Planet Express Review: How it Works, Pros, Cons & Alternatives

BY Basma F, Updated: Jul 30, 2023

Planet Express
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Planet Express

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Planet Express is a package forwarding company that helps online shoppers who face problems during shopping because they don't live in the US or the UK.

If you live outside the UK or the US and love to shop online, you must have encountered the following problem: we don't ship this product outside the UK or the US. What a disappointment after you have finally found the perfect item for you.

This article is about how Planet Express can solve the shipping problems of international shoppers. We'll also talk about the other services of Planet Express and compare their service to other service providers like Shipito, Stackry, and MyUS. Here is your ultimate Planet Express Review.

What is Planet Express?

Planet Express is a package forwarding company that helps online shoppers who face problems during shopping because they don't live in the US or the UK. It gives them a US or UK address to send their shipments to or shops on their behalf and then forwards their packages to anywhere they like.

Planet Express

Who Needs Planet Express?

  • Online shoppers who don't live in the US or UK.
  • Sellers don't deliver to their country or won't accept their payment methods.

Planet Express Main Services

  • Package forwarding service
  • Mail forwarding service
  • Reduction in shipping costs
  • US addresses and one UK address
  • Tax-free warehouse address
  • Handling customs paperwork
  • Consolidated package plan for multiple packages
  • Planet Express is your go-to friend in the shipping industry if you want to ship internationally without delay and at reasonable prices. Now that we've talked about some of the services Planet Express provides. Let's see all the details about how this service works.


  • Availability of sales tax-free warehouse
  • Consolidation of packages
  • Discount on shipping rates
  • Free photo of box and label
  • Shop for me service
  • Forwarding to many countries
  • Various shipping plans
  • 45 days of free storage for the premium plan and 10 days for the free plan


  • No free trial on the paid plan
  • Complaints about the slow Shop for Me service and items you need may become sold out.

How Does Planet Express Work?

Planet Express helps international shoppers get their packages wherever they are. However, you might find their services confusing if you've never heard of similar shipping companies. So, let's walk you through the process.

Get your own US Address from Planet Express

After you sign up for the service, you get a US shipping address, and you can easily include that address when you shop online, and your package will be delivered there. Planet Express has three warehouses in the US: California, Oregon, and Florida. They also have one warehouse in the UK. The Oregon warehouse has no sales tax. You can shop, pay for your item, and use your Planet Express US address or you can use the Shop for Me service.

Shop for Me

When you shop online, you face different problems like limitations to international transactions: the eCommerce platform doesn't accept your credit card. However, you can use Planet Express Shop for Me service, and Planet Express will buy items on your behalf for reasonable fees. The sales tax for your purchases depends on where you ship items. Oregon, for example, has no sales tax. You can easily use your credit card to pay Planet Express for what they buy on your behalf if the US shops don't accept your credit card.

Package Photos

Planet Express receives your packages, and it's your right to see your purchases before they are shipped internationally. After you pay international shipping money, you don't want to be surprised with the wrong item. Planet Express provides free photos of the box and label of your shipment. If you need extra pictures of the box content, you can request them for a reasonable fee. This way, if you receive a faulty or wrong item, you can get the package returned before it is shipped to you.

Shipping Methods

To offer the best package forwarding service, Planet Express uses many reliable shipping carriers like USPS Express International, FedEx Priority International, and DHL Express.

They have also created Planet Mail Express, their own shipping method, to help customers save more money.

Package Consolidation Service

Package consolidation is when you decide to ship more packages at the same time instead of having them sent one by one. This saves a lot of money on shipping costs. Planet Express estimates that package consolidation saves about 50-80% on shipping.

If you're shopping from different retailers, your packages can stay in Planet Express' warehouse until they all arrive and are shipped together.

This is important because it removes unnecessary packaging and reduces the bulk. Adding different items together in one box will reduce the size of the box and, as a result, saves you a lot of money.

Customs Declaration

You should always complete the customs declaration form online and include the product description, quantity, value, origin, and whether the item is a gift or merchandise. You pay customs and taxes if the value of the shipped items exceeds the de minis value. Check Planet Express's website for the complete list of de minis value per country, or check the country customs website where you plan to receive your shipment.

What Customers Asked Planet Express Specifically? (FAQs)

Is Planet Express safe and reliable?

Yes. Planet Express is safe and reliable, but it would be best to pay for insurance when you ship expensive items.

Trusting shipping companies can be impossible when you read a review like this: "So I lost all my inventory money and the shipping money I've paid them." Your packages travel thousands of miles, and although Planet Express is reliable and safe, some customers encounter problems like lost or damaged items.

Planet Express recommends you always select insurance for your package. In that case, you get a refund when you lose your shipped items. So, to avoid losing your shipment and the shipping freight money, it's always better to pay extra dollars for insurance.

What are the Restricted Items I cannot ship?

The restricted items include flammable items, drugs, tobacco, and perishable food. Visit Planet Express's official website for a complete list of prohibited items.

Is Planet Express also a Mail Forwarding Company?

Yes. They can receive letters and mail on your behalf, but note that customers who requested Planet Express to forward their mail were asked to provide them with a notarized USPS 1583 form.

How to Save More Money When You Ship Packages Overseas?

To save money, package consolidation is essential. It's better not to ship separate packages and to always opt for their consolidation service.

Multiple parcels at the same time mean less money. Consolidation will always help you get the cheapest shipping rates. So, when you ship packages, always ask yourself if you can consolidate more items.

How Much Does Planet Express Shipping Cost?

It varies, but there are no hidden fees. The company has included a postage calculator where you can select the warehouse and the destination country in addition to package dimensions and get the full price.

Planet Express has two packages (free mailbox and premium mailbox).

For the premium mailbox, you pay $10 per month and $50 per year. The sales tax depends on the warehouse. 

“Package consolidation services are available only for the premium mailbox. The service fees are $5 + $2 for each consolidated package.”

Included are 7 days of free storage for a consolidated package. As for Shop for Me, you pay a $5 service fee and 7% of the money you pay for purchasing the item. As for the handling fee, it's $2 per package.

What Do Customers Say About Planet Express?

Some customers complained and warned shippers to beware of the "shop for me" service as Planet Express staff were slow to order, the items were sold out, and others complained of lost packages. On the other hand, some people had no problems and were quite satisfied with the service.

Sitejabber Planet Express review

For Trustpilot reviews, as with any service under the sun, some people were satisfied with Planet Express and said they provided excellent service. However, others complained of poor customer service and shipping prices and called them overpriced.

Trustpilot Planet Express review

On, one customer described their service as "amazing, very cheap, and reliable." And another described the service as "top-notch" and explained that the lost packages some users complained about were the carriers' fault and not Planet Express's.

Planet Express Alternatives & Competitors

How does Planet Express compare to the other shipping alternatives out there? We'll talk about the pros and cons of Shipito, Stackry, Forward2me and MyUS com|pared to Planet Express.


With Stackry, you can create an account for free, which makes it an excellent service for one-time users. In addition, Stackry offers more days of free storage (45 days for free) than Planet Express, which is perfect for those who want to consolidate packages.

As for Personal Shopping, Stackry charges $10 plus 8.5% of the price of your purchased item. Planet Express charges $5 plus 7% of the item price.


Shipito has a plan for businesses that fits the needs of small and medium-sized companies. Planet Express has no dedicated plan for businesses. With Shipito, you get an E.U mailing address. Shipito offers a reward program for members. Both Shipito and Planet Express charge for multiple photo requests. As for the shipping cost, both use an advanced postage calculator that calculates how much you pay.


Foward2me offers online shoppers free addresses in the UK, Japan, Turkey, and Germany to facilitate their products’ easy storage, repackaging, and shipment. Moreover, this package forwarding company has many perks designed to encourage international shoppers to use its services.


MyUS offers tax-free sales shopping at thousands of US retailers, which is perfect for saving more money. MyUS features include free repacking, consolidation service, and personal shopping.

Unlike Planet Express, they also offer a business package. They also offer a free trial for the paid plan.


Planet Express is a shipping company that solves the problems of shoppers who don't live in the UK or the US by allowing them to shop online and forward their packages at competitive prices.

To have a great online shopping experience, you must read carefully to know if their services are perfect for you. You must also read about customs, shipping fees, regulations for mail forwarding, and what items you can't ship.