Best Tools for Creating Marketing Infographics

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Best Tools for Creating Infographics

Infographics are a great way of delivering dense information to people in seconds. You can take a 1,000-word paper and turn it into an easily digestible infographic that anyone can understand. Infographics are the ultimate “an image is worth 1,000 words” tool.

Infographics have also been gaining popularity for a while now, so people have come to value them more but expect them. Designs like infographics are wonderful for marketers, which is why in this article, we’ll be discussing the best tools for Marketing Infographics.

Best Tools for Creating Infographics:

  1. Canva
  2. Venngage
  3. Piktochart
  4. VismeApp
  5. Lucidpress
  6. Animaker
  7. Biteable
  8. ly
  9. Infogram
  10. Befunky
  11. Mindthegraph

Please note that these tools are not in any particular order. I do not recommend one tool over the other, and I believe that each business’s unique needs require a different tool. Please take your time learning about what each of these tools offers to determine which of them is the best option for your business.


Canva makes graphic design accessible to everyone. It gives businesses and individuals the ability to create their designs using their intuitive drag-and-drop editor. Anyone can use the tool to create amazing professional designs in minutes for free.

Their intuitive editor is truly game-changing, but what makes it even better is its wide selection of over 8,000 templates that you can choose from and start editing right away. Ability to add any elements such as icons, upload your picture, and add text easily.

You can also use it to build images, documents, and infographics, and you will be able to export them in the format you choose. You can also manipulate those images with tools like blur, crop, and vignette as you would be able with any image editing software.

Best of all, you will be able to use it to produce engaging content consistently without having to worry about a Quota, watermarks, or logo. You can even collaborate with other team members on your designs and leave comments.

What you get for free:

Canva is a free tool for individuals and small businesses. You will still get access to some of the templates, their intuitive editor, and all of their features.

The free plan is limited to 10 team members, 1GB storage for photos, and access to 8,000 templates.

However, if you want to access all their templates, resize and publish in any format, and get access to more advanced features, you will want to sign up for their premium plans.

Fortunately, their pricing plans start at the low $12.95/month. You can sign up for Canva for free here – no credit card required.


Venngage is an infographic design application that converts data and processes into infographics that are easy to understand. They allow users to create infographics, charts, and graphs with ease.

It offers a wide range of customizable templates and themes, clipart, icons, and more. You can use these elements in combination with their intuitive drag-and-drop editor to create your designs. Users can then export their designs in any format they want.

Customization is one of Venngage’s strengths, and you will be able to get started on your designs in no time, with no need for technical training in using the tool.

Like Canva, you can start with a customizable template to edit all of its elements to suit you – including the color, text, size, opacity, and content. There’s no need for a professional designer with Venngage, as anyone can use its intuitive user interface to create professional-looking designs and share them immediately on Social Media or export them as PDF files or images. You can even share it on your blog or embed it easily.

What you get for free:

Venngage offers a free plan that gives you access to most of its features completely for free. Unfortunately, you are limited to only 5 infographics. If you want access to their premium templates and premium features such as working with multiple pages, access to premium templates, unlimited support, team collaboration, sharing, and branding, you will need to go for a premium plan.

Their business plan starts at $49/month, and their premium plan is by quote.


PiktoChart is a cloud-based infographic solution that gives users the ability to create professional-looking infographics without needing any graphic design experience. The interface is intuitive, and the solution is feature-rich so users can create high-resolution graphics, maps, charts, reports, and more with no problems.

Users can utilize PiktoChart to create infographics for anything – a social media platform, a business meeting, or even a classroom presentation. You will be able to export your projects in the most popular formats, such as PDF, PNG, and JPEG.

Similar to Canva and Venngage, PiktoChart also has a library of templates, icons, images, and elements to choose from. You can also upload your own images to the platform and use them in your designs.

You can also brand your projects with your brand logo and add a watermark to mark your content as yours, even if it gets viral on the internet.

What you get for free:

Piktochart offers a free forever plan that gives you access to their editor and all the images and icons in their library. You can use this free plan to create as many projects as you want and download and share those projects.

However, the free plan doesn’t include the feature of uploading your own images or downloading projects as PDF. You will also have to make peace with their watermark on your projects if you go with the free plan. Despite those limitations, Piktochart is still a good choice for individuals and startups.

To remove those limitations and access all their features, you can go for one of their paid plans. Their paid plans start at $15/month.


Visme is an easy-to-use data visualization tool that helps users make their content presentable and easily digestible by transforming their numbers and data into visually appealing and eye-catching infographics and presentations.

Individuals and businesses can use Visme in many fields, including business and marketing, to make their data easier to understand by anyone – their employees, their managers, or their investors.

The platform offers plenty of automation tools to streamline the creative process of producing your content. It gives users plenty of customization tools so they can create exactly whatever is on their minds.

You can start your process with one of their pre-designed templates, upload any images you want, and use their easy-to-use editor to generate your content and then easily download it or even share it on Social media directly from the platform.

What sets Visme apart from other similar tools is its analytics features. The analytics gives users accurate feedback on their visitors’ behavior, so you can see how many unique visitors you had and how much time these visitors had spent on the site. This data can then be exported as excel reports.

What you get for free:

Visme free plan gives you access to the editor and some of the templates, you can create up to 3 projects, and you can download your projects as JPG or PNG.

It limits you to only 100 MB of storage and gives you limited access to Charts and Widgets. You will still have to make your peace with their branding on your projects, though. Still, this makes for a good choice for small businesses if you want to use their useful analytics and don’t need to create many projects every month.

You will need to upgrade to a paid plan for more of that and access more advanced features such as their premium color palettes and their premium assets and templates. Their paid plans start at $10/month if paid annually and $19/month if paid month by month.


Lucidpress is an online graphic design platform that gives its users the tools needed to create professional-looking content that they can use to build a brand. Businesses and individuals can use Lucidpress to create infographics, brochures, flyers, newsletters, and more.

The drag-and-drop editor is easy to use even if you have no graphic design experience, and you can import your data to the solution to start working on your creation right away. Lucidpress also allows for real-time collaboration, making it easy for several team members to work on the same design collectively.

Managers can still set permissions and roles, and users can see the revision history of the files. Similar to other solutions on this list, Lucidpress also comes with already-made templates that can cut the time of creating designs considerably. Users can find templates for social media posts, flyers, banners, magazines, and many more.

You will be able to choose any template and start customizing it, and after you’re done with your design, you will be able to download it or even print it directly from the software.

Lucidpress can seamlessly integrate with many third-party platforms and applications such as Google Drive, Google Analytics, Slack, Canvas, and more.

What you get for free:

Lucidpress offers a free plan, but it’s limited to only a single user, and you only get 3 pages per document and 25 MB of storage. You still get access to their editor and limited access to their other features. However, if you want full access to the platform, templates, elements, and the ability to print directly from the software, you will need to upgrade to a paid plan.

Lucidpress’s free plan starts at $9.95/month for every user if paid annually, and this price goes up to $14.95 if paid month-to-month.


The Animaker is online software that gives users all the tools they need to create animated videos such as infographics, whiteboards, or even cartoons. There’s no need to be a video editor to start using the solution, thanks to their easy user interface and tools.

Animaker can be used by individuals and small businesses for educational or business purposes. You will also get access to their royalty-free media library, which you can use to get the elements in your videos. This library includes backgrounds, fonts, numbers, properties, and – most importantly – characters you can use in your videos!

Similarly, Animaker also has a library of royalty-free music to use in your videos. These include music you can use in the background as well as music for your sound effects.

The tool is intuitive enough that you can sign up and start using it right away, but they also offer a library of tutorials that will guide you all the way till the creation of your first video.

What you get for free

Animaker is a freemium tool, and their free plan gives you access to their editor and some of their templates and media items. However, you are only limited to 2-minutes and can’t create videos that are any longer than that. You will also be unable to download those videos and tolerate their branding on your videos.

To unlock Animaker’s full powers, you will need to upgrade to a paid plan. Their paid plans start at $12 per month if paid annually, which goes up to $19 if paid month-to-month.


Biteable is another easy to use online video maker that enables businesses and individuals to create infographics, video ads, and explainer video ads easily. Creating videos is easy with BiteAble, thanks to the wide collection of pre-animated scenes, fonts, animations, and other elements that they offer.

The editor uses the simple drag-and-drop timeline for all videos so you can create a comprehensive story without an issue. You can also find a huge library of high-quality music that you can use for the soundtracks in your videos.

Creating a video using Biteable is as easy as picking a template and starting the edits in the scenes. Every scene is about 3-5 seconds, and you can customize everything in it – from the fonts and colors to the music and animations.

You can also collaborate with your team members on the video, making your story come to life even more quickly and enriching it with the ideas it has. BiteAble also offers social media templates that you can use to create your online presence on different social media platforms.

You can also upload your own footage and add it to your videos, and of course, the videos will be of High Quality so you can compete in today’s quality-obsessed business world.

What you get for free

With Biteable’s free plan, you will get access to some of their features, but not all. The free plan allows you to create your videos, but they will add their watermark on the videos, you won’t be able to download your own footage, and your videos will be public for anyone to see.

The paid plans start at $20/month and will give you access to their library (with more than 85,000 extra footage to use in your videos) and the ability to upload your own footage. is another online infographic platform that businesses, educators, and businesses can use to represent and convey ideas, processes, projects, concepts, and reports in visual forms that appeal to the eyes and easy to understand.

You can use to create posters, announcements, timelines, flowcharts, banners, and more. You can also use to create dynamic charts and customize all of its elements – including rows, columns, and values.

Choose from the wide library of pre-made templates to reduce the time needed to create a design. You will be able to customize and rearrange the template in any way you want to make the design uniquely yours.

Once done, you can export or even share the design instantly directly from the software. You can also share your work with other team members using a shareable link that allows them to reuse the infographics you made, and they can also directly embed the infographics into their blog posts.

What you get for free offers a free forever plan that is great for individuals and small businesses. This free plan gives you access to their basic features, but it limits you to only 60 images, and you can’t use more than 10 fonts.

If you want access to more than 50 fonts as well as the ability to download your creations in High Resolution, the feature of uploading your own images and fonts, as well as the privacy of your files, you will need to upgrade to a paid plan. offers paid plans that start at $3/month.


Infogram is a data visualization platform that can help marketers, educators, and business people create highly effective visuals and stand out from their competition. Like other tools on this list, Infogram comes with a wide library of elements to choose from, including premade design templates, images, icons, interactive charts, and more than 500 maps.

You can customize these templates and use these elements in the intuitive drag-and-drop editor. Their editor is easy enough that anyone can use it without graphic design experience. Users will create interactive maps, reports, and infographics that will work smoothly on any device using the solution.

You can also import and export data with infogram. You can even integrate it with live data from the cloud and can upload spreadsheets to it. Users can invite other team members to collaborate on your projects and work on them together.

After done with your creation, you will be able to publish your content online instantly.

What you get for free

Infogram’s free plan gives you access to the intuitive editor, the ability to import content, but you get limited access to the platform’s other features. You are limited to only 2 map types, 25 chart types, and 10 library size. You will also not be able to download the High-Quality images, and your projects will be public.

If you want access to everything Infogram can offer, you will need to upgrade to a paid plan. Their paid plans start at $19/month if billed annually and $25/month if users pay month-to-month.


If the infographics you are looking to make can be made by making a collage of different photos you already have, you should check BeFunky. BeFunky is a simple and free photo collage maker that is pretty simple to use but still offers some nice features.

BeFunky lets users work online without installing any software on their devices, and their online photo editor can be used without even needing to sign up or log in. This is something that is very rarely seen nowadays and something that privacy-concerned individuals will definitely appreciate.

The natural user interface uses drag-and-drop functionality to create the collages, and the platform offers a library of dozens of free collage layouts to choose from. Some of the layouts offered include a Facebook Cover and a Pinterest Pin.

You can upload multiple photos at once, and you can edit in full-screen mode, and you can import your photos from your Facebook account directly into BeFunky.

BeFunky also offers a free mobile editing app for editing on the go.

What you get for free

BeFunky is completely free to use, and the free plan offers access to its editor and 125 digital effects to choose from. However, the free version includes ads that are removed when you get a paid subscription.

You will need a premium plan if you want hundreds more premium effects, graphics, filters, and templates. Premium plans start at $6.99 per month or $59.99 per year.

Mind the Graph

Mind the Graph is an infographic generator that offers what the popular solutions offer without their hefty price tags. The solution is mainly aimed at students and researchers. Still, it can be used by anyone – including marketers – who want to make visually-appealing graphs that make their data easy to understand at a glance.

Like other solutions on this list, you get a library of templates to choose from and customize, the ability to work on multiple projects simultaneously, and a library of elements – such as fonts and icons – to choose from.

Mind the Graph’s scientific focus shows through its library of more than 3,000 scientific illustrations to choose from. The layouts are easily customizable through drag-and-drop functionality.

What you get for free

Mind the Graph offers a free version, but it’s not a competitive one. The free version doesn’t give you access to any templates, and you can only work on one active project at a time. You also get access to only 5 available charts to choose from, which is considerably limited compared to other solutions on this list, such as Canva.

I hope this has helped. Now that you know about the best marketing infographics tools, the ball is back in your court. You need to choose one that will fit the unique needs of your business.

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Well, that’s it. If you liked the article, why don’t you share it with a friend who might like it as well? I’m sure they will like it. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to drop me a comment down below!

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