Best Project Management Software for Mac

Project Management Software is the backbone of many businesses in the meantime. The business environment has never been more competitive, pushing companies to become as efficient and productive as possible.

This is where Project Management software comes in. It helps businesses be the best they could be – productivity and efficiency-wise.

Windows PCs have always been the dominating breed of computers in the workplace, but this is not true anymore, and with the widespread use of Macs in the business world, we have seen great choices that work with Mac users.

In this article, we are going to discuss some of the best project management software for Mac users, and without wasting any more time, let’s get right into it:

Best Project Management Software for Mac Users

  • Teamwork
  • Wrike
  • BaseCamp 
  • Trello 
  • Daylite 
  • Merlin
  • Monday
  • Microsoft Project
  • FastTrack 
  • Scoro
  • OmniPlan

1- Teamwork


As you can guess by its name, teamwork is one of the best project management software for Mac devices focused on making team collaboration more streamlined to the point where it becomes effortless.

Teamwork offers excellent project management features that include time tracking, billing, estimates, milestones, notifications, task boards, and more.

It is suitable for businesses of all sizes, whether large or small and can bring all your workspaces and teams in one place for easier management.

The ability to track time and log billable and non-billable hours are handy, and users can track and log time on each task individually. In addition, setting task status and adding labels, reminders, and tags is easy, and the ability to import tasks right from excel is super convenient.

A project manager can also create multiple tasks and link them to milestones and/or the Teamwork Calendar. In addition, the Task Board allows users to exchange ideas in chat or comments, and managers can control who gets the notifications.

What makes Teamwork great for Mac users is that it’s free for up to five users and the Email integration with Gmail. Teamwork also integrates with Basecamp, Trello, Slack, YouTube, and more.

TeamWork offers a lot of features, but this does affect its usability at times. IT also has a bit of a learning curve and is not as easy to use as possible.

You also can’t import tasks with TeamWork, and you always have to enter them manually.

Teamwork Pricing:

  • Free – Costs nothing – offers up to 5 users, 100MB of file space, and 2 active projects.
  • Pro – Costs $10/user/month (billed annually)– offers up to 50 users, 100GB file space, and 300 active projects. Adds Integrations with Slack, Google Drive, Onedrive, and more.
  • Premium – Costs $18/user/month (billed annually)– Offers up to 100 users, 250 GB file space, and 600 projects. Adds custom domains, project portfolio, extra integrations, and more features.
  • Enterprise – Custom quotes – Offer more security, unlimited projects, a dedicated customer success manager for onboarding and training, and better branding control.

2- Wrike


Wrike is an online project management software that helps project managers to manage their projects. The solution offers excellent benefits to any business as it operates as an all-in-one hub for all your project management needs.

Wrike offers great collaboration features for businesses of all sizes, such as the 3-Pane project view that allows the project manager to view all the critical data in a glance and get clear visibility on all of their projects’ operations.

Tags and folders enable users to view and share project data more comfortably and more organized. In addition, you can engage your team more using Wrike’s activity stream, and your team members will also be able to view each other’s activity progress in real-time for a smoother workflow.

Wrike offers 400+ pre-built native integrations with popular file management tools from Adobe Creative Cloud, Google, and Dropbox. Users can also integrate with sales and marketing software from Salesforce and Marketo. In addition, Wrike offers many helpful tools for project managers and teams who use Mac. But all of this comes with a pretty steep learning curve.

Wrike’s other features include Gantt charts, custom fields, custom reports, critical path, custom calendars, Time Tracking, Task prioritization, workload management, email integration, resource management, and interactive timelines (Gantt Chart).

3- BaseCamp


Basecamp is more of an online collaboration tool than a project management solution. It’s available to download as an application for Mac computers. It is also available as an application for mobile devices running Android and iOS.

Basecamp has gained its place as one of the most popular choices for remote collaboration, thanks to setup ease. It uses a wide range of useful features across devices, available integrations with 3rd party applications and systems, and excellent pricing.

Basecamp allows you to do everything from one place, from sharing ideas proposals to generating automated reports. So Basecamp is much more than a project management tool.

Its simplicity makes Basecamp one of the best choices for small to mid-sized teams, and the interface is easy to navigate by anyone without experience in project management.

The 24/7 technical assistant and the large user community also mean you will easily find answers and solutions.

Basecamp got weak points such as no Gantt charts or resource management tools, higher pricing, especially for small teams, and a confusing interface.


4- Trello


We’ve mentioned Trello many times as one of the best project and task management applications on the market. Trello uses an intuitive setup of boards, lists, and cards. As a result, the solution is one of the most intuitive PM tools you can find.

Trello is available for free for personal use and small teams and has a reasonable pricing scheme that makes it a good option for startups and small businesses.

Trello is better for executing your projects than for project planning, as you can assign, prioritize, and set deadlines for tasks with ease.

Trello’s Dashboard is straightforward, and the solution offers excellent integration with other third-party apps and services, such as Google Drive, Dropbox, MailChimp, Salesforce, and more.

Team members can easily share ideas, comments, notes, and project files. Trello is also one of the most fun-to-use apps on this list, and its excellent mobile applications allow users to work and stay on top of their business regardless of where they are.


5- Daylite 

Daylite is an all-in-one solution that offers project planning, project management, and customer relationship management in one package. The solution was originally designed for Apple products, so it works great on Mac OS devices.

The User Interface feels very familiar to anyone who has been using Apple products for a while and feels intuitive and fast. It helps businesses use the software to become more client-focused by automating and tracking their tasks to save time and energy towards the more essential matters.

Daylite offers good customizability options that give users the chance to create their pipelines and approval processes for new projects. Daylite also offers some task management functionality to help you with day-to-day operations.


6- Merlin

Merlin Project 5 is a professional project management software that enables users to do their project planning easily on their Macs. Users can do things like generating reports, building a work plan breakdown, and more.

Merlin is intuitive, especially for those familiar with the Apple EcoSystem, but the simple layout doesn’t compromise its features.

Merlin also doubles as a good document management system as it allows users to upload and share files. Users can also create custom reports to get the exact information they need for their decision-making process to become more efficient.

Merlin also offers beautiful and useful network diagrams using the Activity on Node format, lists of all resources involved in projects, Gantt Charts with the critical path, and a time-based display of resource utilization.


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7- Monday

Monday-com, as the name would indicate, is another Project management application that’s cloud-based but does offer a clean and straightforward Mac application. The solution features a clean dashboard that allows users to view and monitor all team members’ activities. is ideal for remote and mid-to-large-sized teams that can benefit from task tracking. It helps businesses build cross-functional teams by enabling all groups to view what the other team members are currently working on. This way, everyone is kept in the loop, and it’s all done from a single, easy-to-navigate, and simple-to-understand dashboard. allows users to add tasks, projects, to-do lists, and goals in the dashboard. You can assign tasks, add deadlines, and track their progress directly through the same dashboard. That means that users can plan their workload more efficiently to get better results.

It also includes helpful integrations to link Slack, Zapier, Jira, Mailchimp, Shopify, Bitbucket, Google Calendar, etc.

Monday’s strongest features are its communication and collaboration tools

However, you should note that you only get real-time visibility and accessibility when you are using the cloud version of the solution and not the Mac one, but, in the end, it depends on your preferences.


8- Microsoft Project

Microsoft Project is a project & Portfolio management solution available as an on-premise option for Windows and Mac and cloud-based software.

MS Project offers integrated project planning tools that help users overview and keep their projects organized and on the planned track.

Users can also use the solution to manage their projects and programs efficiently. It enables users to choose suitable deadlines, choose and provide the resources, empower their project teams, and collaborate with various other parties (professionals, teams, clients, and even enterprises).

Microsoft Project also comes with pulldown menus, Gantt charts, schedule management, task management, business intelligence, timesheets, reports, and integrations with other apps and services to further extend the solution’s functionality.


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9- FastTrack 

FastTrack Schedule is a project management and scheduling solution that is intuitive, easy to use, and results-focused. The solution aims to increase the productivity of businesses by helping them manage their projects more efficiently to complete more projects with better quality in less time.

FastTrack Schedule is available for devices running Windows, Mac OS, and iOS. The dashboard is simple and gives better visibility to team members.

It allows businesses to merge their projects into a single massive schedule, which means users can create master plans for their projects, monitor them, and track them all from a single screen.

The application comes with an extensive collection of pre-designed templates, and it even allows you to create schedules using Excel spreadsheets, Microsoft Project files, or other applications.

Having one big schedule also has another quite large advantage; it gives users the chance to notice and identify any scheduling conflicts and make changes to ensure the workflow stays smooth to ensure efficiency.

Similarly, FastTrack allows you to maximize other resources you might have in your business, such as money usage, team members’ activity, and more. This ensures you are never giving a project too much or too few resources to be completed.


10- Scoro


Scoro is a cloud-based project management software that works well with Mac devices. The solution is ideal for small and mid-sized businesses and comes with project management modules, work management, financial management, and CRM.

Scoro streamlines your processes across your project teams and operations for a seamless workflow. This setup is more commonly used in enterprises but rarely in small businesses, but Scoro brings this power to the Small businesses to give them a competitive edge.

The solution features include a real-time KPI dashboard, shared team calendar, contact management, pre-designed quoting & invoicing templates, sub-tasks, deadlines, time tracking, and more.

Unfortunately, Scoro doesn’t offer a free plan, but they provide a free trial on their paid plans so you can test out the solution and its features to see if it’s a good fit before making a decision.


11- OmniPlan

OmniPlan is a beautifully designed project management application for small and mid-sized businesses. The solution is simple, with powerful features that make project management accessible for busy managers and business owners.

The simple drag-n-drop functionality allows users to drag and drop team members into tasks and easily set estimated times for completion. In addition, the beautiful Gantt Charts make the data easier and faster to understand.

OmniPlan’s filtering options allow managers to narrow down their task lists by resource, priority, claims, date, and more. This helps tremendously when managers get overwhelmed with all the information on their projects and keep things organized.

The violation resolution features enable the software to flag the task to grab the project manager’s attention if something goes wrong, such as going over the estimated time.

Local or Cloud? 

There are two different Mac Project Management Software options for deployment: Local-based (such as with an App installed on the device) or Cloud-hosted (can be accessed from any device with an internet connection).

These two have some pros and cons.

Why use a Local Solution? 

  • You don’t need an extra browser tab.
  • Some have more robust features (as in Microsoft Project) than their cloud-based counterparts.
  • Data is stored locally.

Why use a cloud-based solution? 

  • Collaboration & Remote Work
  • No installation or Maintenance is Required.
  • Backups

The trend for the last couple of years has been towards the latter, and for obvious reasons. You can view data and work remotely, you can collaborate and share project files, notes, ideas, and more with anyone in the world, and you don’t need to worry about Hardware problems (such as corrupt hard drives destroying your data) because someone else takes care of all this stuff for you.

Now, you know the best project management software for Mac to manage your projects.

When deciding on the perfect project management software, it’s essential to look for the right price tag. First, you should recognize two or three options that best fit the bill for what you need to advance in project management. Next, you should give these project management tools a test drive, either by using a free version or signing up for a trial. Finally, scale how each software fits within your project management process, and then make a decision.

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