Anytime Mailbox Review: Pros, Cons, & Alternatives

BY Basma F,  Nov. 04, 2023

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Review Summary

Service Name:

Anytime Mailbox

Service Type:

Digital Mailbox Service

Monthly fee:

Starting from $5.99 per month


Anytime Mailbox provides digital mailbox solutions: mail scanning, mail forwarding, and online mail management. The company also helps mail center operators provide virtual mail services.


Many people work from home, and many business owners run their businesses from multiple locations, so transforming postal mail into emails you can read on the go is a much-needed solution. You no longer need to worry about who will receive mail when you're away.

Here, we review Anytime Mailbox, a provider that helps individuals and businesses manage their mail by offering online mail management solutions.

Besides providing real street addresses to many individuals and businesses, this service provider has the technology to help mail center operators increase efficiency and become virtual mailbox providers. In this review, we'll talk about their services, pros and cons, and their competitors.

What is Anytime Mailbox?

Anytime Mailbox will help you view and manage mail remotely. Anytime Mailbox provides a mobile application. You can check postal mail items received from the application. Anytime Mailbox will upload images of mail received (an image for each item). You can control what happens to each item.

Anytime Mailbox provides various real street addresses in the US and worldwide. They start from from $6. Their services include scanning, forwarding, check deposit, local pickup, etc. Pricing and features are different from one address to another.

When you choose your location, you can see top-rated mailbox locations listed on the addresses with good service.

Also, Anytime Mailbox helps other mail operators become digital mailbox service providers.

Who Would Benefit from the Services of Anytime Mailbox?

Anytime Mailbox targets individuals and businesses who want to have a virtual address and view and manage mail online by renting digital mailboxes and providing digital mailbox solutions. Their services are also for operators who need the technology to become virtual mailbox providers.

  • Those who want to use a mailing address and keep their address private
  • Frequent travelers
  • Digital nomads
  • Other businesses that could benefit from the service are home businesses
  • Small side hustle business owners with no office space
  • Small businesses, entrepreneurs, LLCS, etc.
  • Mail center operators who need software and technology to upgrade their mail centers and provide digital mailboxes.
  • Enterprises that want to digitize snail mail and have clutter-free office space

What are the Services that Anytime Mailbox Provides?

  • Mailbox Renters
  • Mailbox Center Operators
  • Renter Referral and Affiliate Program
  • Check Deposit


  • The only service provider to help operators of mail centers become service providers of digital mailboxes.
  • Top rated is listed on some of the addresses they provide to help individuals and businesses pick the addresses with good service
  • Real street addresses start at $6 per month.
  • Real street addresses in the US and worldwide
  • Discounted international forwarding
  • Rewards for recommending the service to your friends
  • Unlimited online storage
  • Reasonable pricing


  • Some addresses don't offer the unlimited packages (not suitable for enterprises)
  • Not all addresses offer check deposits and local pickup

Anytime Mailbox Services in Detail

Mailbox Renters

Mailbox Renter's service is what makes Anytime Mailbox similar to its competitors. Like other service providers, Anytime Mailbox helps those who need to view and manage their mail online for various reasons: frequent travel or small business with no office space. Let's see what they offer.

Open & Scan

When it comes to scanning, Anytime Mailbox offers a variety of packages for each address you pick, but open and scan typically ranges from 5 pages to 100 pages. You pay for extra scan requests.

Mail Forwarding

Some addresses give you one forwarding request, and you pay $5 for each additional request. Other address choices give you unlimited forwarding requests. You also pay for the shipping costs.

Check Deposit

Check deposit is one of the services not available in all locations, with some packages offering 1 per month while paying $5, $4, or $3 for any additional check deposits.

Mail Center Operators

Anytime Mailbox helps other mail centers become virtual mailbox service providers by providing a highly customizable platform, easy-to-use software, zero start-up costs, easy integration, cloud, and the ability to customize pricing.

Renter Referral & Affiliate Program

With the Renter Referral program, you invite a friend to sign up for an Anytime Mailbox account, and you and your friend get a $10 Amazon gift card. When you register, you receive a link to share with your friends. You can repeat up to 10 friends per month.

The Affiliate Program is an easy way to make money. If you own a website or blog, you put links or banners of the service. You earn cash on each sale or qualifying lead (commission is $25 per visitor).

Anytime Mailbox Pricing

Their pricing model differs from most competitors. Each address you pick is unique and offers various packages and services. Let's see how their pricing works.

  • Pricing varies based on the address you pick (starts at $6 per month)
  • You pay additional fees (0.5 for each extra open and scan request)
  • Local pickup and check deposits are not available at all the addresses.
  • Pickup for free, or $2 per visit, depending on the address
  • Check deposits (some plans offer one free and an additional ($3, $4, or $5 per deposit, depending on the address and package). 

Here are the four main plans Anytime Mailbox offers:


With the Bronze plan, you can receive 30 mail items per month and open and scan five pages/month. (The starting price varies and depends on the address itself).


This package includes receiving 60 items, and open & scan is ten pages per month. 


The incoming mail included in the Gold plan is 125 per month, with the opening and scanning of 20 pages.


You can receive unlimited items, while the open and scan is 100 pages per month.

Anytime Mailbox Frequently Asked Questions

Is Anytime Mailbox Good for Business Address?

Yes, they provide addresses suitable for businesses. 

What is the cheapest virtual mailbox in the USA?

Some companies have plans for some addresses at a low monthly price of $4.99.

Is Anytime Mailbox Legitimate?

Anytime Mailbox is legitimate. They have 1000+ reviews on Trustpilot with a rating of 4.3, so the Anytime Mailbox review is excellent.

Like any service, there are some negative reviews like poor customer service and inability to change from one plan to another.

Other customers said that this service is amazing and inexpensive.

Are virtual addresses legit?

Yes, they are also a great solution to help you keep your personal address private while taking care of your mail.

Can I use a virtual address for LLC?

Virtual addresses can be used for LLCs, as they are real street addresses that are used for mailing purposes.

What are the benefits of using a digital mailbox?

You can access your mail and manage it wherever you are from your free app. You can read your mail online and have your mail forwarded or shredded.

and meeting rooms.

What Do Customers Say About Anytime Mailbox? (Customer reviews and testimonials)

On Trustpilot, Anytime Mailbox has a review of 4.2 stars. Those who loved Anytime Mailbox said the service was fast and simple, their website and app work without issues, and the service is exceptionally convenient. Some added that it was a digital nomad essential. Some said that the Anytime Mailbox customer service team was fantastic.

As for those who didn't recommend Anytime Mailbox, one complained about an issue with changing the mail facility without a notice. Others complained about high pricing for scanning.

On G2, Anytime Mailbox has a rating of 3.8. Some said the service is excellent and you have a various number of locations to choose from. Some complained about the customer service.

Anytime Mailbox Alternatives & Competitors

Our iPostal1 review won't be complete without mentioning how their services compare to their main competitors in the market (iPostal1, PostScan Mail, Virtual Post Mail, etc.).

iPostal1 logo

iPostal1, in addition to digital mailbox services like forwarding, scanning, check deposit, and package consolidation, iPostal1 also provides business phone and business fax. As for the pricing, iPostal1 has similar plans with addresses starting at $10 per month. Check Deposit is available at some locations. iPostal1 also gives unlimited secure cloud storage for mail scans like Anytime Mailbox free unlimited online storage.


  • Virtual office with phone and fax solutions
  • Virtual business address to register your business
  • Various street addresses to choose from


  • Hidden fees (so service can be a little expensive)

PostScan Mail provides mailbox locations in the US and internationally. PSM pricing starts at $10 per month. All PSM addresses come with the same features and solutions. PSM also provides solutions for enterprises with huge volumes of mail. With PSM, there is a 30-day money-back guarantee, so account cancellation is easy if you don't like the service. 


  • PSM has similar solutions for all addresses
  • Plans dedicated to enterprises
  • Plans start at $10 for any real street address
  • Various shipping carriers
  • Individual and business accounts have multiple recipients


  • No check deposit
  • No solutions for mail center operators
Traveling Mailbox

TM provides street addresses only in the US. Their services are scanning, forwarding, integrations with Google Drive and Evernote, mobile apps, and unlimited cloud storage. With Traveling Mailbox, you can create folders to keep your inbox organized. TM is suitable for small businesses and not for enterprises, as their packages are limited to receiving 200 items.


  • All features are available at all addresses you pick
  • Every junk mail item you receive doesn't add up to the plan.  
  • You can use any unused scan requests in the following month.


  • Mailbox locations are only in the US
  • Plans are more expensive than other service providers (starting at $15 per month)
virtual post mail logo

Besides mail management, VPM offers services like help with LLC business formation, a virtual assistance team, and registered agent services. VPM addresses help you open bank accounts and merchant accounts like Amazon stores.


  • Virtual assistance team and registered agent services
  • Free registered agent
  • Free storage: 60 days of physical storage
  • 30-day money-back guarantee


  • Expensive plans start at $20 per month
  • The check deposit service is expensive ($10 per deposit)
PhysicalAddress com

Physical Address has only eight addresses in the US, starting at $8 per month. Their plans include unlimited mail recipients, unlimited shredding, a free registered agent, and the availability of the customer support team all week. Unfortunately, the number of mail scans included in their plans is not on the website. Physical Address has a 30-day money-back guarantee.


  • Free registered agent in all plans
  • Unlimited shredding
  • Reasonable pricing


  • A limited number of addresses
  • No addresses outside the US


Anytime Mailbox is an industry expert helping digitize mail and helping others digitize it for their customers. Their pricing is reasonable. However, some addresses lack some relevant services like check deposits. Some of their good points are the affiliate and the renter referral programs.

Other competitors have an edge over Anytime Mailbox because they provide more comprehensive solutions like VPM's registered agent services and iPostal1's business phone and fax solutions. PSM also offers more competitive solutions tailored to enterprises.

Now that you've read about the services of Anytime Mailbox, you can decide if they are your go-to service provider or if one of their competitors would be a better choice.