Strategies for Better Instagram Branding To Influence Social Media Users

Branding is the most critical aspect of business marketing, especially when you want to use different social media platforms for advertising. Out of all, Instagram will help you a lot as it will give you an edge by presenting images and videos of your products to the users.

Therefore, social media must have a clear, memorable, and impactful visual identity. It has now become a norm for marketing businesses irrespective of their size, stature, nature, and location.

Instagram is the most powerful that you can have in your digital marketing arsenal. This is because:

  • It is a powerhouse where visual content is used to promote products, services, businesses, and brands and
  • 71% or 25 million companies in the US alone have an Instagram profile that stands out when it comes to reaching out and earning engagement from Instagram followers.

However, your success will largely depend on how well created and well-defined your visual identity is.

To make it useful and powerful, you need to know your brand inside out before you start creating it. You will need first to have an actual identity and understand the critical aspects of your brand. This will enable better and more accessible communication with your audience. That will help you to know what you should base your visuals on.

Be consistent

You must be very consistent when you want to use Instagram for your business marketing purpose and create a brand identity. Consistency is the key to success, and these four steps will help you to be as consistent as possible to make the Instagram channel a more cohesive representation of your brand.

  • Messaging: You must be consistent in messaging and ensure that all your content reaffirms your brand. For this, you will need to know why you want to be known and what specific things you want to gain from it.
  • Visuals: Your visuals should be consistent and irrespective of their type. That will ensure followers to recognize your brand merely by looking at the image or any of your posts without having to look at the logo of your business. The style and feel should be consistent, for which you will need to use the same filter while posting photos.
  • Fonts: On Instagram, the words you use on your images can make or break you. You should use one or two primary fonts for all your posts on Instagram, as it is on all other channels. It should also match the tone of your industry.

Lastly, and most importantly, be consistent with your timing. Make it predictable for the users to look forward to your posts.

Cohesive visual style

Maintaining a coherent visual branding style when you use Instagram to promote your business is also essential. This will ensure well-designed and far better branding, which will allow you to enjoy the following benefits:

  • You will be able to more accurate and impressive first impressions because you can communicate the right message.
  • It will help you to gain more trust among your users because more than 78% of consumers look for companies that create custom content and consider them to be more trustworthy than the ones who rely on and post generic photos.
  • You will gain more recognition from your audience. This will also enable your brand to stay compelling and authoritative on this platform.

Most importantly, your cohesive visual style and consistent brand identity will help you to differentiate your brand from your competitors.

Therefore, make sure that you post consistently and design your content in such a way that it reflects the same messages and themes on Instagram as well as on other social channels. Never post boring content. You can make it more interesting by posting pictures of people using your product. This will help you to make a better connection with your followers, bringing them closer to you.

Focus on Instagram aesthetics

Creating brand identity means creating content that will blend with Instagram aesthetics. You can do this through content that shows off your personality and brand value.

  • The experts recommend writing content following your Instagram marketing strategy to show your personality. There is a thin line of distinction between personal and professional content on Instagram. This is even becoming more blurred as the users are now more curious to know about the faces behind the brands they follow and like. This is an excellent opportunity and news for businesses because it allows them to build a stronger connection with their followers. Therefore, let the users know who you are and what are the things that are important to you.
  • To create a brand value through your content, including everything you care about most. You can also show how you run your business and the real people behind it. This will convey the message of your business in a much better way without making the followers feel that you want to make a sale.

When you create such content to post on your Instagram feed, you will be able to give your users a lot of good reasons to follow you and get them on board.

Create worthy images

Lastly, you should focus on the imagery for Instagram. Only when you create beautiful Instagram images will you be able to reinforce your brand.

Since the platform is primarily a video and photo-sharing network, you must ensure that your images are beautiful, bold, and captivating. Never upload any low-quality or grainy pictures, as it will not fetch many likes. You will need to step up and step out because your photos are just one of the millions of others.

You can create severe and somber content or add a little humor, depending on the message you want to convey through your type of product. Focus on your style, sense, and creativity to win more customers.

Remember, it is the mood, the target audience, and the aesthetics that will dictate your brand presence.

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