How to Apply for a Remote Work Visa in Dubai – Your Complete Guide

Your Guide to Apply for a Remote Work Visa in Dubai

We know that working from home is popular, but most of us know it’s not always working from home. It’s working from somewhere other than the office. It could be working from the nearest cafe, a coworking space, or a quiet library.

Here comes the Dubai remote work visa or the virtual working program. You could spice things up even further and work remotely from Dubai. The UAE has made it possible for remote workers to work from Dubai; the requirements are easy: proof of employment, valid UAE health insurance, etc. It is the Dubai digital nomad visa.

The Dubai digital nomad visa allows remote workers to enjoy living and working in Dubai. You could apply for a remote working visa to work from Abu Dhabi or any city in the UAE, but we’ll focus on Dubai.

If you’ve always wanted to work remotely from Dubai, this article is for you. We’ll introduce the Dubai remote working visa, eligibility, required documents, benefits, and fees, and other cities in the United Arab Emirates where you can apply for the visa to work.

What Is the Dubai Remote Work Visa?

Dubai remote work visa or the virtual working program allows foreign nationals to live in Dubai and work remotely for their current employer.

This visa allows you to live in the UAE under self-sponsorship. You don’t need a contract from a UAE employer. You’ll continue working remotely as you are but from a different country altogether. You’ll work and enjoy the perks of living in Dubai.

This visa differs from traditional UAE visas like tourist or work visas, which require an employer’s work permit.

It’s important to mention that this new remote working visa is only one year and can be renewed.

Let’s find out more about this remote working visa.

Why Did the UAE Issue the Remote Work Visa?

The remote work visa is part of Dubai’s plan to boost the local economy, with people worldwide choosing Dubai’s wonderful location to work while living, renting, sending their kids to schools, and helping the country thrive.

It was also part of the UAE’s plan to attract talent and establish Dubai and the UAE as the digital hub and the home of remote work. They also recently introduced the virtual company license.

Are You Eligible for Dubai’s Remote Working Visa?

The first thing that comes to mind is that this remote working visa is for employees only. This is so not true. Business owners can also apply for this visa. So, are you eligible to work remotely from Dubai?


You must be employed with a minimum salary of about $ 5,000 monthly to be eligible for the remote work visa.

Business Owners

As a company owner, you need to prove ownership of the company and have an average monthly income of $5000, so you have a chance to work in Dubai through a remote work visa.

Many employees and business owners match the eligibility criteria and fulfill the visa requirements, but meeting the visa requirements doesn’t guarantee approval. The UAE immigration reserves the right to reject applicants.

Now that you meet the criteria, it’s time to prepare the required documents and money to apply and live in Dubai.

What Are the Required Documents?

For Employees

  • Proof of employment. A work contract that is valid for one year from your current employer.
  • Provide last month’s salary slip.
  • Bank statements for the three previous months.
  • Valid passport with six-month validity.
  • Valid health insurance with UAE coverage validity. (Health insurance costs around 10,000 AED annually (2,720 USD).)

For Business Owners

As for company owners, they need proof of ownership of the country for a year or more. They must also provide a bank statement for the company’s account for three previous months.

The Visa Application Process and Fees

  • Application Process

Before getting your visa, you will get an entry permit to complete a medical examination like other UAE visas. You can expect to get your remote working visa within sixty days.

  • Application Fees

So, what are the fees for the Dubai digital nomad visa?

Getting a remote work visa costs about $620, including the virtual working program fees, processing fee, medical, and Emirates ID. The fees are for a year visa only; you pay the same amount for renewal costs.

Benefits of Remote Working Visa in Dubai

Dubai offers numerous perks for people working remotely who want to live in Dubai. When you apply for and get a remote working visa, you can access all the standard residents’ benefits like telecommunications, utilities, and phone lines. You can also rent a house if you like.

In addition to living in one of the most luxurious cities in the world, you get access to Dubai’s global networking opportunities, business opportunities, seamless digital infrastructure, and, of course, zero income tax for individuals.

Remote Work Visa in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Other United Arab Emirates Cities

You can apply for a remote working visa in other cities of the UAE, like Abu Dhabi and the Northern Emirates. Let’s see their requirements.

How to Apply for the Remote Work Visa through Abu Dhabi and Northern Emirates

  • Apply through the ICA portal for a remote working visa in Sharjah, Umm Al Quwain, or Abu Dhabi.
  • First, register through by going to the smart services channel.
  • Then, you’ll choose the remote work visa option.
  • Upload the documents and pay the fees: Dhs 300.

Final Words

Dubai is one of the most luxurious cities in the world, with a thriving economy, amazing infrastructure, a digital hub, and a growing economy. For remote workers out there, the remote work visa is an exceptional way to help you get a chance to live in Dubai.

We hope this guide has helped explain the amazing benefits of living in Dubai, how to apply for a remote working visa, and answer any questions about it.

Furthermore, if you are looking to sell your services or operate a small online business on social media, you may need to look for an E-trade license in Dubai that may help you with that. And if you’re looking to explore European countries, you might want to check our guide for digital nomad visas in Croatia, Germany, and Portugal.


Dubai Remote Working Visa FAQs

How long will the remote work visa allow me to stay in Dubai?

You can only stay in Dubai for one year as this is a one-year visa.

Can I renew my Dubai remote work visa?

Yes. You reapply for the visa and pay the government fees.

When your visa expires, you have every right to renew it if you like Dubai and want to continue working remotely from the amazing city.

Will this remote visa allow me to relocate to Dubai with my family?

Absolutely, you can relocate to Dubai with your family as you can sponsor your wife and children.

Do I pay income tax in Dubai?

No, the UAE doesn’t take income tax from individuals.

Can I work remotely from Dubai for a UK company?

Yes, you can work remotely from Dubai for any company overseas. You must submit proof of employment with one-year contract validity from your existing employer.

How is my income taxed using the Dubai work remote visa?

You can get the UAE Tax Residency certificate with a remote working visa. This certificate will help you avoid double taxation and make you benefit from a tax level of 0% in the UAE.

You should seek expert advice as taxation differs from country to country.

Are there any nationality restrictions to getting this visa?

None whatsoever. Anyone who is eligible and meets the requirements can apply.

Can I rent in Dubai?

Absolutely, this visa helps you to rent in Dubai.

Will the remote work visa allow me to open a bank account?

Yes, the remote work visa will allow you to open a bank account.

What are Some of the Benefits of Living in Dubai?

Dubai has an amazing healthcare system, an advanced transportation system, a stable economy, and a low crime rate, making it one of the safest and best places to live.

What is the Processing Time for Dubai’s Remote Work Visa?

It normally takes five to seven days unless some documents are missing.

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