Best 5 RescueTime Alternatives and Competitors

In this modern era, where most business is planned, managed, and delivered online, a crucial element was born that never existed before. It’s the ability to hire freelancers to get the job done.

Freelancing naturally became an alternative way to earn a living for skilled or talented people.

In a substantial fact, freelancing is a free will kind of job; it means a freelancer might get assigned or recommended for a particular task, process this task through an agreed working plan, and deliver their finished tasks, all done remotely with the possibility of never meeting the contractor or boss at work. That requires a good deal of self-discipline and motivation.

Thankfully, this is what Time tracking and management software such as RescueTime or its`s alternatives were designed to do.

With the ability to track actual working hours spent on tasks, pre-set work hours clock & dead-lines manually or automatically, detect real-time mouse & keyboard usage, monitor the ongoing work through random screenshots taken, or even track your employers` whereabouts through GPs, and more.

You can do all this with such tools. But, of course, each software has features and ways to do things. That’s why we summed up some of the most prominent Rescue time alternatives, each with its functionality and way of thinking.

We found some of the essential features to seek to choose the best software for your needs beforehand. So check them out!

Most Desirable features:

  • National or Global billing: It’s casual for businesses to depend on freelancers from different nationalities or people residing everywhere worldwide. That’s why it proves useful to choose a time managing provider that can deal with different monetary systems and currencies to deliver the most appropriate hours or monthly payment rates according to the service required. This should keep planned budgets for various projects in check and your employed freelancers satisfied.
  • Individual pay rates processing: When you run a large-scale kind of business, it’s confident you will be dealing with a more significant number of freelancers, each with its agreed payment plan. That’s why it’s healthy to have a time tracking software that can save different payment plans and send you a reminder of the time and details of each payment when it’s due.
  • Mobile App added: As the business world is running fast, a good deal or a new project offer can occur anytime & anywhere. That raises the urge for vigilance when you are a successful manager or business planner. That’s why it’s mandatory to be able to manage your business at all times. And that’s where time tracking alternatives with a dedicated mobile app version appear at the top of each search engine list.
  • GPS tracking: Time is of the essence; that’s why an extra grip over your active freelancing base of employees never hurts. So having a productive time tracking software with a GPS tracking option will help you keep a hawk`s eye on those working hours when your hired freelancers should be working and not wasting paid time elsewhere.
  • Payroll third-party integrations: Money transaction is the modern free market language these days. That’s why it’s never too much to ask for a time tracking module that can integrate with third-party payroll providers for more comfortable and more effective payment sessions, especially when dealing with freelancers from different countries with various taxing regulations and monetary systems.
  • Activity monitoring: Such features may include taking random screenshots, URL & App usage breakdown, mouse and keyboard actions recorded, or even real-time tracking on higher-end activity management tools. All is fair when you pay high for delicate tasks that can’t hold any delay or unjustly paid working hours.
  • Team management and reporting: A good time management software should provide various management tools besides the ability to sum up, all data-driven from ongoing or previous tasks and create favorable reports that help business workflow in general. Added the ability to provide a convenient dashboard to make all such data more organized and more comfortable to follow.
  • Automatic & Manual scheduling tools: As a time tracking suite, it’s beyond question it should introduce several time-lead and management solutions that can help a single task or a group of functions, each working with an individual time plan and shifting to stay organized.
  • Local & international technical support: It’s essential to have good coverage as a single task manager working inside or as a business owner with various international teams.

Best 5 RescueTime Alternatives:

  1. Tickspot, With a wide range of features, tickspot is a powerful rescue time alternative.
  2. Time Doctor, Another rescue time alternative that offers brilliant features.
  3. Hubstaff, One of the most durable features of this software lies in its multi-categorized integrations.
  4. Toggl, the winning side to this software, will be its ease of use and friendly interface.
  5. QuickBooks Time, QuickBooks Time is a Quickbooks-powered solution for time tracking and scheduling designed for accountants.



With a wide range of features, tickspot is a powerful rescue time alternative. Such features are categorized as:

Simple time tracking: The time card, Running timers, instant budget feedback, and multiple choices time entry (Apple watch, IOS, Android, PC, & Mac compatible)

On-time on a budget: Project tracking, break down of hours monitoring, budget set for individual task, Instant budget feedback, Assign team members to projects, Set rescue projects (regularly repeated tasks) automatically, A Clean & organized Dashboard.

Powerful reporting: Time reporting, time reporting by client or person, detailed time entry, Export reports to Freshbooks, Quickbooks, or as a CSV (Excel)

Besides integrating with over 750 different software tools and platforms such as Asana, Trello, Zapier, Basecamp, and much more.


Tickspot offers 30 days trial plan and four layers of monthly paid plans defined by the number of projects assigned.

  • Free for one project
  • $19 for ten projects
  • 49$ for 30 projects
  • $79 for 60 projects
  • $149 for unlimited projects

Time Doctor


Another rescue time alternative that offers brilliant features is as follows:

Accurate time tacking/ Screenshots (take & upload screenshots online)/ Chat monitoring (time spent on meetings & calls)/ Client feature (give free access for clients to monitor their own projects progress)/ powerful reports (time logs, screenshots … etc.)/ Web & App usage recording/ Payroll (fixed or by-hour payments calculated)/ Mobile App with GPS tracking feature included/ Flexibility (Multi-platforms operational.)


The time doctor offers a 14-day free trial plan before upgrading to its 9.99$ per user per month paid plan. (No Free plan available.)



One of the most durable features of this software lies in its multi-categorized integrations, such as project management integrations, payment, accounting & invoicing, CRM, Helpdesk, scheduling & work management integrations.

Hubstaff features include screenshots & activity rates/ remote team dashboard/ online timesheets & attendance reports/ Daily, weekly, & time calendar reviews/ reporting/ internet monitoring/ Application monitoring/ Staff scheduling/ Flexible invoicing/ per-user admin settings/ unlimited viewers access/ online payroll system/ project budget, weekly limits, & GPS monitoring.


Hubstaff offers a 14-day free trial with the ability to get two months free for an annual subscription. Other than that, the vendor offers three payment plans based on team numbers. With a one-user limited free plan and a couple more varied feature plans, the basic plan (starts at $5/ month for one user) and the premium plan (starts at $9 monthly for one user.)



The winning side to this software will be its ease of use and friendly interface.

Toggl browses its features as Basic (simple time tracking, Flexible reporting, 80 + online tools integration for added flexibility) and Advanced features (Automated timesheets, actionable business intelligence, on mail reports, and global technical support.)


Toggl offers a 30-day free trial and Monthly/annual payment plans, including an ever-free basic plan. These plans are: Starter ($10.) Premium ($20.) and Enterprise ($59.) per user per month.

An exciting feature of this platform is that you can hire a trainer through their program named “Master Program.” This trainer helps you set up the program and get it ready. And it comes with three different pricing plans (Basic: $50/ Liftoff: $390/ and Professional: $790) according to work time included.

QuickBooks Time

QuickBooks Time

QuickBooks Time is a Quickbooks-powered solution for time tracking and scheduling designed for accountants. They even have a standing accountants` community, for that matter.


  • Mobile Timesheet Tracker: This allows for real-time tracking from any location using mobile or other portable devices.
  • GPS Time tracking: Android & iPhone applicable.
  • Timesheet Entry: Manual and punch card fully customizable data entry.
  • Tracking Employee Paid Time Off sick time, vacation time, and paid time off (PTO) management.
  • Employee Alert & Reminders: Clock in/Out reminder.
  • Employee scheduling: Text, email, or push notifications available.

* QuickBooks Time offers an exclusive PRO membership and a good base of accounting and payroll software integrations such as Sage, Xero, ADP, and more.


  • Premium plan: $20/month + $8 per user per month (30-day free trial)
  • Elite plan: $40/month + $10 per user per month (30-day free trial)

Final word: 

With online businesses thriving daily, you can easily find many tools created and continuously developed to keep up with the pace, each with its way of approaching a broader and more varied business scale. So our choices are never final; we, just as you do, are reading, analyzing, and anticipating everything new on the market to bring you the best options and recommendations at all times. So stay with us!

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