Sprout Social Vs. Streak CRM - 2023 Comparison

Not sure if Sprout Social or Streak CRM is the better choice for your needs? No problem! See this side-by-side comparison of Sprout Social vs Streak CRM  based on features, product details, pricing, and read verified user reviews.

Sprout Social
Sprout Social
Streak CRM
Streak CRM

Sprout Social is a SaaS software which works to help people and businesses communicate better.

Streak is a CRM solution that differentiates itself from the rest by allowing users to turn their Gmail into CRM. In addition, streak relies on the fact that most businesses rely on email to communicate with customers and prospects, making sense to use their email as CRM.

Best for
For Who For all different types of industries, markets and business size.Streak fits a different types of businesses and all sizes.
Starting Price $99/User/Month$19 per user/month
Price Details FREE 30-day trial availableMonthly subscription
Free Trials YesYes
Free Demo NoNo
Free Plan NoYes
Product Details
      Deployment Cloud, SaaS, Web, Android, iOS
      Business Size individual, startup, medium, largeindividual, startup, medium, large
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