Why Presentation Templates are Better than Starting from Scratch

When presenting your company, products, or services to potential consumers or businesses, presentations are extremely effective communication tools.

Despite this, you may use presentations for various purposes, such as informing employees about corporate news and developments.

On the other hand, presentations may not sort the effects and outcomes you expect if they are not designed effectively.

This implies that making them from scratch may result in mistakes. This underscores why many people choose to use pre-made presentation templates.

Continue reading if you’re still not convinced. This article will discuss why using presentation templates is better than starting from scratch.

Let’s get right to it.

1- Choosing a presentation template will free up your time for brainstorming and execution

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As you may expect, creating a presentation from scratch might take a long time.

The time relates to the time spent producing the design and keeping it consistent and the time spent considering how to organize your thoughts to deliver the right information to your audience.

As you can guess, the total amount of time you would spend doing this would be significant, apart from diverting your attention away from other more pressing responsibilities in your organization.

Instead, if you choose a presentation template, they will allow you to start with a pre-made layout and style and make minor changes that will not require significant time or effort.

2- Take advantage of professional work 

Without proven design talents or experience, creating a consistent look for your presentation can be difficult and time-consuming.

This may cause delays in developing your presentation and its distribution to your prospects.

Instead, the majority of the presentation templates are created by expert graphic designers, ensuring you top design quality.

As you may expect, having professional presentation templates can help you inspire trust and professionalism in the eyes of your audience, making them more eager to do business with you.

3- The benefit of the authenticity of presentation templates

You might be tempted to choose one of the basic templates provided by PowerPoint. They have been disregarded throughout time, even though they appear to be a convenient option.

Selecting and implementing one of them is unlikely to provide the desired outcomes or make the desired impact on the audience.

This is because they’ve probably seen such designs so many times that they’re no longer capable of getting impressed by them.

Instead, graphic designers typically produce presentation templates with their own preferences, resulting in one-of-a-kind designs. As such, you’ll be able to have an exclusive design that you can brag about and utilize to make your presentation more memorable.

4- Presentation templates let you focus on what’s important

When creating a presentation from scratch, you may concentrate all of your resources and efforts on its design and structure, leaving out specific crucial details.

This may cause you to overlook or neglect critical facts and key concepts necessary to persuade your audience to do business with your company.

Instead, by choosing a presentation template, you’ll start with a pre-made design and structure and have to focus on the presentation’s content and substance.

As a result, you’ll have more time, energy, and attention to create your content and convey the right message in the best way possible.

5- Increase versatility by allowing for personalized changes

Your workload is reduced when you use a presentation template. As a result, your mind will be fresher to consider different methods and options for presenting your concepts and tweaking the design to your tastes.

You won’t have to start from zero because you’ll start with a pre-made framework and design. This will provide more room for innovation, allowing you to enrich your presentation.

Despite this, you can adjust the existing design with a few clicks to suit your tastes and needs. Colors, fonts, shapes, images, and anything you desire can be changed and moved as you wish the most.

6- Consider infinite design options

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Creating a presentation from scratch may restrict your imagination, and you may wind up with something that has been seen hundreds of times before.

As previously stated, such designs are unlikely to produce the desired results regarding authenticity and engagement.

Instead, there are thousands of presentation templates available online from which to pick. Each has a unique design, structure, and purpose.

As a result, you’ll be able to select the one that best fits your brand and intended goal.

Furthermore, you may open your mind to new thoughts and designs that will best share your values.

7- Templates guarantee design consistency throughout the presentation

If you decide to design your presentation from scratch, you must have design abilities to maintain uniformity throughout your presentation.

Having a slide that is different from the next or preceding one, with a completely distinct, contrasting style and structure, makes your entire presentation appear unprofessional and low-quality.

Furthermore, your audience may become confused and unable to follow up between slides, and the message you wish to express may lose its power.

Instead, ready-to-use presentation templates provide you with a professional design that is uniform across all slides.

This implies that the colors, fonts, shapes, and overall design remain constant from slide to slide, ensuring that your work looks harmonious and professional.

8- Improving branding

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Because templates are customizable, branding is now easier than ever.

This means you’ll be able to customize the presentation’s colors, fonts, and visuals and even add your own logo to make it more personal and brand-appropriate.

As a result, even if you did not create your presentation from scratch, your audience will recognize it as yours, especially your brand.

As a result, you will save time and effort while benefiting from expert and customized work.

9- The right combination of fonts, shapes, and imagery

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If you opt to create your presentation from scratch, you should also consider the importance of ensuring uniformity across the board in terms of colors, fonts, shapes, and graphics.

However, if you have no design experience or have never done this before, it may be tough to discover the perfect blend of features and make the overall appearance cohesive.

On the other hand, presentation templates include combinations of components that are supposed to be together and seem congruous in their totality, presenting your audience with a pleasant and stunning appearance.

10- Have an immediate glance at how your presentation will look like 

If you opt to create your presentation from scratch, you will most likely do it in stages. This means you won’t know how your entire presentation will appear until you finish it.

This implies that you may invest time and effort in producing something that you might not appreciate on its whole. If this happens, you’ll have to start from scratch or spend time and energy editing it again until you get the desired effect.

As you can expect, this procedure may be time-consuming and difficult, perhaps delaying your presentation or in-person session.

Instead, presentation templates offer you a quick overview of how it appears, allowing you to determine whether it is the proper style and structure for the objective of your presentation or not.

Consequently, you’ll save time and work, and you’ll be able to readily evaluate different design possibilities if the first or perhaps some don’t suit your needs.

11- Enhance portability

Microsoft configures its default and downloadable templates to use the typeface resources included with Microsoft Office for Mac and Windows.

Because these fundamental components are cross-platform compatible, employing premade templates streamlines presentation development if your company uses more than one operating system.

For organizations that employ a mix of software generations, you may locate templates supporting earlier versions of PowerPoint.

If you make your own templates with fonts from the operating system, you’re using them for development. As a result, you risk employing typefaces that aren’t compatible with the other systems.


This brings us to the end of our analysis of why using presentation templates is better than starting from scratch.

As seen in this post, presentation templates may provide several benefits, such as presenting professional work, ensuring design consistency, and saving time and effort.

Whatever the objective of your presentation, you may find a solution that meets your needs and tastes on Pitch’s website.

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