Alliance Virtual Offices Review: Pros, Cons, & Alternatives

BY Basma F, Updated on Jul 17, 2023

Alliance Virtual Offices
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Alliance Virtual Offices

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Virtual Office Services

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$48 per month


Alliance Virtual Offices is a company that specializes in building the perfect virtual office. They offer more than 1200 locations worldwide with a recognized business address and professional live receptionist service.


Many companies offer virtual office services. Most virtual office service providers offer rental and coworking spaces, but some provide more solutions to help business owners meet their goals. In addition to office space, some offer a virtual office address, a dedicated business number, a VoIP phone system, telecommunications solutions, and many others.

In this review, we'll review Alliance Virtual Offices, go over some of the services they provide, show how they compare to different virtual office services, and also check some Alliance Virtual Offices Reviews to know more about the pros and cons of Alliance.

Who Are Alliance Virtual Offices?

Alliance Virtual Offices is a company that specializes in building the perfect virtual office. They offer more than 1200 locations worldwide with a recognized business address and professional live receptionist service.

Who Would Benefit from Alliance Virtual Offices?

  • Small and Medium-sized Businesses
  • Remote Business and Workers
  • Entrepreneurs

What are the Services that AVO Provides?

  • Virtual Offices
  • Office Space and Meeting Rooms
  • Live Receptionists
  • Business Phone
  • Coworking Space

So, if you need a professional address for your business, a business phone number, receptionists to professionally answer your business calls, and office space so you can conduct important meetings, Alliance is a good choice.

Let's find out more about Alliance, its pros and cons, and if there are better options.


  • AVO offers more than 1200+ locations worldwide.
  • Professionally managed workspaces with convenient amenities like printers, scanners, and copiers.
  • Alliance offers live receptionist plans at a reasonable price and with no setup fees, and compared to live receptionist providers like Ruby Receptionists, Alliance pricing is reasonable.
  • A local or toll-free number is included in the virtual office plan.
  • Flexible service agreements for workspaces.


  • Some customers complained about problems with mail delivery or slow delivery.
  • Their various services are not included in one plan, and having multiple plans can be costly.
  • Forwarding mail is not included in the virtual office package, and you must pay additional fees.
  • No business formation.

Alliance Virtual Offices Services in Detail

Virtual Offices

A virtual office is a great solution for any business that operates remotely and needs to reduce expenses. Alliance has virtual offices in many locations worldwide, allowing business owners or entrepreneurs to establish their businesses in their chosen market.

Alliance Virtual Offices offer a commercial address for your business. Some additional services are mail processing and forwarding (with a local pickup option). You could use your address for business licensing, to open a bank account, and also on business cards.

Alliance Virtual Offices' prestigious locations give your business credibility and also help you expand your business.

Office Space and Meeting Rooms

ِAlliance Virtual Offices offer office space and meeting rooms for freelancers or business owners who occasionally need space to conduct important meetings or those working remotely who are not so fond of coffee shops and would like the quietness of an office. Alliance offers meeting rooms of different sizes to fit large and small teams. You also have access to thousands of meeting rooms worldwide which you can easily book online.

Alliance also offers private space. Private offices are suitable for remote workers who want to host video calls without distractions.

Providing office space and meeting rooms is a fantastic solution for business owners who don't want to rent an office for an occasional meeting or two.

Live Receptionists

Alliance combines providing a virtual office with the exceptional service of providing live receptionists. Alliance receptionists provide call answering professionally. This is where live receptionists answer business phone calls on your behalf.

Alliance Receptionists help answer every phone call, spare business owners unnecessary calls like those from telemarketers, capture leads and bring your attention to calls that matter. Alliance's trained receptionists mean no more inexperienced people handling your phone calls.

Business Phone

In addition to the virtual address, Alliance provides a Virtual Phone so business owners can protect their personal phone numbers. You can use this Virtual Phone technology to answer your calls wherever you are. You also get a powerful VoIP phone system and connect your team with a toll-free business number.

Coworking Spaces

Working from home appeals to many people, but some find it too isolating and prefer to work in a more professional environment. So, many prefer coworking spaces.

Alliance Virtual Offices offer a professionally managed workspace with all the services, help, and support entrepreneurs and remote workers need. Also, one of the advantages of coworking spaces is that business owners and freelancers get to meet and connect with like-minded people and expand their network.

Alliance offers hundreds of convenient locations. Alliance has a flexible service agreement, so you pay only when you need the workspace. Coworking spaces have onsite staff to help, support, and welcome guests.

Alliance Virtual Offices Services Pricing

Virtual Office Plans 

(Pricing Depends on the Location: New York, NY - $48/mo; San Fransisco, CA - $79/mo)

  • Recognized business address for licensing and opening a bank account
  • Mail receipt, local pickup, and forwarding
  • Access to meeting and private space

Who is it for?

The virtual office plan is suitable for anyone who wants to run their business from the comfort of their home, save money, and appear professional with a prestigious business address.

Live Receptionist Plans 

(Live Answering Minutes = 50, $95; 100, $145; 200, &225 Per Month)

  • 1 Phone Number Included
  • Scheduling Appointments
  • Unlimited Local and Long Distance Minutes
  • Voicemail Delivered through Email
  • Message Recording
  • App for Scheduling Appointment

Who is it for?

This service is for busy entrepreneurs who don't have time to answer their customer inquiries or their clients' calls and would like professional, experienced receptionists to answer their calls.

Virtual Phone Numbers

($30 Per Month)

  • A Dedicated Business Number
  • Local or Toll-free Area Code
  • Auto Attendant
  • Business Phone System with Unlimited Extensions and Branded Greetings

Who is it for?

This service is perfect for entrepreneurs or remote workers who want to keep their personal numbers private.

Meeting Room Booking

(Pricing Depends on the Location: Miami, FL - From $12 per hour; Chicago, IL - From $20 per hour)

  • Professional business setting with WiFi and whiteboards.
  • Onsite support
  • Variety of spaces to accommodate every budget

Who is it for?

This service is for any remote worker not fond of working in public spaces and any business operating remotely that would like professional meeting rooms.

Coworking Spaces

(Pricing Depends on the Location: Miami, FL - From $49/mo; Dallas, TX - From $175/mo)

  • Flexible and full-time access
  • Convenient amenities like copiers, scanners, and printers
  • Professionally managed workspace with helpful staff members

Who is it for?

This service is perfect for remote teams.


Where Are Alliance Virtual Offices Located?

Alliance has virtual offices in 1200+ locations worldwide, in the United States, Canada, United Arab Emirates, Italy, Japan, and Australia.

Is It a Good Idea to Have a Virtual Office?

A virtual office is a good idea for business owners with limited budgets. Without breaking the bank, they will enjoy the perks of an office (receiving mail, a professional setting for meetings, etc.).

How Do Virtual Offices Work?

Virtual offices offer a business address, access to meeting rooms, and a place to receive mail without renting an office.

What Services Does Alliance Virtual Offices Offer?

In addition to a business address, they offer mail forwarding, a virtual phone, receptionists, a virtual office, and meeting rooms.

Are Virtual Offices Worth It?

It all depends on your business needs. Virtual Offices are worth it if you don't need an office full-time but still need a place to have some meetings and a place to receive your mail.

Why Virtual Office is Better than Physical Office?

It depends on the business size. A virtual office is better than a physical office for small businesses that mainly work remotely.

Why would you maintain a physical office and pay the rent when you only need it occasionally? Getting a business address to give your business credibility and save money is more convenient.

What Do Customers Say About Alliance Virtual Offices?

On Trustpilot, Alliance has an excellent rating of 4.4 out of 1400 reviews. Alliance has mainly positive reviews, but more than one customer has complained about issues with mail delivery, so it's not their strongest point. Some called the experience with Alliance "amazing," while some have called Alliance "worst virtual company to work with."

On BBB, the customer review rating of Alliance is 1 out of 5, with one customer saying that Alliance "ignore any customer support requests. Extremely poor customer service and inexperienced people who hang up the phone or stop email conversations when they don't know how to reply if you get off the script."

On Yelp, Alliance doesn't have good reviews. Out of 10 reviews, they have a rating of 1 out of 5. More than one customer complained about the difficulty of cancellation to paying extra 30 days after cancellation. Some reviews also mentioned the mail problem.

Alliance Virtual Offices Alternatives & Competitors

Our Alliance Virtual Offices review will only be complete by mentioning how their services compare to their main competitors in the market.

Opus Virtual Office

Opus Virtual Offices is one of the competitors of Alliance. They offer various locations in the USA only. Opus is a suitable option for companies that want to expand in the US. Opus offers corporate mailing addresses, live receptionists, company phone and fax numbers, converting voicemail and faxes to emails, call forwarding, and business credit building. Opus also offers mail forwarding. Meeting rooms are also available. 


  • Opus forwards all voice messages to your email as a WAV file.
  • Opus also converts all faxes to PDF format and sends them to your email.
  • Opus helps in business credit building by providing monthly payment history to credit reporting agencies.


  • Their locations are in the US only. No global locations to choose from.
  • Meeting rooms are not available in all locations. 
NorthWest Registered Agent logo

Northwest Registered Agent is a business formation and compliance company for those that need assistance starting their business. They handle paperwork of business formation and registering a business. Northwest Registered Agent is for those who want a registered agent and want to form an LLC or corporation.

In addition to business formation, Northwest Registered Agent offers virtual office service, mail forwarding, phone service, affordable legal help, and EIN service.


  • Northwest Registered Agent offers business formation, compliance, and legal help in the US.
  • The company also offers non-US resident business formation services for companies that want to expand in the US.


  • Northwest Registered Agent doesn't offer Google Business Address verification because the company doesn't operate physically from the address they provide.
  • Northwest Registered Agent does not offer meeting rooms.
iPostal1 logo

iPostal1 is a digital mailbox company that helps individuals and businesses manage their mail online. In addition to managing mail, iPostal1 provides real street addresses to help companies register their business. They also offer phone and fax and have coworking spaces for those who want to conduct meeting rooms. iPostal1 offers real street addresses (over 2500 locations) in the US and internationally.


  • Over 2500 locations in the US and internationally.
  • iPostal1 includes complete mail management, including storage, scanning, and forwarding.
  • Virtual office packages include all the perks of mail management plus phone, fax, and voice messages.


  • Coworking spaces are not available in all locations.
virtual post mail logo

Virtual Post Mail offers various features like a virtual mailbox, registered agent, remote virtual assistants, resources and videos about how to form an LLC, compliance, obtaining an EIN, and physical business address for proof of address. Virtual Post Mail offers four business addresses in the USA in the following locations: Covina, California; Claymont, Delaware; Brandon, Florida; and Henderson, Nevada.


  • Virtual Post Mail offers comprehensive virtual office solutions with a virtual mailbox, a registered agent, and virtual assistance.
  • A US physical address with a lease agreement and utility bills are required for services that need proof of address, such as Amazon stores, Shopify payments, etc.


  • Virtual Post Mail offers a limited number of addresses, and addresses are only in the US.
Davinci Virtual Office

Davinci Virtual Offices


Davinci is also a company dedicated to helping your remote team function better. They offer a number of in-demand features for those who want help with the incorporation process, who would like a registered agent, virtual office, live receptionists, live web chat for those visiting your site online, and office rentals, whether occasionally or full-time office. So, Davinci is your go-to place for private offices and virtual services.


  • Davinci offers thousands of locations to choose from.
  • Full-time office rental is available.
  • The company provides locations in the US and other locations worldwide.


  • Some services can be expensive.
Regus Virtual Office



Regus is one place that makes it easy for any remote team to get the best out of virtual offices. Regus provides space for professional offices, coworking spaces, virtual offices with business addresses, and meeting areas. Regus has offices in the US and worldwide (4000+ locations worldwide). Regus provides on-site staff to support your team in addition to utilities, cleaning, and security.


  • Regus offers customizable offices where you can use their "design your office" to paint the office to fit your brand colors.
  • 4000+ locations worldwide.
  • Provides large offices for enterprises.
  • 24/7 customer support


  • It offers various plans and packages, which can be costly if you need more than one.


Alliance is a good choice considering it has more than 1200 locations, but Regus would be a better choice if you need offices in more locations (4000+ locations worldwide). Also, per reviews from more than one customer about Alliance, mail delivery is an issue, so if this is a priority for you, Alliance is not a good choice.

Some of Alliance's good points are the flexible agreements of workspaces giving business owners flexibility over payment and schedule, plus the live reception plans come at competitive prices compared to Ruby Receptionists, for example.

Whether you need a virtual office now or in the near future, we hope this review has made choosing a virtual office a lot easier. The world is advancing, and other businesses are already exploring the vast possibilities of the virtual office. And whether you're working alone or with a team, you and your team would like the help and support of virtual office professionals.