How to Manage Time Off Requests During the Holidays

Managing Holidays can always be a hassle, especially for small business employers. That’s why it’s still important to have the right tools to reach the best results with fairness and equality among employees so you can always own their confidence and respect.

Luckily, you can find lots of good HR software around today that manages Business Days-off brilliantly. Some of these solutions will be illustrated in this article as we go on. With features, prices, and functionalities.

With such a topic at hand, it`s essential to start with shedding some light on the most common strategies and tips set by HR experts. Such plans can be so vital for every kind of Business and their owners’ to keep their team happy and productive at all times, even on Holidays.


#1 Know your needs, know your surroundings

Business may differ vastly in nature and requirements, so before hiring your team, it`s important to realize the circumstances your business will be going through.

This is known as pre-planning or planning and it sure shows it benefits when you’re facing different tides at the business from low ones when u can depend on a short hand (freelancers) to do the job, to highest when every single muscle is needed to do the lifting.


#2 Make your self-loud and clear

There should always be a printed, easy to access the chart of terms and policies for each kind of business.

That’s what builds the fundamentals of your relationship with your team or your employers. It should be specific, elaborate and well organized. With all valuable and legal rights included for employers, especially the ones related to days-off and Holidays. It should also be flexible enough so it can build up confidence for those who are applying to be part of your business.


#3 Be Generous

Running a business always aims at making benefits, yet money is not always everything. But it can be everything for your people. So make sure your team can feel that you care for them and you share enough respect for their efforts. This can be achieved by setting a good payroll system that includes overtimes, double shifts, or even working hours on weekends & Holidays.


#4 Be the Family guy

With a clear system organizing your legal agreements with your team, it never hurts to let your people talk to each other. In other terms, make them feel at home. For their own homes will always be different.

Some with kids and relatives and unexpected events that can happen anytime, others with not that much to take care of except for their selves. It can be healthy when everyone feels they can share their issues with their co-workers or teammates. It comes naturally for most people. So you should always make room for it.

As long as one clear rule always applies. First come, first served.


#5 Hold no secrets

When you are holding a cosmopolitan kind of business, it is expected to face more than one important holiday or a special event from your employee's end. To keep everyone happy, days-off should not just be pre-requested and agreed on ahead of time, but announced as well.

Thankfully, the early mentioned HR software helps a great deal with that point. With IOS or Android operational, these software makes it easier to connect for both employer and employees, or even among employees themselves. It helps in creating more comfortable environments at work and hold things from getting messy.


#6 Keep your mind fresh & healthy

It’s good to be a great boss who enjoys the trust and respect of his team, yet it`s even better if you can enjoy your success with a good cup of coffee that is still warm. Don`t care too much for your people and forget all about yourself.

As previously mentioned, these are some of the best Holiday and day-off managing software available:



“We developed breatheHR to meet the needs of growing businesses who need to escape the admin of managing their people.”

That’s how the UK breathe developers define themselves through their product.

With a pricing plan of (49£ monthly/529£ annually) for a number of 30 employees, that’s how much you pay for their services.

*Free trial version included.

Need to know more? Check the link



With such features as employee absence management, employee records, shift and rota planning, employment law advice, and their brand EAP (employment assistant program) BrightHR offers a starting fee of 3£ per month. Another British HR system developer.

For further info check the link

Brightest features of this software:

Simplified PTO (paid time off or personal time off) tracking. Which allows exporting absence or leave permits to Microsoft excel at any time.

Easy-to-follow Directions. Which allows fast and easy updates and automatically generate and send emails on absences to employers or team leaders.

Doctor`s note feature. Makes an employer or team leader always see certain medical certificates.

Pricing: follows a pricing plan that includes three bundles as follows:

Free: for up to 10 users.

Basic: 1.50€ per user per month

Premium: + 1.50€ per user per month.

For better insight on this software check the link


myhrtoolkit: HR Software for SMEs

The most powerful feature on this software maybe it`s a mobile app that is always managing everything on the go. Myhrtoolkit follows a unique pricing plan that is built on the number of employees business includes.

Check the link for more info


Cezanne HR

A complete HR software system with absence management included. Also follows an employees-number based pricing system.

For absence management section info check the link


And with that, we would have gathered all the key elements to make a major holiday or mandatory time-offs still pay.

Now, who says Business loses money for holidays around the year?!


Thanks for reading and hope you may have found this article helpful.

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