HubSpot Vs MailChimp What’s the Difference between both Tools?

A direct comparison between these two can be a little tricky; both platforms belong to different families, that’s why beforehand we better understand their nature and what they do.

Hubspot is a marketing automation tool which has developed to provide complete online marketing solutions including email marking and sales automation beside CRM services.

MailChimp is a dedicated Email marketing platform that provides users with near limitless capabilities to adequately manage and customize email marketing campaigns besides managing subscribers` lists and creating leads. Such vast skills are what defines the difference between these two.

The difference between an email marketing tool and a marketing automation platform.

And that is our main point of the highlight for this section.

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Email Marketing Vs. Marketing Automation: (Difference and functionality)

An integrated email marketing tool has somewhat, limited capabilities compared to a dedicated email marketing platform. Its primary aim is merely to promote a product or a brand & create leads through convincing possible purchases into regular. That's done by following direct actions of prospects whether it was a simple visit to a site or a recommendation on a social media platform.  So it has a primary focus on specific channels that chances go through until they become leads or regular customers or purchasers.

Meanwhile, a dedicated email marketing software by define is capable of the way much more than just merely following or tracking and analysis. It can give access to a wide range of variable choices and more creative solutions such as creating marketing campaigns from scratch; means a user gets to build his campaigns according to their different personal perspective. It also offers perfect tailoring to every single step on the line to a successful Marketing over the plan. Such plan may include the creation of land pages, sign up or subscription Forms, newsletters and more. Added to it is the analyzing prowess these platforms offer to nearly every single act a subscriber may execute; such as visiting sites, clicking panels, adding subscriptions, creating promotions. All such possibilities can be correctly followed and analyzed, which gives the user a rich, focused, and detailed database to build the most successful campaigns.


HubSpot Vs. MailChimp

Comparing Features:

Hubspot is an intelligent all-in-one inbound marketing platform means its power comes from operating as a unified system. With all its three Modules harmonizing together is where you can hope to reach ultimate results.

That means subtracting one of the three Hub Modules (CRM Hub, Marketing Hub, and Sales Hub) may lead to notable downsize in functionality, nonetheless, Hubspot Marketing Hub solution is a powerful one, with the ability to track ROI through social media Ads such as Facebook or Google AdWords advertising, Its salesforce integration among more various useful Apps, Its CTA or call-to-action, Email, And landing page designing ability with a good range of useful and creative templates in addition to many more features that will be displayed later on.

On the other hand, is smart marketing, distribution, and tracking tool. Its real potential lies in its ability to segment and streamline a cost-to-cost range of data-driven from skillfully tailored, planned, and refined campaigns with various subscriber`s personality and intent. In addition to such refurbished and savvy design tools for creating newsletters, sign up Forms, and landing pages that boost the establishing a real-time customer engagement relationship process. That`s what an Email marketing Haven Mailchimp various tools can create for either Business to Business (B2B) or Business to consumer (B2C) purpose.  Besides a long list of mail delivering tools with Geolocation and Time-Zone delivery as an example, this all makes MailChimp one of the best marketing automation tools available.

So, hopefully, this was enough to clear the difference in purpose between a Marketing Automation module with email marketing tools included, and an entirely dedicated Email marketing platform for higher-end marketing purposes.

Next is a simple list of features for each product and their respective pricing plans:

HubSpot Main Features:

  • Blogging.
  • Landing Pages.
  • Email.
  • Marketing Automation.
  • Lead Management.
  • Analytics.
  • Website.
  • Social Media Monitoring.
  • SEO.
  • Call-to-Action.
  • Ads.
  • Salesforce integration.

MailChimp Main Features:

  • Connecting Stores
  • Marketing Automation
  • Streamline Marketing
  • Landing Pages
  • Comprehensive Mobile Apps
  • Drag & drop designing
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Hundreds of Integrations
  • Complex, Flexible API documentation
  • Email Marketing Data management
  • Spam filter
  • RSS to Email
  • Email Beamer


Hubspot Marketing Hub price plan:

Hubspot offers a free pricing plan with limited features (Lead analytics, Forms, connectivity, contact management, & contact and company insight,) that keeps on offering more features as price plan upgraded. The pricing plans are:

  1. Free: 0$/Month
  2. Starter: 50$/month
  3. Basic: 200$/ Month
  4. Professional: 800$/Month
  5. Enterprise: 2400$/Month


MailChimp Pricing plan:

While MailChimp offers an Ever-Free pricing plan for up to 2,000 subscribers and 12,000 emails per month, also with limited features that are upgradable according to pricing plan selected.

  1. New Business (Free plan)
  2. Growing Business (starting at 10$/Month)
  3. Pro Marketer (Starting at 199$/Month.)


Final words:

Hubspot, as one of the leading marketing automation platforms, is offering a trio of such powerful modules that can lead the advancement of a broad spectrum of business, it`s a trusted Marketing solution no doubt, yet if your aim is a deeper and more detailed experience with Email marketing and you believe a marketing automation tool is what you need, then we will defiantly recommend a dedicated platform such as MailChimp to achieve better and more time efficient ROI for your business.

Thanks for reading and hope you enjoyed this article.

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