Latvia Digital Nomad Visa: Eligibility and Requirements

Digital Nomad Visa in Latvia

The Latvian government has issued a digital nomad visa to remote workers and freelancers so they can work freely and legally from Latvia. With many digital nomad visas nowadays, we’ll review the Latvia digital nomad visa, its eligibility, requirements, and whether it suits you. Let’s find out more about this new visa.

What is a Digital Nomad Visa?

A digital nomad visa, remote work visa, or freelancer visa is issued to all remote workers so they can work legally from a country of their choice without being employed or working for a company registered in the country of their choice. Digital nomads on a digital nomad visa will be either self-employed persons or working for a company registered miles away.

Does Latvia have a digital nomad visa?

Yes, Latvia has recently issued a digital nomad visa, joining many European Union countries that have taken a similar step.

What is the Difference Between a Digital Nomad Visa and a Regular Work Visa?

A digital nomad visa is for those who work remotely. You reside in a country as a digital nomad and work remotely for another country. As for the regular work visa, you get this visa to work for an employer in the country full-time. You can’t get a work visa if you don’t have a job with an employer within the country.

Advantages of Living and Working in Latvia

This section will cover why Latvia is a good choice for some digital nomads.

#1 Safety

Latvia’s rank on the Global Peach Index is 27, making it a safe country and safer than many other European countries. The US State Department travel advisory also considers Latvia safe and marks it Level 1 with advice to exercise normal precautions.

#2 Location

Latvia is a small country in northeastern Europe. It is a country in the Baltic region. While close to most European countries, it is also close to many Asian countries, bordering Russia. It is at the center between Europe and Asia and a great location from which you can travel to many great tourist destinations.

#3 Schengen Area

Latvia is one of the 27 countries of the Schengen area, and a Latvian digital nomad visa grants you access to the largest visa-free zone. You have visa-free entry from Latvia to 26 countries, including Croatia, Greece, Spain, Sweden, and Poland.

#4 Latvian Cuisine

Latvia is famous for some delicious dishes, and the Latvian cuisine is worth a try. The Baltic and Nordic cultures have had some influence on their cuisine. You can try rye bread, smoked fish, and potato pancakes in Latvia.

#5 Coworking Spaces

Latvia offers various coworking spaces like Coworking Riga and Double9. Most of them are in Riga, Latvia’s capital city. Remote workers work from anywhere, and coworking spaces might not be why they choose Latvia. Coworking spaces, however, are a good option for those who want to meet and connect with other digital nomads.

#6 Various places to visit

One of the perks of remote work is that you get to explore a different country. Latvia, fortunately, has lots of places to visit. Natural wonders in Latvia include its long coastline on the Baltic Sea and the many lovely beaches. Latvia has many national parks, including the Gauja National Park, the oldest in Latvia. Latvia is also famous for its history and architecture. Some examples are the Rundale Palace and Cesis.

Latvia is also home to Europe’s largest market, the ancient Riga Central Market, which has been around since 1930 and has kept its status through the years. It’s a large market of 72 thousand square meters and over 3000 stands containing Latvian food products like vegetables, dairy produce, fish, and manufactured goods.

Points to Consider Before Applying for the Latvia Digital Nomad Visa

Latvia is a beautiful country, but before applying for the visa and getting so excited about it, you should consider if it’s suitable for you: cost of living, taxes, whether or not you can take your family, and finally, your eligibility for this digital nomad visa.

Your Eligibility

Only foreign internationals employed by a business registered in an OECD country, the Organization of Economic Co-operation and Development, are eligible for the Latvia digital nomad visa.

OECD countries are either EU or non-EU countries. OECD countries from the EU include Austria, Luxembourg, and Italy. OECD countries from non-EU countries include Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, Mexico, Turkey, and the United States.

Also, to be eligible, your monthly income must be 2850 euros.

Can you take your family?

Unfortunately, you can’t bring your family to Latvia on a digital nomad visa. It’s suitable only if you plan on traveling on your own. Latvia is not a great choice if you plan to take your family members with you.


Income tax in Latvia starts at 20%, but those with a Latvian digital nomad visa can pay a steady 15% of their income. To be eligible for that deduction the Latvian government introduced, digital nomads must register as taxpayers with the State Revenue Service of Latvia.

Cost of Living 

The cost of living index in Riga, Latvia’s capital city, is 56 on Numbeo. Generally, it’s around 75% less than the cost of living in the US. Latvia is affordable compared to the US, Canada, UK, and other European countries. To compare the cost of living between Latvia and where you live, you can check Numbeo for more detailed pricing and rental information.

Services Offered

Latvia is ranked no. 61 in fixed broadband speed. Internet speed is 77 Mbps. As for mobile internet speed, it’s 68 Mbps and ranked no. 35 worldwide. Latvia doesn’t have too fast internet, but it’s considerably good compared to many other places.

How to Apply for the Latvia DNV

If you’re a citizen of a country under Latvia’s visa exemption scheme, you can visit Latvia for three months. Still, such a visa is not for business purposes (for tourism only). Nationals from visa-exempt countries, starting from 2024, will need a travel permit for countries in the Schengen visa waiver program.

Visa options vary, but the digital nomad visa is best for working remotely.

The Latvia digital nomad visa can grant digital nomads Latvian citizenship if they reside in Lativa for five years. The Latvia digital nomad visa is for one year, and digital nomads can renew it for another year. Living in Latvia for two years allows you to apply for permanent residency.

A Latvia digital nomad visa is one of the many visa options in Latvia. It’s unclear from the rules and regulations of the visa whether foreign nationals can apply for the Latvia digital nomad visa online.

It’s a recently issued visa, and not enough is known about the application process, so foreign nationals can apply at the Latvian embassy or send paperwork by mail. You can check the following requirements from the Latvian government for the Latvia digital nomad visa application process.

Digital Nomad Visa: Cost and Paperwork Required

Let’s see the cost and required documents for the Latvia digital nomad visa.

Documents Required

  • A valid passport
  • A signed and complete visa form
  • Health insurance (the health insurance must be valid in Latvia and Schengen member states) and with a minimum liability limit of 42000 euros or more.
  • Documents confirming the expected place of residence in Latvia
  • Self-employed individuals need proof of income from a tax administration of an OECD country.
  • Bank statements as proof of income
  • Proof of payment of state fees.

The Cost of the Latvia Digital Nomad Visa

The Latvia digital nomad visa costs around $65, but it costs $129 for an expedited review of the application applied during a stay in Latvia.

FAQs about the Latvia Digital Nomad Visa and Living in Latvia  

Which EU countries offer digital nomad visas?

Croatia, Cyprus, Romania, and the Netherlands are all EU countries that offer digital nomad visas.

What are the income requirements for a digital nomad visa in Latvia?

The minimum income requirement is 2850 euros per month to be eligible to apply for a digital nomad visa in Latvia.

Is Riga good for digital nomads?

Yes, Riga is the capital city of Latvia, and it offers many coworking spaces for digital nomads. In addition, the cost of living in Riga is affordable compared to the rest of Europe and the US.

What is the cost of living in Latvia?

The cost of living index in Riga, Latvia’s capital city, is 56. So, Latvia is quite affordable for those living in the US or Canada.

How much does rent cost in Lativa?

Rent for a one-bedroom apartment in the city center costs 400 euros, and a three-bedroom apartment in the city center costs 790 euros.

Do digital nomads pay tax in Latvia?

Yes, digital nomads in Latvia pay an income tax of 15%.


The Latvia digital nomad visa is a good option for many digital nomads who want to work remotely from an affordable country. Latvia offers history, architecture, and many coworking spaces. So, if you have a valid passport and work for a company registered in an OECD country, Latvia’s DNV is for you.

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