5 Tools to Consider When Working on a Writing Project

tools to consider when working on your writing project

It’s the most touching thing on the Internet today as we talk about written content. The writing and marketing of content is a lasting and sustainable technique to imprint your identity online.

It’s definitely not easy as it seems to write broad and unique material that interfaces the viewer.

You will have to undertake quiet time and skills to write optimum and flawless content. However, it isn’t yet sufficient.

However, in today’s competitive writing world, you must employ writing tools and AI technology to overcome any flaw or error in your writing project.

As every book is not worth reading, every writing/editing tool is not worth using, so I have mentioned a few tools to help you choose the best tools for your writing.

Top tools to consider when working on your writing project.


You very well appreciate the value of writing an appropriate title, whether you’re an author, blogger, or copywriter.

Titles are the first exposure to the world with your writing content and are also the key reason people continue to read your writing, making it an important part of the writing process.

This application appears to be the “number one Headline Analyzer” on the internet. Coschedule lets you write headlines pushing higher profits, shares, click rates, and search results. For blogs, email subject lines, or social media posts, you can use Coschedule Headline Analyzer to compose headlines.

The tool analyses the overall structure of your headline, spelling, length, grammar, keyword density, and email subject line previews.

Using the tool to review the headlines and produce a direct report of recommendations about how the title can be changed.

Recommendations for headline optimization includes:

  • To grasp the audience’s focus on “power” terms.
  • Emotional language integration to entice readers to continue reading.
  • Optimization of the SEO value length.
  • Searchable keywords are used to attract circulation.

If you feel really confused about your titles, use the Headline Analyzer tool, CoSchedule, to boost your SEO and swipe through them.


Blogging is known to many people as a “hobby.” But everyone who knows how to run a professional blog (for commercial, education, or branding) knows it is a serious undertaking and needs to be handled as such.

Trello is a project management tool developed to support skilled writers with everyday activities.

Trello aims to optimize your writing process to improve overall productivity by visualizing your schedules, assignments, and goals. If you work for a team or work with freelancers, it’s particularly fantastic, but independent writers find this app great too.


The grammatical and procedural correction of the writings is part of what makes it worth reading. How helpful the content is doesn’t matter. Nobody wants to read simple mistake incoherent content.

And if you continue to write papers not designed for reading by people, you cannot build clients. To overcome grammatical errors in your writing, use Grammarly.

The free tool helps you to download the Chrome extension to edit your writings wherever the error happens.

The free account helps you correct big errors, but you have to upgrade to the paid plan if you need to have small error recommendations to enhance your writing.

Premium grammars the material out of a hundred. You don’t have to aspire to get a perfect ranking. In reality, it’s decent enough to get a score of over 90.

Besides, it detects plagiarism for you, as well as over 250 grammatical mistakes. Run the plagiarism detector to make sure the article does not contain the same blocks of text as on the published articles.

You can negatively impact your position on search engines by duplicate content. However, you improve the likelihood of your keyword being classified by making your post different. If you haven’t signed up as a writer for Grammarly Premium, you skip a great deal. In only a few clicks of a mouse, the tool monitors over 250 popular grammar errors and offers feedback on how the writing should be corrected.

Plagiarism Checker

Suppose one thing that will negatively impact your writing and also cause you some legal problems is plagiarism. The big search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing have stringent plagiarism rules and, if the content on any website breaches the rules, it has to face penalties.

You will get a free plagiarism search of up to 1500 words. You can pay $10 to check 25000 words at a time.

It’s an important way of testing whether or not your writing has the possibility of plagiarism.

You have to copy and paste the text to see if somewhere in the net is a duplication, or you can also upload a file directly from your PC, Google Drive, or iCloud.

The best thing about this plagiarism checker is that you can check plagiarism in any language you want. Just upload or paste the content in the same language and choose a language from the options.

If your writing contains links (internal or external), you can also exclude them during the checking process by opting for the “Exclude URL” option.

Google Docs

Google Docs is a free online text processor for document creation and formatting. Google launched the writing app in March 2006, a computer company based in California.

Google Docs also has a sharing feature, along with editing and formatting papers. You will post your text and collaborate on a writing project with other people in this manner.

Google Docs other main features include:

  • Add-ons Access
  • Support for the screen reader
  • Conversion to MS Word easily and vice versa
  • Several Templates
  • Support for the cloud

Moreover, the word processor offers intelligent formatting and styling tools. There are also hundreds of fonts and the option to add pictures and links. Google Docs isn’t an application for pro-writing. This is also suitable for producing general material, such as essays, scholarly writing, and newspapers. It is highly appreciated by authors who wish to work together on a writing project.

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