Top 5 Benefits of Time Tracking Software

Time management is key to any businesses success, You can’t afford to waste time because time is a valuable asset we all majorly need to keep track of. Time wasted during the day can be time gained if tracked accurately and utilized the right way.  

Using a time tracking software will not only track your employees working hours but will create a smooth business workflow and even impact on productivity. Your employees may seem hesitant at first, feeling like they’re being monitored. But when they know it will improve their evaluation and help them focus on tasks on hand, that will all change.  

Employees will be able to efficiently track and control their hours, add their lunch or coffee breaks, and even add manual shifts if needed under your supervision. Here are the benefits of time tracking software to consider for your business.  

1- Efficient Time Management:  

Time Management 

With just one click in the morning, you’re all set! With cloud-based software, your employees will easily be able to track their hours and add their breaks.  

By setting deadlines for tasks, your employees will be able to manage their time accordingly and set goals per day. Featuring the shift report, they will be able to add any progress or remarks on projects they’re working on. This will encourage them to stay focused with specific purposes and a time to get it done. A time tracker will allow you to stay on top of things no matter where you are.  

You’ll notice who slacks on the job, who works overtime and be able to approve any manual shifts added. When it’s time for performance evaluation, all you’ll need to do is check their tracked hours and progress on tasks for a full idea.  

2- Online Timesheets:  


Get rid of the old-fashioned paper & pen timesheets! Employees no longer need to dread filling in their timesheet at the end of the day, consuming time. They will have full access to all their timesheets that are saved on secure servers for as long as the account is active.  

Never again will a time sheet be misplaced, lost or ripped. This will definitely come in handy when its payroll time.  

3- Ideal for remote employees or freelancers:  

Remote Employee

Time tracking software like TsheetsClockSpot or ClockIn Portal, gives you the flexibility to clock working hours from wherever you are. You can allow managers specific control over access points. This is an efficient way to track working hours for any remote workers without going over the budget. You can limit the access point to the office or keep it unlimited for other users.  

Another feature that will benefit drivers, employees mostly on the road is the mileage reporting where you can input distances covered to be added in your report and calculated for payroll.  

4- Payroll Accuracy: 


Collecting handwritten time sheets from all employees, going through multiple miscalculations and then putting them into the system can take up to days. With a time tracking solution, payroll reports are automatically generated from timesheets whether your payroll is weekly, biweekly or monthly.  

Any breaks will be subtracted and approved overtime, manual shifts or mileage will be added to the calculation. A certain guarantee that no employees will be underpaid or overpaid.  

Employees will put all their energy and time on their tasks instead of on timesheets and you’ll save money wasted on excessive paper or miscalculations. A treat for the payroll department, helping them get work done ten times faster!  

5- Organize and Manage Users:  

Time tracking app

Most time tracking apps offer a user-friendly interface where you can create different departments and assign roles for users such as supervisors, managers or employees. Manage your time in an organized, smooth manner the way you would your business.  

Go for the virtual solution with a free trial that will increase productivity by challenging your employees to stay focused, save miscalculated money and most importantly manage valuable time!  

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