Best 10 Project Management Software for Small Business

Organizing is one of the critical keys to success. You can have so many things going on at once. You need a way to keep things organized, and relying on traditional organizational methods no longer works for many businesses.

There are some high-performing project management software out there, and we are here to see if one of them is right for your business.

Before we start, you should ask yourself what you want from the project management software. What are your requirements or needs? So that when you are checking the options provided, you can choose which of them suits your business better.

Best Project Management Software for Small Business:

  • Asana
  • Basecamp
  • Trello
  • Zoho Projects
  • Scoro
  • Taskworld
  • Wrike
  • Quire
  • Proofhub

Let’s dive into our list of small businesses’ best project management software.



Whether you are looking for a solution to manage your marketing campaign’s execution, product development, or any other goal, Asana has proven to be a great Project Management and tracking tool.

It is aimed more at small businesses and small teams looking to tackle more complex projects shortly. The free plan offers support for up to 15 team members and the basic search dashboard features and functionalities and has no limit on the number of tasks, conversations, or projects.


Asana updates in real-time so you can see all the changes made the moment they happen. The User Interface is intuitive and straightforward, and goal visualization is pleasing and helps maintain project progress on track.


You need to be online to use it, and some users have reported the search feature not working correctly.



Are you looking for a solution that mainly helps in collaboration and team communication? Then Basecamp should be on the top of your list.

It’s also an excellent choice for those without prior experience with Project Management Software. The features are simple, which is good when you’re just beginning. Still, it also means that as your business grows, you may find yourself looking for another solution with more advanced features, better customization, and better security.


The solution’s visual home screen organizes everything in a centralized place, and the discussion boards make organizing conversations super easy.

The color-coded folders allow teams to access similar files quickly, and the app regularly provides insights from the team thanks to its automatic check-ins functionality.


The all-in pricing means you have less flexibility than you have with other solutions. The simplicity means you don’t get advanced features or sophisticated reporting, making it hard to tackle complex projects.



Trello is a project management software ideal for international teams, especially teams of creatives and developers. It is very visual, straightforward, and very intuitive to use.

The software is free for freelancers and small teams and comes with all the essential features you need (you’ll rarely need to upgrade). In addition, it is web-based and offers mobile applications for those working on the go.


Drag and Drop to move your cards is super easy to use, the visuals are pleasing and make monitoring the progress of tasks super simple, and the Shared Calendar helps with team collaboration.


Just like Basecamp, Trello is too simple to handle complex projects. Trello can’t also provide the level of project details that you may find in other solutions.

Zoho Projects

zoho projects

Zoho Projects is an online project management solution that helps teams plan, track, and collaborate on every project. Being a part of the Zoho family, Zoho Projects is feature-rich and can integrate smoothly with many products and services for extended functionality.

The interface will be similar to anyone who has worked with Zoho products before, and they have recently updated it. Hence, it becomes more straightforward and more intuitive than ever before.

The solution’s charts and reports offer users in-depth insights into the progress made by the set due date. That also means you can know who is available, engaged, and overloaded to improve the workflow.

If you are looking for time-tracking in a PM solution, then Zoho should be on your list, too. A free plan is available, and it has an unlimited number of users but is limited to 1 active project and only 10 Megabytes of storage.


Zoho enables users to get a detailed overview of project progress, and the reporting tool is among the most advanced. In addition, the collaboration, integration, and document management functionalities make Zoho Projects an excellent choice for all sizes.


Zoho’s dashboard will not win any beauty contests, and file filtering is limited.

Monday-com is a project management tool suitable for businesses of all sizes. The solution manages workloads and improves communications between the teams. You can manage schedules and use the visual timeline to plan through it.

The solution is scalable and offers advanced features and capabilities such as utilizing API for the higher-end plans. They offer a free trial as well.


The strongest selling point of is that it allows users to see the big pictures while still holding small details. The solution is easy enough to use, and the navigation is simple. It can be customized to suit any business, and they regularly update and enhance the software.

Cons: is not for you if you heavily depend on Google Apps to get things done since there’s no Gmail integration. There is also no pricing plan for freelancers (sing-user plan).



This is the one if you are looking for a comprehensive project management tool that can track time spent and billed and manage expenses and invoices.

Scoro allows users to see the progress of their projects through its intuitive interface and gathers data to help them make well-informed decisions and plan for the future.

You can manage expenses and invoices and track time spent and billed from a single page. You can also handle files and comments through this centralized page and schedule meetings and tasks.


Scoro’s web interface is attractive, user-friendly, and optimized for smartphones. The centralized page allows you to manage projects and configure tasks and statuses from one location. The budget and project comparison will prove more useful than you think.


You may outgrow it if your small business becomes a large company with many users and complex projects. The onboarding processing could be more comfortable, and the solution doesn’t support Gmail Contact Synchronization.


Taskworld is a web-based virtual task management and planning solution designed for businesses of all sizes and used by many small businesses and large corporations worldwide.

Taskworld acts as a centralized collaboration hub that allows teams to exchange ideas instantly and make more informed decisions. The solution is used to organize and assign tasks, plan quality projects, monitor progress step by step, and analyze all the gathered data to improve the team’s performance and allow managers to make smarter business decisions.

The solution uses various advanced tools, including project analysis and burndown charts, to align decentralized groups and redirect their efforts towards their common goals so that no critical notification, message, or announcement falls through the cracks.


Taskworld offers a beautiful interface and a friendly text editor that makes it easy for anyone to get into visual management quickly. In addition, the drag-n-drop functionality makes things easier.

The solution will neatly organize all your data so you can forget about problems such as ignored clients, delays, missed deadlines, or email clutter. In addition, the inbuilt chat and file sharing feature offer both public and private channels. You can send some information privately to a specific connection or send information for the whole company to see.

The Advanced filters and overview enable users to track projects and tasks more closely. Users can filter tasks and projects by dates, status, and performers. The tasklist overview tool instantly gives managers a complete overview of the tasks, which tasks have been completed, which due dates are coming up, etc.


Although the app overall is excellent, and the web version is perfect, it’s not perfect and has a few minor glitches and annoyances that some users have reported. For example, some users have said that the app seems to be slower to refresh in the Safari browser and that the iOS applications (for iPhones and iPads) are not as good as they could’ve been and need some work.

Some users have also complained that the app doesn’t export current tasks to Excel for management reports, but we expect the vendor to address this issue in the future.



Wrike is a popular end-to-end project management application that aims to provide teams – regardless of their size or location on the planet – with a solid collaboration platform.

Although the solution is designed with small teams in mind, its scalability and excellent offerings regarding capabilities and features can grow with any business.

Wrike allows users to manage multiple projects and teams from a single location. Users will be able to get an overview of their projects. Still, the solution will also break down the large projects and goals into smaller, more easily manageable Tasks and Subtasks so you can track individual contributions and progress being done on the projects, tasks, and subtasks more easily.

Wrike offers a wide range of features, including a Gantt Chart, predesigned templates, proofing and approval, live activity stream, Calendar & email synchronization, and a personal dashboard.


Wrike’s freemium plan is one of the best choices for small teams with less than five users as it offers all the essential features a small business might need. In addition, its flexibility and scalability mean your team won’t have to go through the pain of changing solutions as your business grows.

The real-time editing functionality means everyone on the team will always have the latest information, so everyone is on board with any change happening momentarily.

The Time and Budget tracking features allow for more accurate budget management, and the Gantt Chart feature gives the schedules a visual timeline that’s easy to monitor and track.


Wrike is one of the most popular projects management solutions, especially among teams on the smaller side, but it still needs some improvement in some areas. One area in particular that needs work on is the number of available integrations. The solution doesn’t integrate with some popular solutions, such as Xero, for example.

The User Interface doesn’t offer many customizations as well, at least when compared with some of its competitors, and the lack of a built-in chat app should be resolved soon.


Quire is a modern task management app for creative teams. Moreover, the solution differentiates itself from its competitors with its unique tree structure and price: Free.

Quire helps businesses map out their big ideas, break them down into smaller goals, and tackle them individually. Its purpose is to help teams handle big, complex projects by breaking them into smaller, more easily manageable units that can be prioritized and tackled one step at a time.

Unlike other project and task management solutions, Quire doesn’t require you to abide by the traditional methods of task segregation. Instead, you input your ideas into the system and transform them into actionable items as you go along. The system will automatically relate tasks and subtasks independently, freeing your time and mind to focus on something more important.

Quire is excellent for small teams as it is free to use and offers all essential task management and collaboration features.


Quire’s tree structure sets the solution apart and divides very complex projects into smaller, manageable tasks. In addition, the real-time collaboration features can help creative teams participate more actively in the tasks and subtasks of their projects.

Quire also offers seamless integration with Slack and Google Drive. Users can share Google Driver files for easier collaboration, and they can create tasks with Siri. The solution also guarantees transparency and minimizes errors as all concerned parties can monitor the status of a project.

Of course, offering all these features for free means that Quire is one of the best Task Management applications available for small teams.


Unfortunately, no solution is perfect, and Quire is no exception. The lack of API means users are limited in what integrations the vendor offers. In addition, they can’t work on their integrations, which could be an issue if your work counts on a particular application or system Quire doesn’t offer integration with.

The limited offline functionality is also an annoyance that should be fixed, and the restricted folders for organizing tasks can be very bothersome.



Proofhub is a cloud-based project management solution designed to help teams meet their deadlines and stay on top of their deliverables. The solution allows managers across all projects to act as a central hub for their groups, clients, and contractors. A central hub where everyone can share knowledge, tasks, notes, ideas, and discussions to achieve a more efficient and effective collaboration.

Proofhub is intuitive and easy to use, so even non-technical users can make the best of it in no time. Teams can be divided into separate groups by any parameter. Users get email notifications about tasks, milestones, or project status changes. In addition, the solution integrates with Google and Outlook to synchronize your calendar events across all your calendar apps.

Users can also upgrade or downscale their plan and features anytime they need to, ensuring the solution stays flexible with you as the needs and requirements of your business change with time.

Proofhub also has many customization options for the user interface and advanced features such as Time tracking, Casper Mode, Proofing, and more.


Proofhub is one of the best project management solutions for international teams, thanks to its multilingual interface that allows teams to have users from different countries worldwide.

The White-labelling feature is excellent for branding the account, and the Gantt Chart enables users to create project roadmaps for tasks and resources. The integration with Outlook and Google Calendar means you will never miss an event regardless of the calendar app you use, as they will all synchronize with Proofhub to have your events, tasks, and deadlines right there.


Unfortunately, Proofhub doesn’t come with a budget management tool, which means you will have to use another application to do your budgeting, which could annoy some businesses.

Calendar synchronization is also one-way, meaning you have to pay attention to where you input your tasks and events. You could easily miss something important if you are not used to using Proofhub’s Calendar.

The lack of a recurring option for tasks is also an annoyance.

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If you are a small business owner or manager and still looking at all the different types of software and options available to you to choose from, we can help.

And that’s it for now! These have been 10 of the best project management software for small businesses.

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