some described the customer service team as fantastic.

As for those who didn't recommend iPostal1, some complained about some customer service representatives. Others complained about high fees and the loss of some mail items.

On G2, iPostal1 has a rating of 3.7. Some said the service is great if you don't receive many mail items. Some complained that there is a lot of confusion when trying to find where your package is.

iPostal1 Alternatives & Competitors

Our iPostal1 review won't be complete without mentioning how their services compare to their main competitors in the market (Anytime Mailbox, PostScan Mail, Virtual Post Mail, etc.).

Anytime Mailbox Logo

Similar to iPostal1, Anytime Mailbox has locations in the US and worldwide. It's one of the well-known virtual mailbox service providers. With Anytime Mailbox, pricing starts at $4.99. Pricing varies depending on the street address you pick. Unlike iPostal 1, Anytime Mailbox only offers mail management.


  • You can find locations with pricing as low as $4.99
  • Unlimited online storage.
  • You get rewards for recommending friends 
  • Services at 1977 locations 


  • Anytime Mailbox only offers virtual mailbox services
  • Features vary according to the location you pick. Not all mailbox features are available at all addresses.

PostScan Mail also offers many locations in the US and the world. PostScan Mail also provides a virtual business address and virtual address for LLC so you can give credibility to your business. 

PostScan Mail also specializes in high-volume mail processing. That's why they offer corporate mailroom service for businesses at special pricing for those who receive various mail items.


  • Local mail and package pick up
  • Unlimited recycling of junk mail
  • Virtual business addresses and virtual addresses for LLC


  • PostScan Mail doesn't offer virtual office services.
Traveling Mailbox

Traveling Mailbox provides virtual addresses only in the US. Service features of Traveling Mailbox include online mail management, check deposit, mail scanning, mail, and package forwarding. The basic plan starts at $15 per month.

Traveling Mailbox provides services and features to all their address. And if you haven't used the number of scans in your plan, you can use them the following month.


  • All the features are available for all addresses
  • You can use an unused number of the scans from the package the following month


  • Virtual mailbox in the US only
  • Basic plan starts at $15 per month
virtual post mail logo

Besides virtual mailbox and mail management solutions, Virtual Post Mail provides virtual business addresses, check deposits, a virtual assistance team, and help with LLC formation. 

Virtual Post Mail can help you set up your Amazon and Shopify stores. They also help with outsourcing your operational tasks.


  • Various solutions for businesses like virtual assistance teams and LLC formation
  • Free registered agent
  • Free storage: 60 days of physical storage
  • PDF files scanned with optical character recognition (OCR).


  • Check deposits service is a bit expensive: $10 per deposit
  • Compared to alternate service providers, expensive plans starting at $20 per month
  • Registered agent services are only located in a few locations
PhysicalAddress com

Physical Address is a mail management service provider that helps you view and manage your mail online. Physical Address plans start at $7 per month. A free registered agent, plus unlimited mail recipients, are included in all Physical Address plans.


  • Free registered agent in all plans


  • A limited number of addresses and only in the US
US Global Mail

US Global Mail


US Global Mail handles mail for individuals and businesses. Services include mail forwarding, virtual mailbox, virtual addresses, and enterprise mail.

Unlike most virtual mailbox service providers, US Global Mail provides only a few addresses in the US. Like other service providers, they offer check deposits, mail storage, mail scanning, and forwarding.


  • US Global Mail basic plan offers 45 days of free mail storage
  • Free and unlimited check deposits
  • US Global Mail offers enterprise mail management for large companies


  • A limited number of addresses and addresses are only in the US.


iPostal1 is one of the companies that provide virtual mailbox services nowadays. Virtual mailbox services enable business owners and individuals to check their mail through a free mobile app, computer, or tablet.

It's like a traveling mailbox. A traveling mailbox is a perfect solution for business owners, frequent travelers, and digital nomads who don't need to visit the post office to check their mail. Mail management is also suitable for large companies that need help managing their large volume of mail.

As we've seen, iPostal1 offers other services like meeting rooms, virtual addresses, virtual offices with phone and fax, and check deposits. Our review of iPostal1 has included the services, pricing, pros and cons, and some of its competitors.

We hope this iPostal1 review will help you decide on the best virtual mailbox services for you and help you find out more about their business solutions.