Top 5 Salesforce Integrations Your CRM Platform Needs

Top 5 Salesforce Integrations Your CRM Platform Needs

Salesforce integration supports enterprises in getting everything together and manage essential business processes in a single platform. Through this, you can smoothly integrate and execute marketing, sales, finance, project management, human resources, and accounting operations. In addition, the Salesforce integration services help in connecting multiple departments under one solution. In this blog, you will learn about your CRM platform’s Salesforce integration tools, which also elevate workforce productivity.

There are great integration tools that transform the potential of Salesforce into a boundaryless experience for companies vector and the level of technical skills. But these top Salesforce integration tools are quite different from the user and technical sides. For example, they differ by programming languages, store data, and target audience type.

Specific integration tools have simplicity in setting up and utilization. They often include pre-set templates for simplifying the process. At the same time, other tools are pretty complicated and need some technical knowledge. In general, the platform will allow you to connect to disparate systems such as external ERP, marketing automation, accounting, computer telephony, email training, social media, and management of IT service tools for creating a more engaged employee and customer experience. By reading further, you will learn about Salesforce integration and integration tools for accelerating your organization’s productivity.

What Does Salesforce Integration Mean?

Every organization has a distinctive set of requirements, and its solution works differently. These are designed in multiple languages and have business logic, security, visual representation, and data storage. In addition, Salesforce integration builds and handles better communication between apps and Salesforce CRM through the API.

Salesforce integration allows enough access and data analysis. It supports directors and managers at every stage in making effective decisions. All businesses should focus on efficient integration tools as these assets can produce optimum benefits.

5 Salesforce Integrations That Uplifts Your Workforce Productivity

Workforce productivity takes a huge hit when companies invest substantial time in non-core tasks rather than vital aspects. For example, the central role of sales representatives is to make more sales. Data updating, scheduling tasks, and email syncing help them in their selling process, but these are not their core work. With the integration tools, the sales reps can save time by automating tasks. Below some of them are mentioned.

1- Integration of Gmail and Salesforce with Ebsta

Most businesses use Gmail and Salesforce. If they want to become more productive, they have to unify their digital tools. Salesforce users utilize CRM to manage customer data, workflow, activity, exchanging data, and reporting with one third-party system such as marketing platforms to support related activities. Ebsta becomes the bridge between both platforms and puts Salesforce power in Gmail.

One can synchronize the Google Calendar and Email using Ebsta while using Salesforce to track email openings, email templates, and follow-up tasks in the inbox. Moreover, the connection to Google Calendar assures automatic synchronization of events. Thus, meeting scheduler, email delivery, capturing emails, sending emails, and creating personalized workflow can be effectively done by integrating Gmail and Salesforce with Ebsta.

2- Enhance Team Collaboration Using Quip

The advanced productivity suite Quip comprises all relevant features such as team chats, documentation, and spreadsheets under a single roof. It provides your team to finish work with better collaboration. Quip Salesforce integration facilitates a connected, collaborative, and interactive solution. Consequently, processes are completed with fewer emails, few meetings, and increased growth opportunities to fulfill customers’ demands.

Through Salesforce integration services, you can create more and more opportunities as well as make better decisions. In addition, Quip helps in report analysis by providing a deep understanding and sharing real-time information in Meetups.

3- Auto-Log Email with ToutApp

Emailing contacts and leads with personalized templates become easier with ToutApp.  You can trail the leads’ engagement and know what works well in Salesforce CRM. With the top Salesforce integration tools like ToutApp, sale productivity increases by generating emails faster. It also enables follow-ups on promotional company emails. Such a tool helps nurture leads, enabling sales representatives to send correct content to prospects at the right time.

It has a built-in dialer system and phone that enable users to call prospects directly from Salesforce. This marketing tool helps you prioritize your tasks and improves the content while supporting lead conversion.

4- Post-Chat Feedback Using Getfeedback

Nowadays, customers not just demand real-time assistance but also need real-time feedback. Salesforce Chat indeed allows your team to provide adequate chat support in real time. But the team has to figure out the customers’ interaction to check the performance metrics such as customer effort and course modification if customers feel dissatisfied.

Through Getfeedback integration with Salesforce, you can get customer feedback in real-time using branded surveys. It puts customers’ responses in context while pushing them into Salesforce to yield insights and boost productivity.

5- Manage Contract Lifecycle using Icertis

Utilizing particular Salesforce contract management abilities in Salesforce can work for companies that need contract management of base level to support contract portfolio. However, if you are required for management features of the contract life cycle, such as data analysis, reporting, tools, and ERP system integration, you will need something beyond Salesforce. You are not leveraging the system without integrating Salesforce with a robust contract management tool.

Integrating Salesforce with Icertis allows your sales team to create, see, approve, and collaborate with contracts inside Salesforce. That helps in accelerating contract flow, enhancing productivity, and boosting your business growth. Furthermore, it elevates sales by removing the burden of sales reps from repetitive administrative tasks.

Users can make contract requests through Salesforce objects, keep track of status updates, and deal with the contract lifecycle in Salesforce. Icertis integration with Salesforce helps to accelerate, protect, and optimize commercial activities. So, you can amplify the contract processing efficiency, maximizing revenue, reducing risks, and controlling costs.

Wrapping Up

Salesforce integration helps to boost your productivity levels and achieve an insuperable stand in the competitive marketplace. Productivity is all about managing time effectively, and through Salesforce integration tools, you can achieve this. Making a slight change in business practices can amplify workforce efficiency. Integrating these robust apps with Salesforce can save you time and attain goals faster.