Trends Shaped Instagram as a Social Media Platform In 2020

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2020 has ended, so now is the time to review the trends that shaped Instagram as a platform. Whether it is the hashtag’s challenges, the carousel posts, or AR fillers, a lot of things revolved around Instagram during this year. No one can doubt that social media is one of the most effective means of reaching out to, especially when it comes to Instagram. With over eight hundred million active users, the growth of this platform stays undeterred.

The trends of Instagram are just like social media as they go up and down very fast. In 2020, the changes in Instagram had stayed vigorous due to the global pandemic. Here is what you need to know about the status of Instagram as a social media platform.

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Instagram goes live

The cancellations of events and orders received at home have assisted in propagating live viewership of Instagram. Statistics reveal that the percentage of live viewers of Instagram went up by about seventy percent, and over eight hundred million people now watch the Instagram videos live. While looking for options to replace the activities surrounding interaction, the creators of and brands have also gone live, which attracted many people.

With everything to watch on Instagram from comedy shows, drawing tutorials and virtual protests, the social media platform’s live vowing has emerged as a more rational option.  The live videos are more natural and impulsive as they can respond to the viewers’ queries in real-time.

Making money directly

Previously, the money that the creators earned through Instagram came from brand partnerships and affiliate marketing. With the introduction of new features in May, Instagram is currently testing Badges’ option, letting the viewers spend some money to stand out in the unlock features and comment stream. Although the creators need to spend a little for the Badges, they can earn good revenue from this option.

Explore Instagram shopping differently

Do you need a new stream of revenue with Instagram? One of the most prominent trends you needed to watch in 2020 is Instagram shopping. The viewers find it convenient to shop as Instagram provides the option of price on almost everything. For the sellers, tagging the Stories and posts is easy as they can allow the shoppers to complete the process of checkout leaving the site.

Additionally, the creators can rely on it to buy Instagram likes and followers. The latest Instagram shopping allows the viewers to purchase directly from the influencers and creators. The business profiles can also add a link of direct shopping on the top of the profiles or use the Explore tab to find out product links.

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Sharing information through the carousel posts

As a social media platform, Instagram is a source of inspiration, but in 2020, the viewers could access information-based content here. What better the carousel posts to share detailed information on Instagram? The carousel posts can share up to ten images in one post, making them ideal for storytelling or presenting dense and information-based content into easy to understand bites.

For popular brands looking forward to exciting methods of presenting detailed information, the carousel posts help highlight the products and motivate people to make important decisions. The year 2020 saw several changes in consumers’ buying behavior and sales due to the worldwide pandemic, so Instagram is a place for education and awareness right now.

More interaction on Instagram Stories

The official launch of Instagram in 2016 initially for keeping the followers updated with minor activities in the business and evolving into a more interactive platform shows how it has grown in popularity over the period. For instance, posting polls can keep the users of a community-engaged. Besides, if you have just launched a product or updated your products’ process, you can make the declarations on Stories and receive the question stickers from those customers who have logged in.

Usually, the Instagram stories disappear after 24 hours, but you can stop a few stories from disappearing automatically, such as the highly engaging posts. Instead of letting the posts go, you can save the content in the Story highlights and allow it to stay permanently.

Alternating the use of hashtags

You might think that hashtags on Instagram are not relevant, but you will discover how easy it is to attract visitors to your page when you look back and think. With constantly evolving techniques, the users can follow hashtags on Instagram and use relevant hashtags to encourage potential users. You can view Insights for specific posts with business accounts to figure out those that do not work. You can also use hashtags on stories and if it is a popular one, make sure you add up to ten images.

Use of memes and tweets

The content from various social media platforms is gradually making its way into other feeds and platforms, especially with memes and tweets. Instagram feeds do not need to be sophisticated or intricate, but you will find several accounts dedicated solely to memes, making it a perfect marketing strategy.

However, what is even more popular in socializing Instagram is sharing screenshots of tweets in the posts and Stories. Therefore, you can share the industry experts’ perceptions and thoughts or make it a bit light with the inclusion of anecdotes with casual posts. Furthermore, you can create a contrast with stock photos and the Instagram of memes and tweets.

Influencer marketing

If you think influencer marketing has changed, you need to change your perception. Precisely, influencer marketing is one of the tested strategies for Instagram. However, the change you may observe in 2020 is that there are more story-based posts than mere feed posts.

The Instagram strategy that may have been prevalent in 2020 is no longer applicable in 2020. So, the creators need to work on the strategies they plan and align them with the trends to get a better outcome in making Instagram truly work as a social media platform.

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