Your Complete Guide to Freelance Visa in Dubai and the UAE

Complete Guide to Freelance Visa

Freelancers enjoy flexibility, like setting their hours and working from anywhere worldwide. The pandemic has proved that work can be done remotely without losing quality or efficiency. The pandemic has also given rise to the gig economy without any intention. The freelancing journey has become easier, as freelancers can now get a freelancer visa and work legally with regulations supporting their business.

Dubai and Abu Dhabi are ranked among the best places to live and work, and living in the UAE is an attractive option for freelancers. The UAE government has recently introduced the freelancer permit for residents and the freelance visa for foreigners, which is great news for freelancers wishing to live and work in the UAE.

Dubai provides a freelancer visa if you are interested in a UAE freelance visa. If you are interested in getting a freelancer visa in Dubai or living in Dubai, we hope to provide a helpful guide. It’s important to note that no matter where you got your freelancer visa or permit, you can still live anywhere in the UAE. So, we’ll mainly focus on how you can get a Dubai freelance visa while mentioning the other cities that offer a freelancer permit and visa.

But before we start, let’s ensure you understand all the terms of freelancing in the UAE.

Your Guide to Freelancing in UAE: Terms You Should Be Familiar With

Freelance Visa vs. Freelance Permit

So, do you want to start your freelancing career in the UAE or Dubai? Which one do you need: a freelancer visa, a freelance license, or both? Let’s see the difference.

Freelance Permit (Freelance License)

If you live in the UAE, you don’t need a visa as you already live there. A spouse, a family member, or an employer already sponsors you. You may have a full-time job in the UAE but wish to start freelancing. So, you need a freelance license and authorization to work as an independent contractor or a sole practitioner. So, the freelance permit is for UAE residents. It’s also called a freelance license.

Freelance Visa

A freelance visa in Dubai or any other city is a residency visa. Before issuing a freelancer visa, you should issue a freelance permit. A freelance permit will qualify you to apply for a freelance visa. You need a freelance visa to live and work in the UAE as a freelancer.

Freelance Visa vs. Residence Visa

If the freelance visa acts as a residence visa, what is the difference between the two? The freelance visa is relatively new, and you can get it through a freelance permit. You don’t need an employer or a sponsor to get the visa. You need your skills, talents, and certifications if needed.

Free Zone

If you’re considering freelancing in the UAE, you must have come across the term “free zone.” What is a free zone, and what does a free zone do with freelance permits?

Free Zones in the UAE are investment and business areas with independent business laws and regulations where foreign investments and businesses can fully own their business. Other benefits include a 100% exemption from corporate and income taxes and customs duty exemption.

Where Can You Issue a Freelance Permit or Freelance Visa in the UAE?

Dubai Development Authority

As a UAE resident, you can apply for a freelance permit through the Dubai Development Authority for AED 7500.

If you don’t live in the UAE, you must pay for the freelance permit (AED 7500) (annual permit cost) + AED 2000 (Annual establishment card cost) and the freelance visa fees.

To make things easier, the UAE government has offered many other ways to get a freelancer visa through the free zone. Some free zones in the UAE offer freelance visas and permits, and you can easily apply online.

Some of the UAE cities have free zones such as Abu Dhabi. For example, the Abu Dhabi Department of Economic Development recently announced that freelancers could live and work in the UAE. Also, the Ajman Free Zone offers freelance visas in 40 categories, all of which cost AED 6000.

Below are some cities and free zones offering freelance licenses and visas in the UAE. Each free zone has its own set of rules and freelancer categories.

Abu Dhabi

  • twfour54

Ras Al Khaimah

  • Ras Al Khaimah Economic Zone


  • Dubai Media City
  • Dubai Internet City
  • Dubai Knowledge Park
  • Dubai Design District


  • Ajman Free Zone

Freelance Visa in Dubai

Most people want to live in Dubai, so they often search for ways to get a residence visa. Freelancing is a great option if you prefer to work on your own.

These free zones in Dubai offer visas and permits for freelancers.

Dubai Internet City

Dubai Internet City is built to be a “leading tech hub” in the region, offering co-working spaces and commercial spaces for businesses to succeed and thrive.

Dubai Media City

Dubai “houses the largest global and local media brands.” Because of Dubai Media City, Dubai was named “the capital of Arab Media” in 2020.

Dubai Knowledge Park

Because great talents are the real capital of businesses, Dubai Knowledge Park was established to be the “leading HR and training hub” in the MENA region (the Middle East and North Africa)

Dubai Design District

If you’re looking for the place of the best brands in art, design, and fashion, you’ve come to the right place.

To simplify the process of getting a freelance visa in Dubai, the UAE, with the cooperation between the four free zones in Dubai, has introduced GoFreelance. It’s a website where you can apply for freelance licenses and visas to start your business in Dubai.

Since Dubai’s free zone areas specialize in tech, media, and design, only several fields qualify you to get a freelancer permit and freelance visa through Dubai’s free zone. So, are you qualified to get a freelance license in Dubai?

What Freelance Work Qualifies You for A freelancer Visa?

Luckily, there are many work areas, and you’ll probably find that what you do qualifies you for a freelance license and a residency visa. So, let’s see the activities that qualify you for a freelance visa in Dubai.


Many professions qualify you to get your permits for media professionals, such as copywriters, graphic designers, illustrators, market analysts, scriptwriters, social media influencers, web developers, etc. These are some of the freelance jobs needed in the media sector.


As for tech, the professional services that qualify you for freelance business registration in Dubai are software development, web development, data science, customer service, etc.


You can get your freelance permit and visa for the education sector if you are a research, e-learning advisor, etc.


The GoFreelance website lists several design activities, including concept, costume, interior, and jewelry design.

Documents for a Freelance Permit and Visa

Required Documents for UAE Residents

If you live in the UAE, whether you work full-time or on your parent’s or spouse’s visa, you only need a freelancer permit (a freelance license). For a freelance permit, you will need the following documents:

  • Application Form
  • Bank Reference Letter
  • NOC or No Objection Certificate*
  • Passport and Residency visa copy
  • You’ll need proof of academic qualifications certified and approved by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or the UAE consulate for the education sector.
  • For the media sector, you’ll need a portfolio of your work.

*Note: A No Objection Certificate (NOC) is from your employer or sponsor.

Required Documents for Non-residents

Before applying for a freelancer visa in Dubai, you should apply for a freelance permit, which you can easily do through the GoFreelance website.

  • A one-year visa costs AED 2,750
  • A three-year visa costs AED 5,000

To apply, you need:

  • Application Form
  • Passport Copy
  • Portfolio for the media sector and certification for the education sector.

You can pay for the permit by credit card and receive it by email.

After submitting a visa application, you will receive an entry permit to complete all your visa requirements (medical tests, etc.)

Paperwork required for the visa:

  • Freelancer license
  • Establishment card* (costs AED 2000 and must be renewed annually)
  • Valid medical insurance (health insurance)
  • UAE phone number
  • Passport photo
  • Original passport

The visa cost includes visa stamping, Emirates ID, and medical tests.

*Establishment Card is Mandatory only if you apply for the VISA.

Perks of a Freelancer Visa

If the freelance lifestyle appeals to you, this is your chance to be a legal freelancer in the UAE. Getting a freelancer visa in Dubai or other UAE cities is easier than ever. Let’s see some of the perks of a freelance visa.

  • It acts as a residency permit.
  • You can sponsor family members and apply for residency visas for yourself and your family members.
  • An employment visa requires an employer, while you need only your talents for a freelance visa.
  • Renting office space is unnecessary to start your business in the UAE with a freelancer visa.
  • With a freelancer visa, you get access to the business centre of the free zone, which also includes a flexi desk and co-working space for freelancers.
  • You can start your own business at one of the best workplaces without paying the additional cost of office space.
  • Some freelancers are eligible for a corporate bank account, not just a personal one.

Final Words

Living and working in the UAE is no longer a dream. What are you waiting for? Now is when you join many other freelancers and apply for a freelance license and visa, and you’re ready to live the dream. Nowadays, getting a freelancer visa in Dubai is easier than you think.

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