Virtual Assistants Philippines: The Ultimate Guide to Virtual Assistant Services in the Philippines

virtual assistants in the Philippines

Thanks to the pandemic, remote working has become the new normal. As a result, many businesses nowadays focus on finding remote workers to get the job done. Hiring virtual assistants is the way to go for many reasons. First, it’s a cost-effective solution, keeping businesses thriving during the lockdown.

What is a virtual assistant? Should you hire a virtual assistant? What are some of the virtual assistants’ services, and more importantly, why should you consider virtual assistant services in the Philippines?

Here, you will find everything you need to know about virtual assistant services in the Philippines. We’ll walk you through virtual assistant services. We’ll talk about how you can transfer money to your remote employees. And we’ll list some of the well-known virtual assistant companies in the Philippines. Let’s get started.

Introduction to Virtual Assistant Services

The first thing you need to know is that virtual assistants work remotely. They don’t have the traditional 9-to-5 job, but some work full-time. No need to go to the office to get the job done. They set their own hours and work from home or the nearest cafe. A client can hire multiple virtual assistants, and one virtual assistant can have many clients. Unlike full-time assistants, virtual assistants do not necessarily work for one company or client. Some of them may choose to work remotely for one company or client.

Virtual assistants have been around for many years, but only recently have many more businesses realized how virtual assistant services are relevant for the success of their business. As a result, the virtual assistant industry is booming, and as a business owner, you should consider the many benefits of hiring dedicated virtual assistants.

When many people hear the word “virtual assistant,” they think a virtual assistant is a personal assistant or an executive assistant who works remotely. This is not true. A virtual assistant is someone who provides services that support the smooth operation of your business. Here’s a list of the virtual assistant services that virtual assistants provide to businesses.

Where to Find Virtual Assistants in the Philippines?

Now, you must ask yourself, where do I find a virtual assistant who lives in the Philippines for my business? The good news is there are many ways to find a virtual assistant in the Philippines. The best way to approach this is to either use virtual assistant companies that hire Filipino-based assistants and their services or hire an independent virtual assistant through a recruiting company. We offer a guide for the best companies that provide virtual services and the companies that can help you hire a great assistant. But first, let’s get to the most well-known companies for outsourcing and hiring great and talented Filipinos.

Best Virtual Assistant Companies in the Philippines

OnlineJobs .ph

Onlinejobsph virtual assistant service

This is your perfect job board for hiring a virtual assistant and saving money. You can either post a job or search for resumes on this website. So, how is different from other job boards? OnlineJobs. ph is mainly dedicated to finding and hiring great virtual assistants in the Philippines.

OnlineJobs. ph offers a free trial where you can add up to 3 job posts and view job applications. This way, you know if you will find the perfect virtual assistant through the platform. However, you can’t contact the virtual assistants except after upgrading to a paid package.

As for how you pay your virtual assistants, OnlineJobs. ph offers a unique payment solution on its website. It’s called EasyPay. However, you don’t have to pay your virtual assistants through the platform; you can use other payment solutions like PayPal, Wise, or WorldRemit.

This is also a platform for hiring, and they offer the following plans: PRO and Premium. For the PRO plan, you can add up to 3 job posts, view applications, contact up to 75 workers per month, and hire workers. You pay $69 per month for the PRO plan. As for the Premium plan, You can add up to 10 job posts, view applications, contact 500 workers per month, and get worker mentoring service for $99 per month.

Virtual Staff Finder

Virtual Staff Finder

Virtual Staff Finder is a virtual staffing company based in the Philippines. It’s important to note that they offer recruitment services only. Their services are helpful for clients who live in western countries, want to hire talented Filipino workers, and don’t know where to look. This virtual assistant company will help you find experienced and dedicated virtual assistants in no time. They have experience and have helped clients hire a virtual assistant in the Philippines based in 45+ countries. So if you are looking for the best virtual assistants, Virtual Staff Finder is your trusted virtual assistant company for hiring remote assistants.

They will help you find Filipino VA experts in the following fields: bookkeeping, content writing, graphic design, customer service, WordPress development, telemarketing, etc.

The service is very straightforward. Sign up, test, interview, and then hire your virtual assistant. Virtual Staff Finder takes a one-time $495 service fee.

The recruitment process usually takes from 7-14 days. It’s important to note that once you hire a virtual assistant through Virtual Staff Finder, this assistant is your direct hire. You pay them according to your agreement and contract with them.


Woodbows-virtual-assistants has recognized WoodBows as the best virtual assistant company. They have offices in the US, India, and the Philippines. So, if you’re looking for an experienced virtual assistant, this is your go-to virtual assistance company. They have virtual assistants who can help you with graphics and web design, customer support, digital and social media marketing, data entry, and content writing. It’s worth mentioning that you get work done in your preferred time zone.

And if you’re worried about a US accent, the Philippines-based virtual assistants have “excellent English fluency.” And if you like, you can hire US-based English Native speakers from WoodBows.

WoodBows use time tracking software. This way, you can know how your virtual assistants spend their time and are confident you’re charged for the exact number of hours worked. And the good news is they use PayPal, so you can easily pay your Filipino virtual assistant.

This is one of the virtual assistant companies that offer a wide range of plans to accommodate your business needs. You can benefit from their custom plan if you don’t need full-time virtual assistants. You could also hire a full-time virtual assistant and get 160 hours of task work for $1399 monthly, plus a dedicated account manager and tech support.

Task Bullet

TaskBullet virtual assistant services

Years ago, Danny Nappi, Task Bullet’s CEO, moved to the Philippines and noticed that many Filipinos were highly educated with excellent skills. Still, they lacked the opportunities and had no way to use their great skills. So, he started Task Bullet to offer “more rewarding jobs to the Filipino people.”

These are the VA tasks that Task Bullet can support: data entry and admin support, internet research, marketing services, social media management, and sales assistance.

As for pricing, they have a unique payment system where you buy what they call a “bucket.” For Filipino virtual assistants, you pay $220 for 20 hours of virtual assistant services (Starter Bucket). You pay $540 for 60 hours of virtual services (Light Bucket). As for the Expert Bucket, you pay $1560 for a 240-hour worth of services. They also offer different buckets for virtual assistants from the USA. The payment is via PayPal, Crypto, or Credit Card.


SupportNinja Virtual Assistant Service

SupportNinja is a virtual assistant company based in the US and Philippines. This is where you can outsource Philippines virtual assistants and have a team dedicated to supporting your business. SupportNinja offers unique services: customer support, technical support, back-office support, content generation, and lead mining.

This is how it works. You send SupportNinja what you need. They will come up with a plan to suit your business needs. You sign a contract, they build your team, initiate training, and then you get to work.

SupportNinja is perfect for clients looking for a comprehensive outsourcing solution to get work done. So, if you are looking for a virtual assistant to help you with simple personal tasks like booking hotels and restaurants, scheduling, and replying to emails, SupportNinja can’t help you.

Their pricing plans differ according to the client’s needs, so you request a quote for pricing.


Virtual Coworker

Virtual Coworker

Virtual Coworker is one of the virtual assistant companies that will help you find great remote workers. Filipino virtual assistants are highly educated. That’s why Virtual Coworker help business owners find qualified remote workers in the Philippines. It is such a hassle hiring workers yourself. Virtual Coworker makes it easier for you and supports you throughout the hiring process, from screening to sending daily reports of logged hours. Virtual Coworker is perfect for those who want to hire long-term virtual workers, as Virtual Coworker says their workers only look for long-term opportunities.

With Virtual Coworker, hiring a virtual assistant has never been easier. You could hire virtual assistants, web developers, WordPress developers, graphic designers, recruitment assistants, lead generation specialists, customer service, content writers, social media managers, digital marketing managers, bookkeepers, and accountants.

As for how much you’re going to pay your remote workers, Virtual Coworker offers a guide according to the given tasks and level of expertise as an estimate.


VA Staffer

VA Staffer

VA Staffer is a virtual assistant company based in the Philippines. This is one of many virtual assistant companies that help you with lead generation, data entry, social media management, podcast management, web development, CRM, and automation support. So, if you’re looking for virtual assistant talent, this is your go-to company for finding an assistant in the Philippines.

VA Staffer offers a project management tool that will help you assign tasks, upload files, and start discussions so you can smoothly run your business operations.

VA Staffer evaluates your business process, so their services go beyond offering a virtual assistant team. Their pricing plan is diverse and reflects their different roles in supporting your business. They offer an hourly plan for those who want to benefit from multiple skill sets (which starts at $298 per month) and a dedicated assistant plan (which starts at $800 per month).




Originally GoHireNow, eVirtualAssistants is the right place to find the best virtual assistants. They offer a comprehensive list of services like administrative support, customer service, sales and marketing, writing, IT and networking, translation, data science and analytics, translation, and legal. So, whatever services you need, you’re likely to find them at eVirtualAssistants.

It is important to note that virtual assistants you hire through eVirtualAssistants are independent virtual assistants. They don’t work for eVirtualAssistants; you can cancel your subscription once you hire them. eVirtualAssistants’ purpose is to connect you with the best virtual assistants in the Philippines. Unlike Upwork and Freelancer, they don’t take a percentage of virtual assistant salaries because you don’t have to pay your virtual workers through the platform.

For eVirtualAssistants, you pay according to how many job posts you want to add. You can pay $49.95 per month and $99.95 per month, and you can cancel when you’re done hiring. You can also pay a one-time fee of $299.95 to use the recruiting service of eVirtualAssistants. This way, you don’t have to view applicants. Instead, you get to choose from the top 3 resumes.

As for how much to pay virtual assistants, you can check the rates each virtual assistant adds to their profile, and as for how to pay them; most virtual assistants in the Philippines use PayPal.


What Services Do Virtual Assistants Offer?

Virtual workers provide many services to businesses in many fields like sales, digital marketing, administrative assistance, etc.

Administrative Assistance

This is among the most popular and well-known virtual assistant services, where administrative assistants provide administrative support and perform administrative tasks like data entry, scheduling meetings, making travel arrangements, and preparing reports and presentations. Performing research online is also an administrative task that many virtual assistants provide.

Digital Marketing

Many virtual assistant services, like social media marketing and social media management, fall under this category. Businesses need to promote their services, and what is better than the many social media platforms.

So, social media is one of the often outsourced services. It relies heavily on content writing and graphic design. Graphic design is one of the most in-demand services, as graphic designers help businesses create creative social media posts, flyers, etc.

Other services related to promoting business products and services are web development and web design. No business under the sun can survive today without a professional website. Web design is also one of the most in-demand virtual services.

Project Management

Project management is indispensable for businesses nowadays. A business owner can hire a virtual project manager to plan, execute, monitor, control, and close projects. A successful virtual project manager can handle many projects, like software development projects.


Sales virtual assistants can provide many services to your business, like qualifying leads, lead generation, and cold calling. These services do not require face-to-face interactions and can be done remotely with great success.

Tech Support

This is also one of the jobs that can be done remotely. Duties include resolving network problems, installing new software, or troubleshooting errors.

HR Virtual Assistants

Since many companies nowadays are interested in hiring virtual employees and not in-house employees, the rise in virtual HR and recruiting services makes perfect sense. Many companies offer recruitment services to facilitate your virtual recruitment process. They can help with the entire hiring process, like writing a job description, screening candidates, being involved during the interview, and arranging trial tasks. They can help businesses find the best virtual assistant talent and simplify the hectic hiring process.

Do You Need a Virtual Assistant?

Businesses know that in-house employees cost money, and it doesn’t matter if you have one in-house employee or many. You get to pay for office space, and not all businesses can afford the cost of office space. Nowadays, you don’t have to follow the standard or the traditional business model. You get to create the standards that meet your business needs. One of them is using the services of virtual assistants and saving money, so let’s see who needs virtual assistants.

Small Business Owners

Most small businesses want to cut down costs, and they start by avoiding renting an office, so they hire remotely, whether for the long term or the short term. Small businesses can work remotely without needing a location, especially if they provide marketing services, software, or web development. Likewise, most businesses that don’t work in production lines or construction can do without an office.

Large Corporations

Many are under the impression that only small business owners need virtual assistants. This is not true. Some corporations may benefit from remote HR recruiting services for hiring assistants overseas because they want to establish their presence in remote locations. Large corporations have remote sales support teams to minimize costs. Some benefit from virtual translation services, legal services, etc.

Entrepreneurs, Writers, etc.

Like businesses, individuals like entrepreneurs who are just starting or writers need virtual assistants because they cannot take care of everything themselves. For example, they might need a virtual assistant to manage accounting finances, give legal advice, or provide administrative support.

Now that we’ve established why you might need a virtual assistant and provided an overview of the services they usually offer, it’s time we get to work and show you why you need to hire virtual assistants in the Philippines. So let’s get to it.

Why Should You Hire Filipino Virtual Assistants?

English Proficiency and High Level of Education

Any business owner in western countries will look for a virtual assistant with native or near-native English proficiency. The last thing you want is to hire someone you cannot communicate with. Communication can make or break your business. You need someone who fully understands your business requirements, specifications, and how you want them to perform any given task. Virtual assistants based in the Philippines speak perfect English. That’s why they are the favorite choice of businesses hiring remote assistants.

As well as their language skills, they are highly educated. That’s what Danny Nappi noticed when he moved to the Philippines. That’s why he later decided to start Task Bullet, one of the virtual assistant companies dedicated to providing outstanding work opportunities for Filipinos.

To Save Money

One of the many reasons many businesses choose to hire remote assistants is that they want to save money. As you will see below, hiring remote assistants from Filipinos is a cost-effective solution as their hourly rates are way below virtual assistants from the US or Europe. So, besides their English proficiency, education levels, and skill sets, you get value for your money when hiring a virtual assistant based in the Philippines.

6 Things You Should Consider Before Hiring a Virtual Assistant in the Philippines

Hiring virtual assistants is different from hiring in-house employees. As a rule of thumb, you should know that it’s a different experience. Therefore, you need to consider some considerations before hiring any virtual assistant. Still, you should consider more concerns if you’re hiring a virtual assistant based in the Philippines, like how you will pay them money or if you prefer that they work in your time zone. So let’s see in detail what you should discuss with your Philippines-based virtual assistants before hiring them.

Business Hours

If you are considering hiring a virtual assistant living in the Philippines, you should consider the time difference and discuss it with the virtual assistant. Are they okay to work in your time zone or not? What are your expectations and requirements about the matter? Do you expect them to work on their own time, or do you expect them to stick to your business hours? It depends on the task you’re asking them to accomplish. For example, if they provide tech or customer support remotely, you should tell them beforehand if you need them to work a set number of hours in your time zone. If it’s not required, then it’s okay not to discuss it.


If you’re hiring full-time virtual assistants, you should ask them if they have to take off the official holidays in the Philippines. And you should ask yourself first if you want them to work on a holiday. Do they expect to be paid more for the days they work during their official holidays? Do you think it’s necessary if they do? Of course, it depends on your business needs, availability, etc. You should discuss this if the task requires work to be done at certain hours or days.

How Often Will You Pay Them?

Some remote assistants expect to be paid every month. Others expect to be paid every two weeks. They might expect to be paid after they finish their tasks. Others prefer to take up-front payment before they start working. Are you going to pay them per hour or task? These are important issues to discuss before hiring them, as miscommunication can hurt your business. You don’t want to hire a virtual assistant without discussing their expectations about payment. It’s also great, so you know exactly how much you will spend on a project.

How Are You Going to Pay Them?

Most businesses ask this relevant question: how will we pay them if we hire remote assistants? Of course, you don’t want to hire an assistant to find out that you can’t pay them or that the process is confusing. So, will you use PayPal, bank transfer, or another payment solution? No matter what, you should make sure that the payment solution that they accept is convenient to you because guess what if you’re hiring this assistant long-term, you’ll have to be processing payments through this method frequently. So, you have to choose a hassle-free payment solution.

Discuss Exchange and Transfer Rates

When a virtual assistant tells you that they need this money, do you think this is the only amount you’ll pay? You need to think again because if an assistant mentions the money they expect to get, they may say the amount they need to receive fully after the transfer rates. So, instead of having an unhappy virtual assistant, discuss beforehand how you will transfer the money, the expected transfer costs, or exchange rates so that you and your virtual assistant are happy about the business transaction without any surprises or hidden fees.

Short-Term or Long-Term Job

Knowing if you want to hire a long-term or short-term virtual assistant is important before hiring. For example, some assistants want to work only on long-term projects, while others prefer to work on short-term projects. So, you must set clear expectations about what you need to find the perfect virtual assistant for the job.

Bonus Tip:

13 Month Pay

In the Philippines, employees are offered a 13th-month pay before December 24. It is mandated by law, and employers must pay it. It is an extra one month’s salary. Discuss the expectations of your assistant about the 13th month’s pay. You don’t want to disappoint your workers if that is what they expect after a year of hard work.

Christmas Bonus

However, the Christmas bonus is voluntary and normally given to employees in December out of the employer’s generosity, but it can be provided at any time of the year. So if your assistant is doing an amazing job, giving them this bonus would not be such a bad idea.

How Much Does It Cost to Hire a Virtual Assistant in the Philippines?

There is no one size fits all answer to this question. First, it depends on their skill set. A web developer will charge more than an administrative assistant, for example. Plus, the payment differs according to the experience level. An expert with years of experience will get much more money than a beginner. This is what the Time Doctor website posted for reference. The rates mentioned below are full-time per month.

  • General Virtual Assistant – $500 – $800
  • Content Writers – $500 – $700
  • SEO Assistant – $750 – $950
  • Web Developers – $800 – $1400
  • Graphic Design – $700 – $1200
  • Mobile Developers – $800 – $1400

You could also check the plan of the different virtual service companies that hire assistants from the Philippines. WoodBows, for example, offers a dedicated virtual assistant full-time with account management for $1399 per month.

You could also download the Virtual Staff Finder Free Guide, where you can find out all you need to know about how much you should pay your Filipino assistants.

What is the best virtual assistant company in the Philippines?

How to hire a virtual assistant in the Philippines?

You can visit OnlineJobs it’s your perfect job board for hiring a virtual assistant in the Philippines and saving money. You can check potential hires by either post a job or searching for resumes on this website. Then you can contact those applicants you think fit your work by email, interview them, and hire them.

How to pay for Philippines virtual assistants?

Transfer Money through the Bank

You could easily transfer money through a bank to your Filipino VA, but you should note that banks charge high fees. It’s one of the options available but not the best.

Pay through International Money Transfer (IMT)

Western Union, OFX, and WorldFirst are all reliable international money transfer providers. It is a more cost-effective solution than the bank.

Online Payment Systems

You could also use other online payment options like PayPal, Payoneer, and Wise. And as you’ve seen throughout, most virtual service companies providing virtual assistant services in the Philippines mention that most Filipinos have a PayPal account.

It’s always a good idea to ask your assistants about their preferred payment method before you start working with them. You want to discuss the transfer fees as well.

Final Words

If you’ve been asking where to find a virtual assistant based in the Philippines, we hope this guide has answered your questions. Now is when you hire a fabulous assistant without spending so much money. It’s why so many businesses hire Filipino virtual assistants, and you should.

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